Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Doom Patrol Vol 2 #57
(July, 1992)
In-story information
Species Egregore

Can grant 3 wishes

The Candlemaker is a fictional character created by author Grant Morrison and owned by DC Comics.

Fictional character biography

The Candlemaker is an egregore, removed from the physical plane of existence eons ago who one day discovers an opportunity to escape into the physical realm in the form of Dorothy Spinner, an ape-faced girl with the ability to bring imaginary creatures to life.

Dorothy, while being bullied by a group of young boys, is contacted by the Candlemaker, who gives her three wishes. She wishes for the death of one of the bullies. The boy is later found in a field, disemboweled and crucified. After this incident, Dorothy resolves to keep the Candlemaker locked in her mind.

Years later, Dorothy joins the Doom Patrol, a superhero group of outcasts and misfits much like herself. During the team's adventures, Dorothy is kidnapped by agents from a group called the Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E., a government agency operating out of a sub-sub basement of the Pentagon called the Ant Farm. This agency wishes to use the abilities of Dorothy and a psychic named Wallace Sage to summon a manifestation of the Telephone Avatar, a creature that had been haunting the telephone system for fifty years. Dorothy is again contacted by the Candlemaker, who offers her a second wish and reminds her that the third will set him free. Dorothy uses her wish to protect her friends, and the Telephone Avatar is found hanging by its wires.

In the penultimate arc of Grant Morrison's run of Doom Patrol, Dorothy makes a third and final wish for the resurrection of murdered teammate Joshua Clay, thus freeing the Candlemaker. He indeed grants her wish, but then immediately disintegrates the resurrected Clay, continuing on to kill Niles Caulder (who shortly before his death revealed the true origin of the Doom Patrol to Cliff) and Robotman.

Doom Patrol member Negative Man discovers the pair and has to battle Candlemaker, and the two get resurrected by way of Caulder's nanobots.

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