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Action Dad
Genre Adventure
Created by Andrew Dickman
Voices of Chelan Simmons
Lee Tockar
Ashleigh Ball
Michael Donovan
Sarah John
Country of origin Brazil
United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22
Producer(s) Christine Danzo
Konnie Kwak
Ira Warren
Running time Approx. 22 mins
Production company(s) Toon Zone
Distributor Showcase Entertainment
Original network Cartoon Network Brazil
Original release September 12, 2012

Action Dad is a 2011 Brazilian-American animated series created by Andrew Dickman. The show features the voices of Chelan Simmons, Lee Tockar and Michael Donovan.

The show premiered in Brazil on Sept. 12, 2012 on Cartoon Network Brazil. The show has also aired in Portugal, Israel and France. Although previously thought to premiere in mid-2011, the show has yet to be distributed in the U.S. as of 2014.


The story revolves around Liz Ramsey (Kallan Holley) and her little brother Mick Ramsey (Ashleigh Ball in the series, Joel McFarlene in the pilot), two normal teenagers with one exception; their father Chuck Ramsey (Michael Donovan in the series, Maurice LaMarche in the original pitched pilot) is a secret spy and their mother Angela Ramsey (Sarah Johns) is a super-villain. Although the two parents work for both good and evil, they have the same intention of keeping their children out of harm from their missions and enemies.


  • Kallan Holley as Liz Ramsey
  • Ashleigh Ball as Mick Ramsey
  • Michael Donovan as Chuck Ramsey
  • Sarah Johns as Angela Ramsey
  • Lee Tockar as Various
  • Ian James Corlett as Baron Von Dash
  • Peter Kelamis as Shortcut, Prince Eyeball, H.Q. Voice, Alam Voice, Director, Computor
  • Trevor Devall as Nun Chuck
  • Paul Dobson as Glass Jaw
  • Cole Howard as Jack Poundpenny


(Ramsey Family)

Chuck Ramsey: Agent Ramsey is the best Agent of the headquarters S.H.H.H.H.H (Super hollow fact heroic fighter Humatizados), manages to overcome some missions and most of them is to combat Von dash, is married to Angela although they fight one-on-one.

Angela Ramsey: Angela or agent mother is a beautiful agent of the improvement of A.R.G.H (Association of Repressive Gangsters skilled) headquarters, she worked alongside Baron Von Dash although sometimes betrays it to protect her family.

Liz Ramsey: Liz Ramsey is the eldest daughter of Chuck and Angela, Liz is good in combat techniques, when you want to do things for older people learn to drive, get a boyfriend or be in an appointment, Chuck hardly leaves Her to do those things.

Mick Ramsey: Mick Ramsey is the youngest son of Chuck and Angela, Mick is very smart, knows a lot about robotics and sometimes assists parents in their dangerous missions from the home, is not very good physically but is good with His mind.


Major Break: Major Break is the Commander of the barracks of S.H.H.H.H.H, gives orders to all agents, considered Chuck Ramsey as his right hand and leads to Slam McJackson and PoundPenny to fight against A.R.G.H.

Slam McJackson: Slam McJackson is the one That handles the controls of S.H.H.H.H.H being very adventurous and sometimes helps Chuck in their missions from the barracks when it comes to the danger.

Ms. PoundPenny: Ms. PoundPenny is one of the agents of S.H.H.H.H.H and the only female agent of the barracks,She helps with the coordinates of the headquarters and has a son named Jack who is the love of Liz Ramsey.


Baron Von Dash: Von Dash is an agent of A.R.G.H that helps agent mother Against S.H.H.H.H.H but most of the time fails due to agent Ramsey or dur to his own Incompetence He is very clumsy.


S01E01 Agent Of MEH 17 September 2012
S01E02 Double Agent Double Date 18 September 2012
S01E03 Getting Schooled 19 September 2012
S01E04 Family Von Dash 20 September 2012
S01E05 Made Of Dishonor 21 September 2012
S01E06 World Of Workcraft 24 September 2012
S01E07 Old Agent 25 September 2012
S01E08 Action Ramp 26 September 2012
S01E09 2 Buff Chuck 27 September 2012
S01E10 Chuck Goes To Hollywood 28 September 2012
S01E11 Chuck In The Middle 1 October 2012
S01E12 Agent Gone Child 2 October 2012
S01E13 It's A Mall World 3 October 2012
S01E14 Shrinky Fink 4 October 2012
S01E15 Girl Powerless 5 October 2012
S01E16 Thugz Bunny 8 October 2012
S01E17 Time Drivel 9 October 2012
S01E18 Mad Magazine 10 October 2012
S01E19 Xendra Freelance Agent 11 October 2012
S01E20 Giant Crop Of Horror 12 October 2012
S01E21 Stop & Shoot The Rose 15 October 2012
S01E22 Curl Scout 16 October 2012