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Bull Rider Boy
soundtrack album by Johan Christher Schütz
Released 2019
Recorded at One Perfect Line Music
Genre World music, Classical music, Instrumental
Length 35:20
Label One Perfect Line Music
Producer Johan Christher Schütz
Album chronology
Tivolisaga (Original Swedish Cast Recording
Bull Rider Boy

Bull Rider Boy is a documentary film soundtrack by Swedish composer Johan Christher Schütz, with music written for the 2015 film Varför ("Why") by Marcus André and Jessica Svensson which follows a 30-year-old Bulgarian man living in the streets of Norrköping, Sweden.

All songs are instrumental, and the sound is has its roots in Eastern European folk music, with unusual time signatures such as 5/4 and 7/8, and featuring instruments such as clarinet, cimbalom, balalaika and violin, whereas some tracks are performed by solo piano. Two songs have titles in the Romani language; the title theme Dévla ("God") and T'aves Baxtalo ("Welcome").

The album was produced by Schütz in his One Perfect Line Music studios, and released on 25 January 2019.

Track listing

  1. Dévla (Title Theme)
  2. Foreign Streets #1
  3. Foreign Streets #2
  4. Bull Rider Boy
  5. Stirring Up Memories
  6. Light Steps
  7. Dévla #2
  8. Growing Up
  9. Foreign Streets #3
  10. Opening the Door
  11. Foreign Streets #4
  12. T'aves Baxtalo
  13. Dévla