"A-ra-shi: Reborn"
single by Arashi
Released 2019
Format Digital download
Length 3:25
Label J Storm
Songwriter(s) Andreas Carlsson
Erik Lidbom
Geek Boy Al Swettenham
Koji Makaino
Sho Sakurai
Producer Erik Lidbom
Geek Boy Al Swettenham
Singles chronology
Turning Up
A-ra-shi: Reborn

"A-ra-shi: Reborn" is a song by Japanese boy band Arashi, released as a single via J Storm on December 20, 2019, as announced on their official social media accounts.


The song was announced in a video shared on the band's official social media, and serves as a thank you to the fans for helping them celebrate their 20th anniversary.

"A-ra-shi: Reborn" was uploaded as an audio video to the group's YouTube channel, as well as it being included in download and streaming sites. On its first day, the song managed to reach over one million views in YouTube.

The song marks the first part of a new "Reborn" project.

"A-ra-shi: Reborn" is a new version of the group's debut song "Arashi" with a new arrangement and sound, as well as including more English in its lyrics, which also reflect changes in the group itself, as it opened to an international audience. The original had a funky sound to it, while "Reborn" uses Auto-Tune in its vocals. The rap part has been also changed, with Sho Sakurai writing a new lyric. And the singing has moved from a very group-centered mode to a multi-solo one.

In "Reborn", the lyrics reflect Arashi's ("Hey we are The Storm") rise as a group, reaching close at their goal, while being held there by the their fans ("You’re filling me with energy You are the wind..."), as well as making Arashi an individual dream ("A-ra-shi, A-ra-shi, my dream") come true for each of the five members ("five clouds"), whereas in "A-ra-shi", the lyrics reflected the dreams ("A-ra-shi, A-ra-shi, for dream") of the group of teens as a whole ("one cloud") that just started their rise to fame ("Gather the wind in your body and make a storm happen").

Music video

On December 23, a teaser video was uploaded to Arashi's YouTube channel, in collaboration with the anime One Piece. The 39-second video has the five animated members of the band mingling with the crew from the anime, up until the moment when Arashi is about to give a concert. The full version video was released on January 4, 2020.


Chart (2019) Peak
Japan (Japan Hot 100) 2
Japan (Billboard Japan Hot Buzz Songs) 1 (downloads) December 30, 2019
Japan (Oricon Total Weekly Singles) 3 December 16 ~ 22, 2019

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