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Background information
Origin Manila, Philippines
Genres P-pop, Teen pop, EDM
Years active 2020–present
Labels Tower Records Japan
Hallo Hallo Entertainment
Associated acts MNL48
Members Jan

BABY BLUE (read as Beybi BLUE) Is a trio Filipino girl group based in Manila, Philippines and consist of Jan, Coleen and Amy. They're the only Filipino artist who spot and top on Egg Music Chart with the debut single "Sweet Talking Sugar".


On September 1, MNL48 announced the formation of BABY BLUE, the group's first-ever sub-unit, in partnership with Tower Records Japan, a major Japanese music retailer. Said sub-unit is formed by MNL48 members Jan Elaurza, Coleen Trinidad and Amy Isidto.

Following the announcement, BABY BLUE officially released its debut single titled "Sweet Talking Sugar", and was made available through EGGS, a Japanese digital music subscription service. The single, according to HHE, is an homage to the famed city pop genre, with a modern take via "the R&B and hip-hop genre". An official music video, produced by Carlo Manatad of Plan C, was released on GYAO!, Yahoo Japan's free online streaming site on September 16 and on MNL48's official YouTube channel on the next day.

A second track, "NEGASTAR" was released by the sub-unit officially after they uploaded a sixty-second teaser uploaded on the music subscription service EGGS on November 16. The full track was then uploaded on November 25 and was also made available on mainstream music streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify.


  • Jan
  • Coleen
  • Amy



List of singles, showing year released and album name
Title Year Album
"Sweet Talking Sugar" 2020 Sweet Talking Sugar
"Negastar" 2020 Negastar


Music videos

Title Year
"Sweet Talking Sugar" 2020
"Negastar" 2020