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Aleksandra Pileva
Background information
Born 10 June 1980
Negotino, SFR Yugoslavia
Genres Rock, Pop-rock
Years active 1998–
Associated acts Session Selection

Aleksandra Pileva is a rock / pop-rock singer and songwriter from the Republic of Macedonia. Pileva's music contains elements of modern rock, pop rock, blues / rock ballads and alternative rock.


Aleksandra Pileva Cadiev is an entertainer who is one of the most popular female rock musicians in the Republic of Macedonia. In her ten-year career has she participated in concerts throughout the whole country and issued a few albums. She is known by her explosive and emotional performances. Pileva is a very popular entertainer. She has been a part of many humanitarian activities for more than 10 years in the Republic of Macedonia.

Her professional career started in 1998 when she had her first musical engagement on the most popular festival Makfest-Stip in Macedonia with the rock song "You are Him". When she came to study in Skopje she started her cooperation with the group "Session Selection", with whom she performed cover concerts throughout many rock clubs. Transferring to the audience music in Rock and Soul still, together with this band she sang on Makfest 2000 year. She sang the song "Crooked Pictures", her author song.

In 2004, on the musical festival Makfest-Macedinia, she got the Grand Prix of the festival and won the first place from the audience with the song "Nothing But Sorrow". She also got the award for the best voice performance from the accredited press. With this award and this song Pileva got a significant place in Macedonian music and she became a rock star among the media and the audience.

In 2006 on the Makfest festival she won once again a very significant award with the song "Silver Soldiers". She won the second prize from the audience and award for best voice performance from the accredited press. In 2006 in the competition with the best Balkan stars she sang "Sunny Steps" in the international festival in Budva, Montenegro.

In 2007 for the first time, she wrote her own song "Fly With Me" from the album "Get Back To Studio Rock’N Roll", which is in the Californian style.

The song "Fly With Me" is a change in Pileva's musical career in the meaning of rock approach to the music and her creative musical writing. The song "Fly With Me" was one of the top rated songs on the list, and the biggest success had on the musical canal on MTV "Adria Top 20". For several weeks she was on the second place immediately after "Foo Fighters" on the official MTV page, and become one of the highest ranged songs from Balkan entertainers.

After that one of the most popular songs in 2007 "Song for Macedonia" and her other singles introduced the album "Get Back To Studio Rock’N Roll".

In 2008 Pileva had many rock concerts and several big projects with the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia: Summer Cultural Wave 2008. In the project "Sung in Cyrillic" under the Ministry of Culture, Pileva revised the legendary rock song "Should I Cry or should I Sing" in a new and modern style recognized according to her music.

In 2008 Pileva issued her first author album "Get Back To Studio Rock & Roll". On that album 15 young and talented musicians worked and the album was recorded live. Pileva is an author on the music and writing of the songs, so the album got the real character role on her vocal and style of performance in Californian Rock and Blues Rock ballads.

In December 2008, Pileva published her first DVD, "Live from Studio Rock N Roll".

In 2009 on 10 June, Pileva had her first solo concert sponsored by the mayor of the city Skopje. The concert was in front of Skopje’s public and exclusive guests. At the concert also performed other Balkan stars, the very popular rock group "Electrical Orgasm" from Serbia. The concert was remembered as one of the best and most attended rock concerts in musical history of Republic of Macedonia with more than 7000 of Pileva's fans.

In August 2010, Pileva got her first international recognition and possibility to perform on the concert of the biggest and most visited musical attraction of the Balkan "Beer Fest" in Belgrade, Serbia. Pileva had the opportunity to perform, together with many others Balkan and world recognized musical, at this concert that had more than 2,000,000 rock fans.

In 2010 Pileva had several projects and attended concerts organized for the country’s holidays "Independence Day of the Republic of Macedonia, 8th of September" in Veles, "Ilinden, 2nd of August" the biggest Macedonian public and church holiday in Krusevo, "The Three Day", "Battle against HIV", and several other humanitarian concerts.

In 2011 she established her own rock club guitar bar Led Cepelin in Skopje. In a very short time the club became very popular among the young population. Some of the best rock bands and musicians from Macedonia, as Venko Serafimovski, Beni i Non Stop, Vlatko Ilievski, Kristina Arnaudova, Dani, Biba Dodeva, Pampers and others, and other world recognized musicians as Dr. Doc Hajne – Schorpion guitarist with his band held their concerts in her rock club guitar bar.

In 2012 Pileva attended the "Ohrid 2012" festival under the Ohrid Cultural Summer 21 and got an award for best performance with the song "Are you Losing Me After All". In 2012 in the project for returning the glamour and quality of the traditional Skopje festival brought back Macedonian musical hits, where she attended as special guest with the song "I Have Everything" together with the best young Macedonian singers.

In 2012 she continued her musical career with her work on the material for her third album "ANTIRETRO".



  • 2005: Sonce i Mesečina (Сонце и месечина)
  • 2008: Get Back to Studio Rock 'n Roll


  • 1998: Ти си тој (Ti si toj)
  • 2001: Искривени слики (Iskriveni sliki)
  • 2004: Нема утеха (Nema uteha)
  • 2006: Сребрени војници (Srebreni vojnici)
  • 2007: Летај со мене (Letaj so mene)
  • 2007: Песна за Македонија (Pesna za Makedonija)
  • 2007: Појди (Pojdi)
  • 2008: Калино моме (Kalino mome)
  • 2008: Лудо (Ludo)
  • 2008: За еден ден (Za eden den)
  • 2008: Те одрекувам (Te odrekuvam)
  • 2008: Немаме време (Nemame vreme)
  • 2008: Рај (Raj)
  • 2008: Имам те, те губам (Imam te, te gubam)
  • 2008: Мило мое (Milo moe)
  • 2008: Реалност (Realnost)
  • 2008: Единствена (Edinstvena)
  • 2009: Дал да плачам ил да пеам (Dal da plačam il da peam)
  • 2011: Se ke Gori
  • 2012: Dali posle se me ljubish
  • 2012:Podari mi
  • 2012:Imam Jas Se