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Mulawin character
First appearance Mulawin
Last appearance Mulawin vs. Ravena
Created by Don Michael Perez
Portrayed by Angel Locsin (2004–05)
Heart Evangelista (2016–17)
Species Tabon
Gender Female
Occupation Former Queen Of Avila

Alwina is one of the major characters and protagonists produced by GMA Network for the Mulawin saga. In Mulawin and Mulawin: The Movie she is played by Angel Locsin while in Mulawin vs. Ravena she is played by Heart Evangelista.


Alwina is a human who is prophesied to be the second Sugo (chosen one) after Aguiluz, who will unite the Mulawins and humans. She later joined forces with the Mulawins as she is a Tabon (half human/half birdman). She married Aguiluz and had a son named Almiro Almiro.

Some months later, Greco and his clan founded Alwina and Almiro. They were prisoned. Gabriel came to their prison and Alwina showed an egg to Gabriel. It was revealed that it was a female and she is the son of Gabriel and the brother of Almiro. Gabriel was shocked until he let Almiro and Alwina escape before he change his mind and lied to his fellow Ravenas. Siklab and his clan caught Alwina and Almiro and shot Alwina's wings and Alwina and Almiro crashed into the front gate of Hacienda Montenegro which is the place where Aguiluz and Alwina first met. Alwina exiles Almiro and cut Almiro's Ugat-Pak and Almiro lost his wings and his memories to disguise him as a human.

Seven years later, Alwina decided to live together with Aramis who is a mortal. Alwina was always keeping an eye on Almiro from afar. When Gabriel captured Almiro and stabbed him with a knife, Alwina saved Almiro and brought him home. She later went to Halconia to visit her child whom she didn't know between Tagaktak and Uwak-ak. They were frightened upon seeing her but they assured them she means no harm and is introduced herself as a friend of their father. She told them that Gabriel sent her to tell them he loves them and she compliments Gabriel saying they are fortunate that he is their father. She then tearfully tells them that their mother also loves them very much but the two disagree because they don't feel that she does. Alwina asks them if she could let them feel a mother's love by giving them a hug. She tells them that she doesn't know which of them (is her child) but it didn't matter because she loves them both. The two find it hard to believe that she is a Mulawin because their mother told them they are an enemy. Alwina gives them a reminder that Mulawins and Ravenas belong in same race and share the same blood. Rashana then caught her talking to her children and gets angry for brainwashing them. Alwina flies to escape her but Rashana chases her. Alwina tried to reason with her but Rashana just kept on attacking her until she stabbed her in the stomach. Alwina falls from the sky and is already at the point of life and death. While still having the strength to talk, she tells Rashana to love Tagaktak Tagaktak and Uwak-ak Uwak-ak. Rashana then finishes her off.


Aguiluz and Alwina's plan for a peaceful life as mortals unravels when their boat to Tierra Fuego (the realm of man) is caught in a violent storm. They wash up on separate shores, a young man and woman living without memories and living separate lives. Aguiluz is adopted by a humble farmer and Alwina becomes the surrogate daughter of a wealthy family and is engaged to be married to Gabriel.


Alwina – Human/Mulawin/Ravena, prophesied to be the Sugo (chosen one) who will unite the Mulawins and humans. She later joined forces with the Mulawins as she discovers her real identity

Mulawin vs. Ravena

tabon (half) Mulawin, Gabriel's childhood friend and the mother of Almiro and Tak.