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Benji Dunn
Mission: Impossible character
First appearance Mission: Impossible III
Portrayed by Simon Pegg
Occupation IMF technician
IMF technical field agent
Nationality British

Benjamin Dunn is a fictional character in the Mission: Impossible film series. He is portrayed by Simon Pegg.

He is originally introduced in Mission: Impossible III in a minor role as an off-field technician, before becoming a main character in subsequent installments and being promoted to technical field agent.


Mission: Impossible III

In Mission: Impossible III, Benji is an IMF technician and a friend of Ethan Hunt, helping him by analyzing confidential information recovered via a stolen laptop. After Hunt is forced to go rogue, he calls Benji, who reluctantly agrees to help him by guiding him through the streets of Shanghai. Before continuing his operation, Hunt says he owes Benji a drink, and eventually succeeds in saving Julia.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

In the fourth film, Benji, who has since been promoted to IMF technical field agent, helps Ethan to escape from a deep-cover mission in prison with the help of agent Jane Carter. He and Hunt then infiltrate the Kremlin, but their team is blamed when the Kremlin is destroyed in a terrorist attack. Together with IMF Secretary's chief analyst William Brandt, Benji, Hunt, and Carter are disavowed by the government. Despite lacking their usual resources, connections, technology, and backup, their mission is to find and stop Kurt Hendricks, a former Soviet nuclear strategist who is intent on starting a nuclear war to usher in the next era of human evolution. As they chase Hendricks to Dubai and on to India, they themselves are pursued by a team of Russian agents trying to apprehend them. The team becomes increasingly fractured as individual members fight their own demons while trying to trust the others. Hunt manages to pull the team together, stop a nuclear bomb and clear the IMF of any involvement in the Kremlin attack, with Benji saving Carter and Brandt by killing terrorist Marius Wistrom.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

In the fifth film, Benji, once again a part of Hunt's team together with Brandt and Luther Stickell, helps Hunt against a mysterious organization called the Syndicate. The film opens with him hiding in the bushes to help Ethan hack a plane's computers to recover stolen nerve gases. After the IMF is disbanded, he is relegated to a minor data analysis role in the CIA until Ethan, on the run and underground since the IMF was shut down, contacts Benji to ask for his help in tracking the Syndicate, an 'anti-IMF' responsible for various crimes Ethan has identified. Although their attempt to identify key players in the Syndicate results in Benji being abducted as a hostage, Ethan is able to trick Syndicate leader Solomon Lane, revealed to be a rogue agent of British intelligence, and lure him into a trap, shutting down the Syndicate once and for all.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Pegg returns as Benji Dunn for the sixth film. Initially apprehensive when acting as Ethan's field partner during a mission that goes wrong, Benji is later able to fulfil his 'dream' of wearing a mask, first posing as CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer to trick vital information out of a suspect and later posing as adversary Solomon Lane to identify CIA agent August Walker as their true adversary of 'John Lark'. Benji then assists Ethan on a mission in Paris to extract Solomon Lane. In the final confrontation in a medical aid camp, Benji is nearly hanged with a noose by Lane, but he is saved by Ilsa Faust, who subsequently helps him disarm one of Lane's nuclear weapons.