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Bin Baadal Barsat
Directed by Zeenat Begum
Produced by Zeenat Begum
Starring Zeba
Mohammad Ali
Ilyas Kashmiri
Music by Shamim Nazli
Produced by Zeenat Films
Release date 7 March 1975
Running time 152 minutes
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Bin Badal Barsaat is a 1975 Pakistani film starring Zeba and Mohammad Ali. It is directed and produced by Zeenat Begum. The film follows a married couple, Zarina and Judge Akbar Ali, who struggles to have a child. The film also stars Shahid, Sangeeta, Lehri, Nanha, Nirala and Ilyas Kashmiri.


Zarina (Zeba) and Judge Akbar Ali (Ali) struggle unsuccessfully to have a child. The couple eventually succeeds in having a son, but the child goes missing following a convoluted series of events and ends up in a gang of beggars led by Dada (Ilyas Kashmiri). The child and family are eventually reunited thanks to the efforts of a dancing girl named Gori (Sangeeta) and her fiance Badshah.


  • Zeba as Zarina
  • Mohammad Ali as Akbar Ali
  • Shahid as Badshah
  • Sangeeta as Gori
  • Ilyas Kashmiri as Dada
  • Lehri
  • Nanha
  • Nirala

Songs (album)

The music is composed by the only female composer of Pakistani film industry, Shamim Nazli.

  • "Tu Mera Pyar Hay" sung by Mehdi Hassan
  • "Bhar Do Jholi Meri" sung by Sabri Brothers