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Blazer Drive
First appearance April 4, 2008
Created by Seishi Kishimoto
Nationality Japanese

Blazer Drive is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Seishi Kishimoto, creator of 666 Satan, and was published in Shōnen Rival. Sega also developed a Nintendo DS game using a parallel story. These characters appear throughout points of the series and game Blazer Drive, along with current information known about them updated constantly with releases. Voice cast is from the Nintendo DS game.

Guardians & Allies

An organization of blazers built to fight against the Nora-bure (stray blazers).

Section III

Led by Melon, their base is located at an abandoned gas station. However, it has been discovered and destroyed by the Qilin Realm.


Guardian / Team Sky, Chore Boy

  • Voice: KENN

The protagonist of the manga series. He portrayed himself as a very cool person though he's more to a loser. For a reason unknown to him, Daichi is being targeted by stray Blazers that are after his "power". He seems somewhat reckless but knows how to deal with difficult situations. He is a Blazer and so far most often uses an electric Mysticker given to him by his brother. He also possesses the Tamamayu Mysticker given to him by Shiroh that turns into an arm gauntlet. Tamamayu can also change into various forms, and mixed together with Daichi's electricity is very powerful. Daichi and Shiroh have become rivals after they first met and work together in some occasions. He uses a motorized, two-wheeled version of a skateboard, called a "ballboard", as his main transportation. It is later revealed that Daichi's 'power' is the ability to create unique mystickers. The Quilin are attempting to unlock his power so that they can use him to create mystickers with powers unmatched by any others.


Guardian / Team Sky, Leader

  • Voice: Marina Inoue

A caring person who looks after the group. She's been kind of forcefully recruited into Kuroki's group in chapter 2 and seems to harbour romantic feelings toward Daichi. Initially, she was seen with no abilities, but is seen as someone with potential of becoming one by Melon. After training with Tenjik, Misora was finally able to awaken the power of a Blazer. She has a mysticker named "Tengoku", a mysticker that takes the form of a giant sentient book with an eye on it. It can eat and analyze Danji's bugs in their battle. When you open the book it shows pictures of something on one side and an empty panel on the other. To use Tengoku you have to steadily release your spiritual energy while drawing the same picture you see on the other side then sign your name and Tengoku will summon that creature. The closer you get to resembling the picture the more powerful the summoning will be, and vice versa. Misora was able to defeat Danji with Tengoku's help and then went to give Daichi Tamamayu but was to tired to help so she watched the battle between Daichi and Kaine.



  • Voice: Shinichiro Miki

The best friend of Ginga and the one that offers Daichi an explanation of the world of Blazers. He recently joined Daichi's life in order to help him now that his brother disappeared, changing Daichi's daily life forever. He has a joking personality and likes to tease Daichi whenever he can. He also seems to have a fear of dogs. He is good with Healing type stickers and is seen carrying around a huge sword which is also a mysticker called Necromancer. He uses an unnamed, one seat vehicle that looks like a modified modern sport/street motorcycle in which he doesn't use his hands to drive. He is seen to be able to use his sword necromancer to suck his opponent's evil spirit out of their bodies; Necromancer doesn't attack the body, it attacks the soul. He is also able to put a darkness mysticker on it to make it longer and it can split up into a bladed whip. Kuroki has battled Shuga of the Black Kakutan, and with him being a battle genius, he was able to defeat him and obtained the Black Kakutan.


Division Head

The sado-masochistic leader of Section 3 of the Guardians. She wears a dominatrix outfit and her room is covered in S&M gear used in punishing those under her command with the gear. Appropriately, she is skilled with a whip. Though she is not a blazer, she has the ability to tell whether a person is a blazer or not just by looking at them.



Daichi's older brother, who seems to be a rather cold person at the beginning, especially with his younger brother. When they were little, their parents died from an accident and this left Daichi feeling guilty. He told them to buy something for him in a rush. Ever since that day, Ginga has been resentful towards Daichi. Ginga is the original owner of the mysticker God Stand (Kandachi)but gives it to Daichi. He is referred as the "Genius" by Kuroki in terms of Blazers. It is revealed he really did care for his brother and protected him, including when a group of blazers wanted Daichi on their side. Ginga tells Daichi that they were both blazers and after being severely injured, he is transported into another dimension. It is later shown that he is being held by the Qilin Realm.

Section XI Fenrir



  • Voice: Yuichi Nakamura

The protagonist of the video game series. Fellow guardian in the fight against the stray Blazers. Daichi first encounters him after defeating Yuuma, who Shiroh mistakes him for. After Shiroh and Daichi have a short battle, they collapse, but are found by Tamaki. They discuss the origins of mystickers before Beast interrupts. Thanks to a combined effort and the help of new mystickers Testarossa and Tamamayu, Daichi and Shiroh defeat Beast. Shiroh becomes Daichi's rival after this incident.

Shiroh has a cold manner at first, but he is a kind person and an honest Blazer. Shiroh initially fights using the Valiant mysticker, a gauntlet-like weapon. He later finds prowess with the Testarossa mysticker, a flaming sword, given to him by Daichi. It suits him well since he is good at melee combat, and is a fire-type user.



  • Voice: Chiwa Saito

Fellow guardian in the fight against the stray Blazers. It is hinted that she has feelings for Shiroh. Tamaki helped Daichi and Shiroh defeat Beast using Wind and Aphrodite mixed together.



Shiroh and Tamaki found it in Area III. It follows them, and is commonly seen on Tamaki or Shiroh's shoulder or sitting off by itself in the corner. Plays the same role in the video game series.



  • Voice: Sōichirō Hoshi

An A-rank Blazer within Section XI Fenrir. He is a friend of Jin. He possesses the Gallatin and Sleipnir Mystickers. Daichi met him in the race while he was trying to uncover the plot behind the race organizer and the current champion. Daichi notes that he is able to say very cheesy lines without being embarrassed. Yaiba likes to speak English.


A young Blazer who uses a special type of Mystickers, Friend Mystickers. Apple speaks in third person. Shiroh ran into her in Area I and brought her back to Section XI Fenrir's base. Apple decides to join Fenrir after helping Shiroh search for Pettan.


A boy who was tricked by stray Blazers. Shiroh brought him back to Section XI Fenrir base. Jonathan has said that he has great potential to be a Blazer.


Division Head of Section XI

  • Voice: Katsuyuki Konishi

Little is known about this man except he has been seen using a gun type weapon called Irvine (アーヴァイン), which is able to control fortune and misfortune. He is revealed in chapter 5 to be the lead of section 11, and he seemed to set up Shiro and Daichi meeting. He also seems to have set up the giving of the Tamamayu mysticker to Daichi. He has a habit of sending people on "missions" to buy the erotic "Pink Paradise" magazine for him. He plays a larger role in the video game series being that he is the leader of Tamaki's and Shiroh's section.

Section II


Division Head

A cute little talking hedgehog within the storage-room of Guardian Section II. Likes to test people by using puzzles. A fellow Blazer alongside the Guardians. Tenjik is also a pervert and could possibly be a play on from Masashi Kishimoto's character Jiraiya from Naruto. He appears differently from a normal porcupine in that there is a barb like end on his tail and that his quill covers his eyes like hair. He at first appears to be an annoying animal who watches as Daichi and Misora solve a puzzle then reveals himself when Daichi tries to forcefully get the answer out of Yuyuka of who really is Tenjik. Tenjik has the mysticker that causes explosion on touch called "Blast Plus". Together with Yuyuka they make an invincible duo. He and Yuyuka has defeated the cat Qilin Realm blazer.


Tenjik's Assistant

A little girl who dress in a style similar to gothic lolita. She at first appears to be the mastermind behind a puzzle but after a bit of questioning reveals that she's Tenjik's assistant. She takes a liking to Daichi, becoming jealous of Misora. She wields a weapon Mysticker that transforms into a giant hammer.

Artisan Family



He is the famous artisan who is known to be able to restore any mysticker back to normal no matter how damaged it may be. However he has given up fixing mystickers since his son Jin was involved in a racing accident involving a sticker he has repaired from its torn-up state.



On one of his missions where he had to enter an underground blazer race; the rare mysticker repaired by Gen that he used accidentally discharged itself at the start of the race, killing him. In actuality, his rare mysticker had been swapped with a fake by the champion then, and thus, it was the fake that discharged itself and killed Jin.


Gen's wife. She was suffering from a disease, to the extent where her memory is blurred and she mistakes Daichi for her son, Jin.


Jin's younger sister. She is able to fix mystickers, though she is not at the level of her father.

Qilin Realm

Five Pillars of Qilin Realm

Shuga of the Black Kakutan

Darkness Pillar, Defeated

Uses the Qilin mysticker Black Kakutan. He has many different forms of attack, for example he can go into shadows, make shadow spikes from his entire body using tiny beads, he also has the same type of beads in his belt so he can throw for ranged attacks, and lastly he can connect the tiny beads for a shadow armor which lets him make shadow spikes from any angle of his body. He was defeated in battle with Kuroki, then became his shadow's shadow for the effect of his Black Kakutan. The Black Kakutan was then picked up by Kuroki and is now in the hands of Division Section III. His comrades aren't really worried about retrieving it since they know the other blazers can not use it.

Sumiya of the Crimson Enku

Flame Pillar/Flame Salaryman

Not much is known about him except he refers to himself as the Flame Salaryman and that he uses the Qilin mysticker Crimson Euku. He came to retrieve the mysticker that Shugo left behind to take care of all the blazers in the division. After he retrieved it, he was caught by Daichi's Tamamayu. However, after an explosion from his mysticker, he got free and disappeared into a puff of flame. He uses Kaine as experiment to know Daichi's secret. Then when Sumiya want to use other Qilin mysticker to studying Kaine, he shoots Makiura with his Crimson Enku fire.

Akashikibu/Murasaki Shikibu of the Blue Shouko

Ice Pillar, Defeated

She uses the Qilin Mysticker Blue Shouko. She is disguised as a popular fortuneteller in Pink Paradise. Daichi doubts her ability in fortune-telling, noting that her "fortunes" are merely verbal tricks.

Mitony of the White Sakumei

Light Pillar Defeated

She use the Qilin Mysticker White Sakumei. She is expert in playing games and hacking computer. She also infecting Section III new guardian center computer with the virus.

Makiura of the Yellow Qilin

Thunder Pillar

He is the leader of Qilin Realm. He uses the Mysticker Yellow Qilin. He was shot by Crimson Enku fire by Sumiya when he want to retributes the another Qilin mysticker to studies Kaine.

Other Qilin Realm Members


Musician and Blazer / Stray, Defeated

A strange man who uses a sound-based electric guitar Mysticker named Jimmy or Jimi (depending on translation). It is named after the famous guitar player James "Jimi" Hendrix, and he's seen playing a normal guitar, but when he gets picked on by bullies, wanting his Mysticker he makes a quick work of them. Jimmy has the ability to make sound shock waves which can be made stronger with an amplifier mysticker. It also has a blade and with the plucking of a string can vibrate like a chainsaw, and finally he can control other people with his guitar. He is shown to be a part of the larger organization of strays and nearly gets into a fight with a leader before that leader shows his insane speed. A subordinate of Shuga, though he prefers to be alone and not help the organization as he has his own motives for killing Daichi. Kaine can also activate "Blazer Drive", the maximum tension state of a Blazer. After he activated Blazer Drive he got an insane increase in speed and power and he cannot feel pain, but it turned off quickly. He was defeated by Daichi. He is locked up afterwards, but released by Sumiya later on for an experiment.


Member, Defeated

Subordinate of Shuga. He resembles a Kabuki actor, speaks in very loud voice, likes to refer to women as "sassy" and uses Mosquito Weapon (蚊武器, Kabuki) techniques. He can form his mosquitoes into a human shape, he can increase the number of the mosquito by adding one or two amplifier mystickers. Finally he can add a different type of amplifier mysticker to create a giant mosquito. He joined in on the attack on the division section III and attacked the whole place with his mosquito alone. He later went into battle with Misora and was defeated by her and her mysticker "Tengoku".


Member, Defeated

A subordinate of shuga. She is a very attractive adult who helped shuga attack Division section III. Her mission was to hold off Tenjik and Yuyuka. She quickly went to battle with Yuyuka but Tenjik refused to fight her because she was a "sexy women". At first she had the upper hand against Yuyuka with her long nails and speed. But once Yuyuka activated a speed mysticker she was hurt which got her angry enough to activate her shape shifting mysticker which has three forms. Her first form she just grew a tail and ears, it increased her speed and nail strength and gives her cat attributes (this made her look even more sexier which made Tenjik even more opposed to fighting her). She then changed to her second form after overwhelming Yuyuka with speed and power (which made her even more sexy) in this state she grows black fur and around her body, her tail and ears turn black as well her nails also grow and become stronger. After a little fighting with Yuyuka and after her nails where broken by Yuyuka she changed into her final form. In this form she is a giant cat with very destructive powers. At this point she doesn't at all resemble a woman so this gives Tenjik the will to fight, he quickly defeats her with his explosive mysticker.



Stray Blazer, Defeated

One of the stray Blazers and an enemy of Daichi. He has visibly animalistic features such as sharp nails, claws longer than normal fangs, and a cat's iris. He's the boss of Yuuma, a strong man beaten earlier in the series. He is physically strong without use of a Mysticker, smashing through a statue with one solid blow and smashing the concrete floor hard enough that it fragments up. He later uses his Tigerjack Mysticker which transforms his body into an anamorphic Tiger with horns of an Impala and spike of a porcupine. Was defeated by Daichi's and Shiroh's teamwork.