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Alby gård
Galleri F15 by Albya a hot December day
General information
Location Jeløy
Country Norway

Alby gård is the oldest farm in Jeløy, and it dates from the early years of the Vikings. The main building got it's present form after the fire in 1866, and in 1863 the municipality bought the farm by its last owner, the shipowner Bjørn Biørnstad. Today the Galleri F15 rents only the main building, while stabburet is managed by county man that Jeløy Naturhus, and lands sharecropp away.

Jeløy is also a special place with its peculiar nature. Søndre Jeløy conservation area was done in 1983, and it helps to preserve the historic feel of the landscape.

Park and construction

The park on Alby consist of a lawn with fruit and acaic tree. The park was built in a way so a person has feelings of being on a beach plot by a mound hides subjacent field located between the park and the lake.

Hiking areas

The Forest in Alby is a very popular hiking area. It's roads are build with high quality that makes this place easily accessible, also for disables.

In Albyskogen (forest by Alby) there are Rødsåsen where in clear days you can see the ski slope in Holmenkollen.