Ben 10 Alien Force character
First appearance What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Home Anodyne
Color Fuchsia
Species Anodite
Abilities Mana Manipulation
Mana Absorption
Mana Field Communication
Mana Detection
Aura Reading
Healing Abilities
Flight Invisibility
Elemental Manipulation
Dimensional Travel
Body Creation
Object Creation
Object Reparation
Limited Reality Warping
Space Survivability
Size/Age Alteration
Prehensile Hair
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability

Anodites are a free-spirited race of humanoid energy beings from the planet Anodyne. Mature Anodites are pure energy and draw life from the mana around them.


In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, the body of an Anodite is a dark purple, humanoid-shaped construct of pure mana. From their heads radiate streams of glowing bright pink energy, which look like tentacles, symbolizing hair. They do not have any externally visible ears, nose or lips, nor do they wear any clothing.

In Omniverse, their "hair" is no longer tentacle shaped and can be different shapes/styles. Their skin is now a light matte purple color. Their face is now more human-like, with ears, a nose and lips. They are now depicted in attire.


Anodites are very free-spirited, and most don't take life as seriously as most humans, to the point that some Anodites disregard the morality of their actions and would rather satisfy their own personal pleasures. However, this doesn't stop them from helping others: "Anodites help tons of people, scads. They can also be slightly condescending to non-energy beings.


Anodites are able to reproduce with humans by assuming a human body.

If an Anodite reproduces with a human, there's no guarantee that the offspring will inherit the Anodite's powers and abilities. Anodite powers and abilities (which Verdona refers to as "the spark") can potentially occur in offspring in later generations. Neither of Verdona's children inherited her Anodite powers and abilities, but her granddaughters did.

Powers and Abilities

Anodites can manipulate and control life energy, the very substance of magicitself. By means of this pink/magenta-colored energy source, Anodites can generate energy blasts or create shields, barriers, ropes, and other energy constructs. The size, complexity, and strength of these constructs is limited only by the Anodite's skill in wielding mana. Anodites can manipulate mana to a far greater degree when in their true forms. Skilled Anodites can even tamper with the mana constructs of Anodites who are not as powerful as them, and fly, instead of just levitating a few feet above the air, like unskilled Anodites.

In their true forms, their vast powers allow Anodites to warp reality on a limited scale, survive in and fly through outer space, teleport themselves and others across space and dimensions, create a discardable human body of their choice to inhabit, and can draw in mana from everything around them. They also have a degree of enhanced strength and durability, able to take big boulders and strong attacks without being hurt. They can grow in size when angry.

Anodites can communicate with each other through the mana field, as displayed by Gwen when she called Verdona while struggling with Sunny. They also possess telepathic ability, as Verdona, even when trapped in human form, was able to project her thoughts into Max Tennyson's mind even from extreme distances. By encasing objects and people in mana, Anodites can also simulate telekinetic abilities. They can even track organic life-forms via their energy signature.

The more mana an Anodite draws in, the more powerful that Anodite becomes.

It does, however, require about 75 years before an Anodite can fully master all of their powers and abilities. Using their full power without mastering control would result in them being overwhelmed and losing their identities which almost happened to Gwen.


Anodites cannot track Ectonurites, as they have no mana, nor does their tracking work well with non-biological life forms (i.e. robots, androids, etc.). Their tracking also does not work if there are multiple individuals with the same mana.

Anodite energy can also have trouble with technology and vice versa. For example, in an area filled with technology an Anodite may struggle to divine the location of someone. Advanced technology can also be used to neutralize an Anodite's powers (e.g. a member of the Synthroid race had a bracelet which inhibited most of an Anodite's powers, except for their telepathy, and imprisoned them in human form).

Their mana attacks are useless against Geochelone Aerios. However, spells can work on them.

Magic can also be used to similarly ward beings against mana attacks.

Anodites can be drained of their energy to the point of death or being rendered powerless.

It has been suggested that Anodites can't generate mana, but only use pre-existing mana.


The name Anodite comes from the Latin word "Anodyne" which means to relieve pain of the physical body.


  • Anodites lack DNA.
    • Therefore, any child an Anodite produces with another species, will be related to that Anodite via parentage, but biologically the offspring will remain 100% pure to the species of the other parent.
    • This also means that the Omnitrix cannot transform its user into an Anodite, since there's no DNA to make a DNA sample.
    • However, Anodites do have something analogous to genetic material.
  • If an Anodite were to use the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix, then they will retain their mana-related powers.
  • There is at least one alien species that is able to see through an Anodite's human guise.

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