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Beyond Blue
Directed by Zanane Rajsingh
Produced by Dr. Rajeshkumar Acharya
Omkar Acharya
Screenplay by Zanane Rajsingh
Starring Tushar Pandey
Isheta Sarckar
Dipti Joshi
Ashish Kakkad
Vikas Rathod
Music by Binny Sharma (soundtrack)
Binny Sharma & Chinmay Nayak (score)
Produced by Nanoland Limited
Release date November 2015
Running time 95 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Beyond Blue - An Unnerving Tale of a Demented Mind (stylised as Beyond Blue) is an Indian psychological thriller in the Indo-Realism genre, film directed by Zanane Rajsingh.

Tushar Pandey portrays the titular protagonist, office going professional living in Ahmedabad. The film explores the dynamics of the protagonists on the quest of his innermost desire in finding the perfect home cooked food to replicate his beloved dead mother's. Isheta Sarckar, Dipti Joshi and Deep Dholakia portray supporting roles.


Manas is another white collar professional in a city of over 3 million. The passing away of his mother leaves him devastated in a manner most unexpected. Unable to satisfy the primal instinct to feed, anything other than food cooked by his mother's loving hands wells up only disgust, his survival comes into question.

Driven to near madness by his attempt to find a way out of his misery takes him into a dark wonderland of his own mind's creation. In a world where everything is divided in black and white by dictating the terms, his journey to fulfillment turns into a grey space where right and wrong, good and evil, heaven and hell, all lose meaning and his actions intervene with the fates of those closest to him.

The story reaches into the deepest crevices of the human mind to unveil a psyche that has crossed the state of feeling blue, a state of mind that lies beyond blue.


  • Tushar Pandey as Manas Joshi, Brought up in a city culture, Manas who was considered a good son, loves his mother's cooking. He works for his livelihood like many others in a metro. But then, his mother's death changes everything. His character goes through a huge transformation where the love for his mother's cooking changes into an obsession after her departure. He is clueless about where his life is heading and goes through a twisted change. This feeling for him takes a form of a demented mind that leads him into doing unexpected things.
  • Dipti Joshi as Aruna Aunty, a humble, easy-going woman who lives alone in a big city, has a daughter living in a metro city looking for a better career. Cooking is her passion and her only source of income. She runs a dinning set-up at her place and Manas would find her cooking exactly like his mother's preparations. Eventually, due to his regular visits, aunty and Manas grew closer. Her character in the film is warm and motherly but her existence in Manas's life changes her life incessantly.
  • Isheta Sarckar as Janhavi
  • Ashish Kakkad as Inspector Solanki
  • Vikas Rathod as Raj Malhotra
  • Deep Dholakia as Sub-Inspector Desai



The filming of this Indo-relaistic film was done entirely in Ahmedabad as the backdrop and in the essence of it as it is the Director's home ground.