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After the Fact
Compilation album by Magazine
Released 1982
Recorded 1978-1981
Genre Post-punk, New wave
Label Virgin Records (International)
I.R.S. (US)
Producer Magazine
Mick Glossop
John Leckie
Colin Thurston
Martin Hannett
Album chronology
Magic, Murder and the Weather
After the Fact
Rays and Hail 1978–1981 (The Best of Magazine)

After the Fact is the first compilation album released by English post-punk band Magazine. It was released as a vinyl LP in 1982 by I.R.S. Records in the United States and Virgin Records (International), following the dissolution of the band in late 1981. The compilation drew from tracks from each of the band's studio albums and several singles. The artwork was created by Malcolm Garrett with liner notes by Paul Morley.

International and US editions of the compilation differed greatly, sharing only four songs between them.

  • The Virgin international edition had 10 tracks, was released in a green sleeve and included only material from the group's four studio albums. No B-sides or single mixes were featured.
  • The American I.R.S. edition had 13 tracks and was released in a red sleeve. This version included songs that hadn't previously been released in the US, the majority of which were B-sides and alternate single mixes. The US edition was released on compact disc in 1989, and is at present the only Magazine CD compilation to feature the 7" edit of the 1981 single "About the Weather".


  • Howard Devoto – vocals
  • Barry Adamson – bass guitar
  • John Doyle – drums
  • Dave Formula – keyboards
  • Martin Jackson – drums
  • Ben Mandelson – guitar
  • John McGeoch – guitar, saxophone

Track listing

International release (Virgin)

All lyrics written by Howard Devoto. Individual music credits appear below.

Side 1
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Shot by Both Sides" Devoto, Pete Shelley 3:54
2. "Rhythm of Cruelty" John McGeoch, Barry Adamson 3:03
3. "You Never Knew Me" Devoto, Adamson, John Doyle, Dave Formula, McGeoch 5:23
4. "This Poison" Devoto, Adamson, Doyle, Formula, Ben Mandelson 4:20
5. "Back to Nature" Formula 6:40
Side 2
No. Title Writer(s) Length
6. "A Song from Under the Floorboards" Devoto, Adamson, Doyle, Formula, McGeoch 4:07
7. "The Light Pours Out of Me" Devoto, McGeoch, Shelley 4:36
8. "Motorcade" Devoto, Bob Dickinson 5:41
9. "About the Weather" Devoto, Formula 4:03
10. "Feed the Enemy" Formula 5:45

US release (I.R.S.)

Side 1
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Shot by Both Sides" Devoto, Pete Shelley 3:54
2. "Touch and Go" Devoto, McGeoch 2:50
3. "TV Baby" Devoto, Formula 3:45
4. "Rhythm of Cruelty" Devoto, Adamson, McGeoch 3:03
5. "I Love You You Big Dummy" Don Van Vliet 3:54
6. "Give Me Everything" Devoto 4:22
Side 2
No. Title Writer(s) Length
7. "Upside Down" Magazine 3:48
8. "My Mind It Ain't So Open" Devoto, McGeoch 2:16
9. "The Light Pours Out of Me" Devoto, McGeoch, Shelley 3:28
10. "A Song from Under the Floorboards" Magazine 3:58
11. "About the Weather" Devoto, Formula 3:24
12. "Goldfinger" John Barry, Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley 3:20
13. "The Book" Magazine 2:25