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Chris Dale
Background information
Born 4 September 1972
Genres Hard Rock
Funk rock
Alternative rock
Years active 1989–present
Labels Metal Mind Productions
ORG Records
London Records
FM Revolver Records
Associated acts Atom Seed
Bruce Dickinson
Sack Trick
Balance of Power
Ace Sounds
I Play Rock

Chris Dale is a bassist currently playing in the band Sack Trick.


Atom Seed

In late 1989 Chris joined the hard rock band, Atom Seed, replacing original bassist Chris Huxter. After constant touring in the UK and the début EP released in early 1990, the band released their début album, Get in Line, on FM Revolver Records in 1991. Atom Seed next signed to London Records releasing several EPs and wrote and recorded a second album, Hard Sell Paranoia, in 1992. The label decided to shelf the album and Atom Seed ultimately decided to split in 1993.


In 1994 Dale, along with Machine bandmate Alex Elena, sent in a tape of their recently recorded Machine demo to Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden for his solo work via Sanctuary Management. They got a call back and were asked to learn a few songs from Balls to Picasso and some Deep Purple and AC/DC covers for an audition. There were no further auditions with Dale and Elena getting the job.

The group toured the Balls To Picasso album and recorded Alive in Studio A, a rerecording of Balls To Picasso and a live recording in London, and Skunkworks. The Skunkworks project was intended to be a band of the same name but due to Castle Records being unwilling to release anything under any other name it was published as a Bruce Dickinson release, consequently Skunkworks sounds different sound from other solo Dickinson releases.

Dale co-wrote the album track "Innerspace" as well as two tracks – "I'm in a Band with an Italian Drummer" and "Americans Are Behind". Bruce used the latter tracks as B-sides on singles and they were later included on the 2005 expanded edition of the album. Dickinson encouraged Dale to continue writing, though disbanded the line-up prior to his next solo album.

Sack Trick

Sack Trick began as Dale's solo project with fellow Skunkworks bandmates Alex Dickson and Alessandro Elena. The first album, (Music From) The Mystery Rabbits was released in 1999 released by ORG Records and soon followed up by the concept album, Penguins on the Moon in 2000. In 2005 the band self released the Kiss tribute album, Sheep in KISS Make Up. Sack Trick have an evolving/rotating membership of musicians and friends on each of the albums and especially live – depending on who is available. The band still continue to play, albeit, usually once a year in Roskilde, Denmark, at Gimle's annual Christmas party – having played for the tenth year running as of 2011.


In 2009 Dale joined Tank, after being asked by friend and ex-Rainbow singer, Doogie White, who had just joined the band himself. They would both be replacing singer/bassist, Algy Ward. Chris already knew guitarist Cliff Evans and original Tank drummer, Mark Brabbs, who had rejoined the newly reformed band. After several festival slots that summer, Tank went on to release War Machine in 2010 and War Nation in 2012.

Other Work

Chris has worked on several projects as a band member and a session musician including:

  • Machine. In 1993 Dale was recruited for a hip-hop rock crossover project was started by and named after New Jersey producer, Machine. UK tours and a demo followed but to little industry interest and the band split.
  • Balance of Power. Although credited for three albums, Dale actually only played on the band's second album, Book of Secrets.
  • Seven Days. Although Dale recorded bass for two singles the band credited their live bassist.
  • AntiProduct. After supporting Clam Abuse with Sack Trick, Alex Kane invited Dale and Robin Guy to join him for his new project. This became known as AntiProduct and they wrote and recorded the band's debut, Consume And Die... The Rest Is All Fun, though both Dale and Guy were unable to commit to touring and new band members were recruited.
  • Ace Sounds. After attending a few Sack Trick gigs, Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace, invited Dale to join him for a few tracks on his solo project. Chris recorded the tracks "Jet from California" featuring Jason Perry from A, the single "No Fear of Falling" featuring Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes and "Prisoner" featuring Skye from Morcheeba.
  • Ricky Gervais. Producer Glyn Hughes, a school friend of Dale's, invited Chris to play on the full band version of "Free Loving on the Free Love Freeway", the B-side to Ricky Gervais's single, a cover of Simply Red's "If You Don't Know Me By Now" for BBC comedy The Office Christmas specials. Dale later recorded bass for the song "When The Whistle Blows" featured in Extras Series 2.
  • Lapsed Catholic. Dale was hired again to record some extreme music for library stock in 2005. This group also included SikTh vocalist Mikee Goodman.
  • I Play Rock. Dale worked on the Tony Hadley and Martin Fry tour in 2005, during which he would sound check with the groups and even got an occasional guest appearance such as playing "Highway To Hell" at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. The resulting product of the bonds made was I Play Rock with Spandau Ballet's John Keeble and guitarist Richie B. The group released a studio and live album the same year.
  • Tribuzy. In 2005 Dale was hired to record bass for Renato Tribuzy's Project, Tribuzy, for the album Execution and subsequently the live DVD performance of the album filmed in Brazil in late 2005.


with Atom Seed:

  • I Don't Want To Talk About It [EP] (1990)
  • Get in Line (1990)
  • Rebel [EP] (1991)
  • Get in Line [EP] (1991)
  • Split – EP with Sepultura (1991)
  • Dead Happy [EP] (1992)
  • Hard Sell Paranoia (unreleased)

with Bruce Dickinson:

  • "Shoot All the Clowns" [single] (1994)
  • Alive in Studio A (1995)
  • "Inertia" [single] (1996)
  • "Back from the Edge" [single] (1996)
  • Skunkworks (1996 & 2005 re-release)
  • "Solar Confinement" [single] (1996)
  • Skunkworks Live [EP] (1996)
  • The Best of Bruce Dickinson (2001)
  • Balls to Picasso (2005 re-release)
  • Live (2005 boxset)

with Sack Trick:

  • (Music From) The Mystery Rabbits (1998)
  • Penguins on the Moon (2000)
  • Sheep in KISS Make Up (2005)

with Balance of Power

  • Book of Secrets (1998)

with Seven Days

  • "Ride" [single] (1998)
  • "Double A-side" [single] (1998)

with AntiProduct:

  • Consume And Die... The Rest Is All Fun (2000)
  • "Hey Let's Get on It/Best Day of Your Life" [single] (2000)
  • Please Take Your Cash (2009)

with Ace Sounds:

  • Still Hungry (2003)
  • "No Fear of Falling" [single] (2003)

with Ricky Gervais:

  • "If You Don't Know Me By Now" [single] (2004)

with Lapsed Catholic

  • Extreme Music (2005)

with I Play Rock:

  • The Album (2005)
  • Live in Camden (2005)

with Tribuzy:

  • Execution (2005)
  • Execution Live Reunion (2007)

with Tank:

  • War Machine (2010)
  • War Nation (2012)

Various Artists

  • FC Allstars – "Football Is Life" [single] (2002)
  • Prog Aid – "All Around The World" [single] (2004)
  • Iron Maiden Tribute Album – "Food For Thought" (2005)