Broken Hearts (film)

Broken Hearts
Directed by Helfi Kardit
Produced by Chand Parvez Servia
Fiaz Servia
Screenplay by Helfi Kardit
Starring Julie Estelle
Reza Rahadian
Darius Sinathrya
Meriam Bellina
Axel Andaviar
Melly Goeslaw
Anto Hoed
Music by Melly Goeslaw
Anto Hoed
Cinematography Joel Fadly Zola
Edited by Cesa David Luckmansyah
Produced by Starvision Plus
Distributed by Hotstar Originals
Release date May 15, 2012
Running time 92 minutes
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian

Broken Hearts is a 2012 Indonesian film written and directed by Helfi Kardit, and stars Julie Estelle and Reza Rahadian.


When Olivia's (Julie Estelle) boyfriend, Jamie (Reza Rahadian), disappears without any warning, Olivia's life becomes cold and empty. For Olivia, Jamie will always be her first and last love and when he leaves, her trust in men is destroyed, believing that all guys are liars and thieves that steal the hearts of women.

With her broken heart, Olivia has a hard time trusting anyone, even when she meets Aryo (Darius Sinathrya), a friend of Jamie. Aryo, asked to comforting Olivia by Jamie, becomes closer and closer to Olivia.

Jamie who asked Aryo to replace him with Olivia, as he has suffered complications with Anoreksia Nervosa disorder. Because of the rarity of cases in young men, Jamie requires constant medical attention and has a short prognosis. As Aryo and Olivia fall deeper in love, Jamie, watching, begins to experience jealousy and doubts.


  • Julie Estelle as Olivia
  • Reza Rahadian as Jamie
  • Darius Sinathrya as Aryo
  • Meriam Bellina
  • Axel Andaviar
  • Melly Goeslaw
  • Anto Hoed

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