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A Thousand Times Repent
Background information
Also known as ATTR
Origin Atlanta, Georgia
Genres Deathcore
Years active 2006-2011
Labels Tribunal Records
Associated acts Postulate
Past members Blake Williams
Darsen Avery
Nate Leford
Chris Dowd
Chris Van Valkenburg
Shannon Hill
Jeremy Hopkins

A Thousand Times Repent was a Christian deathcore band that was last signed to Tribunal Records, a record label that also holds bands such as He Is Legend, Century, and Prayer For Cleansing. The band released an EP, titled Virtue Has Few Friends, before disbanding, due to losing their drummer and not finding a replacement.

Musical style

Despite the band labeling themselves metalcore, many believe that deathcore, grindcore, or death metal describes them better.


The band's bio on Last.fm, most likely written by a band member, writes:

"A Thousand Times Repent, is a narrative of these divisions. Simply stated, we are six who have chosen to embrace the notion that there exists something far beyond ourselves. We are both aware and openly acknowledge our flaws and many blemishes. However we have decided that floundering in our faults is a road too often traveled."


Last known line-up
  • Darsen Avery - vocals (2006-2011) (ex-Downpour)
  • Nate Ledford - guitar (2006-2011)
  • Chris Dowd - guitar (2006-2011)
  • Jeremy Hopkins - bass (2008-2011) (ex-To Bow or to Burn, Call Me Ishmael)
Former members
  • Chris Van Valkenburg - guitar (2006-2010)
  • Blake Williams - bass (2006-2008)
  • Shannon Hill - drums (2006-2011) (Postulate)


  • Virtue Has Few Friends (2007; EP)