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Cameron Clark
Hollyoaks character
First appearance 4 September 2002
Last appearance 6 April 2006
Portrayed by Ben Gerrard
Occupation Musician

Cameron Clark is a fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Ben Gerrard. The character made his first on-screen appearance on 4 September 2002. Cameron remained in the show for four years.


Gerrard originally auditioned for the role of Jake Dean but was unsuccessful and was later recalled to play Cameron instead. Cameron was Gerrard's first professional acting role. He remained in the show for four years.


Cameron is characterised as a "polite and affectionate" student. The official Hollyoaks website described the character as being "blessed with a rather dull reputation", he also suffers from depression which became apparent following his completion of school, which culminates in a suicide attempt.


Cameron makes his first appearance at Hollyoaks Comprehensive as something of a heartthrob; Abby Davies (Helen Noble), Steph Dean (Carley Stenson), and Zara Morgan (Kelly Greenwood) are just a few who instantly fall for Cameron. Lisa Hunter (Gemma Atkinson) is the only one who succeeds in capturing his attention, however. The pair begin to date, but it ends when Lisa becomes obsessed with Kristian Hargreaves. Lisa dumps Cameron for Kristian and labels Cameron as ‘dull’ and soon Cameron has a reputation for being boring.

Cameron goes on to join a band with Lee Hunter (Alex Carter), David "Bombhead" Burke (Lee Otway) and Norman Sankofa (Jamie Luke), called 'The X Factor', which never quite recover after Lee uses explicit lyrics during the performance for a christening at The Dog in The Pond. Cameron’s ambition had always been to be a musician, but his parents pressure him to become a doctor, especially after he is offered a place to study medicine at a London university. Deeply confused and depressed, Cameron attempts suicide, but Bombhead and Sam Owen (Louis Tamone) arrive in time to save him. Both his friends and parents understand and support Cameron while he decides to take a music course at Hollyoaks Community College.

At college, he falls for new tenant Bella Manning (Kim Bourelle); the pair get along, but nothing becomes of it, as she had left HCC. By some bizarre turn of circumstance, Cameron catches the eye of Steph. Eventually the pair become an unlikely couple, and Cameron is seemingly happy.

After the few months, however, he begins to act strangely; he avoids his friends, isolates himself from the outside world, and becomes fixated on cleanliness and order. Cameron faces the prospect of losing Steph rather than admitting he needs help. Eventually he goes to a doctor to discover he has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Steph supports him through his ordeal. As he gets better, Steph arranges for Cameron to join a band, which he is delighted to do—until he learns that it is going to be across Europe. He tells Steph he is prepared to stay, but she knows how much music means to him, and persuades him to join the band. Cameron says his goodbyes to her, and makes his exit away from The Dog in The Pond to Europe in a bid to make it as a musician.