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Chronicles of the Cursed Sword
First appearance 1999
Created by Yeo Beop-ryong
Nationality Korean

Characters from the manwha series Chronicles of the Cursed Sword.

Main characters

Rey Yan

Rey Yan is the main character of the series. His past is mysterious and full of heartache. He wields the Pasa sword which has a similarly mysterious a past. His true sister disappeared long ago and now he travels with Shyao, a girl he pictures both as his older sister and his one true love, though he's never going to admit it. Rey is hot-tempered and hard to reason with, and though his skills are extraordinary, he has a long way to go.

His combat skills are raw and heavily dependent on his sword. Inside him is the power of Ban-Go (Pan-Gu), the progenitor god of the universe, and while it is partly unleashed during the battle with the Sorcerer King, Rey Yan does not have complete control of him. As such he can be defeated by a heavenly god with more control of their powers

Pasa Sword

Pasa Sword is a sword that hungers for demonic blood. Rey Yan is the wielder of the Pasa Sword. He uses its incredible power to destroy his enemies. But due to its immense power, the Pasa Sword can take over the user's body and in time his soul.

The Pasa Sword spirit was a Lieutenant in the army of the previous Demon Emperor, The Dragon Emperor. He is the older brother of Prime Minister Shiyan, and is helping in Shiyan's plots. The Pasa Sword reacts very violently whenever anyone tries to interfere with Rey Yan or Shiyan's plans. The Pasa Sword spirit is able to use, to some extent, the Ultimate Sage Sword. A secret that few beyond the Heavenly Emperor know.

Shyao Lin

Shyao Lin and Rey Yan|Rey had the same master, and always thought of each other as brother and sister. She is a sorceress, although she does not fight much. She became the master/mistress of the demon Ming Ling after saving her from Rey's hot temper. She is also the object of both Jaryoon and Rey's affections. However, later in the series, she is revealed to be Lady Sohwa, the sage in charge of destroying Rey, whose possession of the soul of Ban-Go causes him to be seen as a threat. Although Shyao readily accepts her fate as the Lady Sohwa and Rey's executioner, both she and the other sages know that killing Rey will affect her deeply. Later it is revealed though that her true motive towards killing Rey is so that she can save his soul before Ban-Go can devour it. In the manhwa, her spells remain in their original language.


Jaryoon is the King of Hahyun and the younger brother of the Emperor of Zhou. After his guards are killed by White Tiger, Jaryoon asks for the help of Shyao Lin and a reluctant Rey Yan. Jaryoon is an amazing swordsman in his own right, though he does fall shy to the Pasa-armed Rey Yan. He is a kind and generous ruler, much in opposite to the corrupt and cruel stereotype labeled by Rey Yan (which is the cause of many quarrels between the two). Jaryoon apparently loves Shyao Lin, but his jealousy and hatred grows when he finds he cannot come between the relationship held by Shyao and Rey Yan. When Shiyan implants Jaryoon with the demon stone, Jaryoon undergoes a dramatic transformation. He becomes increasingly demonic and evil. Despite being now-corrupt, Timura Oshu and Shiyan both remarked that it is 'interesting' that he still has feelings for Shyao.

Jaryoon uses his brother's army to kill humans and sages and collecting their souls and increase the power of the PaChun sword. Jaryoon leads an attack on the Great Azure Pavilion to increase his own power and to get revenge on the Heavenly Realm for the destruction of the Zhou capital. After every defeat that Jaryoon suffers while holding the Pachun Sword, Jaryoon becomes more enraged and power-hungry and loses more and more of his humanity.

As of book 18, Jaryoon had killed three of the eight Great Sages and several of the Heavenly Generals before being seriously injured by Yumno.


A rogue who was briefly an enemy of Rey and Shyao, but has now chosen to travel with the group.

Kouchien was the previously student of Chen Kaihu. After the Sages attacked Rey Yan, Kouchien devoted himself to learning to use abstinence as the base of his power so he can fight Sages and Demons that have previously been able to defeat him. However, now he is able to spar with Rey in order to help with Rey's training. As a rogue, Kouchien has many connections that allow him to gather very accurate information. Kounchien has 'acquired' a set of gloves called the "Fright Claws". Though they are powerful weapons that have not been able to be destroyed in over 500 years, the gloves also sap the user's energy so they can not be used for a long period of time. It is also rumored that they bring bad luck to their user. He is traveling with Doctor Chen Laobi and Lady Ryuhwa.

Chen Kaihu

Previously the teacher of Kouchien, he is now Rey Yan's teacher. He is a very skilled fighter and is the master of demonic techniques. He is small and is often compared to a frog. He is in love with Lady Hwaren, who disappeared from sight a long time ago. Chen Kaihu, in respect to his size, is also a short-fuse who detests the fact that Rey shows him little to no respect. He is Dr. Laobi's son who ran away from home years ago. Chen Kaihu despises his birth name of "Ahming" and desires to be free of Dr. Laobi. The style that Chen Kaihu practices is called the Five Elements of Heaven and Hell. It is these techniques that he is passing along to Ray and Kouchien.

Due to his short size, Chen usually sits on someone else's shoulder while traveling. He is desperate to find Lady Hwaren and escape from Dr. Laobi's sight.

Doctor Chen Laobi

She is an overly eccentric doctor, who seems to have developed an (unhealthy) interest in Rey after meeting him for the first time. While she is human, she is over a hundred and fifty years old, using medicines to maintain her youthful appearance. There is something more to her than meets the eye and her former pupils think her to be insane (she does have a mad scientist aura about her). Though she is a doctor, she does not seem to care much for other people's pain, letting Louen suffer until Rey agreed to submit to her conditions. She is also called "The Red Witch" and has an infamous reputation of experimenting on both humans and demons without care or concern for her patients.

As a doctor, Laobi has a great understanding of how to use various herbs. However, she uses this to create such potions that paralyze and poison others rather than to heal. Dr. Laobi is more than a little obsessive over her son Chen Kaihu (who she calls Ahming). She frequently uses those who insult her in painful experiments. Since she rescued Puye (who she renames Shishan), Dr. Laobi has used the undead girl as a sort of bodyguard. She has no qualms about mutilating others in order to expand her medical knowledge and feels no remorse for such actions like digging up corpses.


An emotionless undead girl, who was the Dead Goru's puppet. Her entire body is made out of cosmic darkness, a nigh indestructible substance which draws its powers from creatures of all sizes. After Rey defeated her master, Dr. Laobi "satisfyingly" took her in as a new ally (more like a pet specimen). When both her arms were destroyed when she protected Laobi, Louen, and Mao from the Sorcerer King's Dragon Pearl's explosion, Dr. Laobi used the aftermath of an earthquake to obtain new arms for Shishan. Even though Shishan can, she rarely speaks.

Lady Hyacia

A powerful demon that wields the Soul-Scattering Hammer. Her actual essence is not physical, so she must possess several bodies to be able to use her powers fully. She inhabits the body of Sorceress Renshou, and Renshou's consciousness is present within her, and is even a part of her. Powerful as she is, she has little defense against techniques that cause her soul to leave her body.

Hyacia was born from the dark emotions: Hatred, Bitterness, Pride, Malice, and Cruelty that were left over when Ban-Go was murdered. According to Laobi and Louen, she is the Heavenly Tiger who is attendant to the Empress Mother of the West. Hyacia is quite taken with Rey Yan and does all in her power to help the young man. However, when speaking with Ban-Go about Rey, Hyacia states that she prepared Rey's body, and that of another, to be able to withstand the power of Ban-Go. She even says "I will give Rey everything I have... until his final moment".

Hyacia rules over the demons of the human realm in the place of the Heavenly Realm, and gives the Sorcerers of the Human Realm their power. Her control has created much resentment amongst the Demons of the Human Realm. Hyacia has an uneasy past with Sword Sage Shouren. Despite her connections with the Heavenly Realm, Hyacia has some distaste for the Sages that watch over the human realm. She also seems to oppose Prime Minister Shiyan's plans for Rey. What her ultimate goal is has yet to be revealed, but it is known that it has something to do with the death of the Heavenly Gods and the Demon Emperor.

Ming Ling

Like her siblings, she is a lesser demon who serves a more powerful master. After Rey kills Ming Ling's master (with her help), Shyao takes responsibility for her, though Rey is totally against it and wishes to kill the demon on the spot. She is a |catgirl in having cat ears and tail and a cat-like personality. After Shyao Lin was taken by Jaryoon, she sought out Rey Yan to ask for his assistance in rescuing her master. Ming Ling has two older siblings that serve the Sorceress of the Underworld and Lady Hyacia. Ming Ling was the first demon that Ray allowed to live, but Rey still holds deep distrust of the cat-demon. Ming Ling cares deeply for Shyao Lin's well-being. Willing to brave danger if it means helping her master. Ming Ling was also the first to notice Shyao's change while on the Great Azure Pavilion.


A Prime Minister of Hahyun, and the younger brother of Pasa sword spirit. Supposedly, he convinced Emperor Moosungje that by starving orphan children and forcing them to fight one another, they would find that the survivors would save the kingdom. There is a hint that some spell may have been used to help the kids turn against one another.

Shiyan is a demon that once served the previous demon emperor, the Dragon Emperor. He was the one who created weapons and gave immortality to a group of demons called the "Black Star Squad" during the war between the Demonic and Heavenly realm. He and Taorun are old acquaintance but now it seems like they are enemies. Shiyan "serves" Jaryoon, but in reality is manipulating him. He also has a hidden agenda in mind. Shiyan is willing to recruit anyone who is able to help him complete his goal, which is implied to be the death of the Demon Emperor, just as the Dark Prince is about to be named the Grand Emperor of Heavenly Destruction. Shiyan is responsible for making the two cursed swords that Ray Yan and Jaryoon use. Shiyan was stripped of his previous power when he left the Demon Emperor's court; the Shiyan that appears throughout most of the manhwa is not his demonic form. This only appears in the illustration for chapter ten of Chronicles of the Cursed Sword in volume two.

Sorcerers and the Sorcerer King

Twelve Sorcerer Demons of the human realm. Like the Sages, this covenant is also monitoring Rey and the Pasa sword, although initially they do not believe Sheyshen's story. Unlike the Sages, they were convinced by Lady Hyacia that Rey can indeed destroy the Demon Emperor. They gave their powerful blood to help repair and improve the Pasa, hoping that they could do a part in preventing a total take-over of all three realms by the Demon Emperor. Later, however, they turn on Hyacia after an offer for allegiance delivered via Taorun.

Sheyshen, Sorceress of the Underworld

One of the twelve sorcerers. She kidnapped Shyao to have a chance to interrogate Rey. Although he misled her, the spirit of the Pasa beseeches Sheyshen to appeal to the demons of the human realm to join his cause in destroying the demon emperor. Sheyshen is very loyal to Hyacia, saving her from the other Sorcerers and her father after Hyacia was rendered immobilized by an ancient spell. After Rey Yan kills the Sorcerer King, Lady Hyacia decided to make Sheyshen the new Sorcerer Queen for her loyalty and will "give you the power you need" to fulfill the role. Sheyshen is the Sorceress of Ice and is one of the two children of the Sorcerer King. Sheyshen is able to create her own dimension from which she can use to trap and fight her opponents at her leisure.

Sheyshen's Loyal Guards and Personal Servants

Kuan, The Thunder Dervish: He uses two blades and can attack at the speed of sound. He can also use his body as a weapon traveling at supersonic speeds. When the Sorceress Poongcheon intercepted Sheyshen, Kuan, and Ruan, who were escaping from the other Sorcerers and Sorceresses when they turned on Hyacia, Kuan was ordered to find Rey while they held Poongcheon off. He used his supersonic speed to get past the massive lightning and thunderstorm created by Poongcheon in order to find Rey. Of the two, Kuan runs his mouth a lot more. He usually fights by slowly destroying the bone structure of his opponents. However, Kuan is more than a little unobservant of what his opponent is doing.
Ruan, The Lightning Dervish: Having near-perfect precision, he uses a bow and his arrows have the power of lightning. Ruan can change his bow into a sword. Ruan can also use the "Heavenly Thunderbolts", a power strong enough to kill the Sorcerer Kumwa. Sheyshen has noted that even Ruan was faster than Kuan when he was serious. After Kuan was injured by Sorcerer Kumwa, he turned his bow into double-bladed swords, which are connected to each other at the end but were detachable. Since Kunwa's powers were primarily water based, he was able to defeat him by amplifying his thunderbolt using yin and yang opposing forces, stabbing the sorcerer and unleashing his thunderbolt directly into his body. Ruan deeply cares for his brother and fellow Dervish, covering Kuan's back when the Thunder Dervish gets into more trouble than he can handle. Ruan is calm and collected, observing his opponents as they fight and deducing the best way to beat them.

Sorcerer of the Dark

One of the twelve sorcerers. Prior to the demon nobility powers being given to the Sorcerers, of which Sorcerer of the Dark received none, he was the strongest of the twelve. He is described as a 'fawning creep' by Hyacia. He is extremely violent and obsessed with her, killing any man who stands in his way. His true form is a dragon with enough firepower to match the flames of hell. However, when he changes into his dragon form, the Sorcerer of the Dark loses all of his senses. He also happens to be Sheyshen's brother. Although he and Sheyshen do not get along very well, it does not appear if he is seeking the death of his fellow Sorcerers. In the assault on the Fortress of the Underworld, the Sorcerer of the Dark does not want to stand against his father, the Sorcerer King, so he goes against his usual nature and tries to convince his father that the betrayal of Hyacia was a mistake.

Sheyshen mentions that the Sorcerer of the Dark was the Sorcerer King's favorite son. The Sorcerer of the Dark is willing to go to whatever extreme necessaries to defeat his foe, even if it means using forbidden techniques that could cause him severe pain or even death.

Lyren: The servant of the Sorcerer of the Dark who has developed feelings for her master. Lyrne and Hyacia share some kind of past that means something to Hyacia, enough to stop Hyacia from hurting the Sorcerer of the Dark. Hyacia wonders why the demon serves such a master as the Sorcerer of Dark. Lyren was killed by the Sorcerer King for interfering with him.

Poongcheon, Sorceress of the Wind

One of the Twelve, who hid when the others were attacking Hyacia. A cowardly Sorceress and with an insane personality striking those that displeases her. She chased after Sheyshen, who escaped with Hyacia's body after the Sorcerers betray Hyacia. Poogcheon was driven away by Rey Yan and lost an arm to him.

Poongcheon dislikes fighting, much rather preferring to scheming than brute force. But when she revives the power of the demon nobility, she attacks more often. With her new power, she can control thunder and clouds, possible all of the weather itself. Poongchoen has her missing limb replaced in order to fight the Sorceress of the Underworld and surrenders in exchange for her life.

Sorcerer Guju

One of the Twelve, he was the one who escorted Hyacia to the trap set by both the Sorcerer King and Taorun. He was one of the first to be killed by Hyacia before Paorin's spell was in effect, immobilized and sealed her powers.

Sorcerer Chugeum, Iron Wall

One of the Sorcerers who tried to stop Hyacia. Was killed effortlessly by her.

Hwansa, Sorcerer of Illusions

Also known as Ho Woo Myun. 300 years ago he was once a human. During that time he was a famous martial artist and was a legend among fighters during his time. He engages Rey's group several times while inside the fortress. With his powers he is able to make numerous low level demon shadows figures effortless. Hwansa is a talented sword fighter in his own right, but prefers to use hit and run attacks with his shadow figures rather than fighting his opponent directly. Hwansa can also move though all shadows to evade an attack. In his life as Ho Yoo Myun, he assassinated a warlord only to be killed by the Sages in an ambush. It was said that he died there and that the Sages purified his soul. However, he appears to be fully reincarnated, leading Dr. Laobi to want to experiment on him to find how a human soul could survive such a thing. He is the only Sorcerer that escaped the battle of the Sorcerer fortress without injuries. Known as the "Flying Killing Machine".

Sorcerer Kumwa, The Golden Toad

Also one of the Twelve. A human-size toad figure. He claims to be Sorceress Sheyshen "betrothed" but she hates slimy creatures, calling him an "ugly frog and horny toad pervert". Kumwa desires Sheyshen and tries to take her by force, even having to use the demon nobility beads. Kumwa draws his magic from water. With the power of the demon nobility, the spines along Kumwa's back can extend like spears, or be fired at opponents. He is killed by Ruan, the Lighting Dervish.

Sorcerer Hyulgum

A Sorcerer, who Sheyshen stated to have been "driven mad and possessed by a sword spirit". A master of the "Twelve forms of Crimson Cloud". He did not fight Sheyshen, who at the time was resting and tending to Kuan wounds. He did not want to waste his energy on her, and was waiting for Rey to show up. While waiting, he noticed Kuan's injuries and handed Sheyshen a healing cobalt oil to much of her surprise. He allowed them to stay and rest but just did not want to be bothered. Hyulgum was in fact the embodiment of his sword's essence.

Out of all the Sorcerers that Rey fights, Hyulgum is the only one who does not boast about have a spirit of the demon nobility. It can be questioned that since he is a spirit, if he was able to receive the powers Taorun gave the Sorcerer of the Underworld. Having his sword destroyed in his fight with Rey, he sacrificed his body by turning into the sword's essence and delivers a final blow to Rey in their match. During the fight with Rey, Hyulgum showed to be slightly more skilled than most, but due to Rey's body, Hyulgum could not kill the young man.

Sorcerer King

As one of the twelve he is King over all Sorcerers. He rules over the Underworld and is leader of the demons in the human realm. He is also the Father of Sheyshen and the Sorcerer of the Dark. Taorun confronted him with a proposal and promises of control over all the human realm if he joined the Demon Emperor's alliance. He accepted, and was offered a dozen demon nobility beads to help increase all the Twelve Sorcerers powers in order to help stall Hyacia.

After immobilizing Hyacia, the Sorcerer King starts to absorb her power, supposedly if he is successful, his abilities would rival that of Demon Emperor and the Heavenly Emperor. He swallows the Soul-Scattering Hammer when Sheyshen tries to use it on him, adding the power of the first four Demon Emperors that were trapped inside the hammer to his own. Even after becoming drunk on the powers of the demon nobility, the Sorcerer King still cares for his two children, telling them to leave the battlefield when he starts to truly fight Rey Yan and then after trapping Rey Yan inside his Soul-Stealing Cape, he allows his children to live and reflect on what they have done in disobeying him. All during his battle with Rey, the Sorcerer King is continually impressed by Rey's fighting abilities. The Sorcerer King was only able to absorbs a tenth of Hyacia's power.

Upon his death at the hands of Rey Yan using the power of Ban-Go, the Sorcerer King chose total oblivion rather than to have some part of him remain in this 'filthy world'. He also asks for forgiveness from his children. The entire reason the Sorcerer King hates Hyacia is because she took the body of Renshou, the being he loved.

The Sorcerer King can use Darkness as a weapon, sharpening it to a point and using the point to spear his enemies. Before taking Hyacia's power, the Sorcerer King had a wide array of demons melded into his body that he used to fight with. The Sorcerer Kings true power is not that unlike those of humans. He spent many years traveling the human realm and learning human fighting styles. As such, the Sorcerer King is a master fist fighter and analyzer of fighting styles. As the Sorcerer King, he holds a deadly weapon called the Soul-Stealing Cape. A peace of cloth that traps all but the wielder in another space, to be called forth at the owners will. The only way to leave the cape is to either be released, or to have power greater than Hyacia, the cape's creator.

Undead Goru

A dark hooded figure with a grim reaper like appearance. It is not clear whether or not he is one of the Twelve Sorcerers or Sorceresses. He had an undead girl as a puppet made out of a nigh indestructible substance. The Goru was later devoured by the Pasa Sword spirit demon after he found out where the Goru was hiding during Rey's fight with him. Afterwards Dr. Laobi, who was fascinated with the "rare specimen" eagerly took the girl in and gave her the name Shishan.


Sages are extremely powerful beings and charged with protecting the human realm with their abilities. There are two kinds of sages. Pure sages are from the heavenly realm and do not have emotions, what little emotion that they show has been gained by interacting with humans. The other type of sage is a human sage, a human who has learned the way and achieved enlightenment by doing so. Human sages make up the majority of the sages on the Azure Pavilion.

Great Sages

Eight wise and powerful sages of the Azure Pavilion, unlike the sorcerers of the underworld, do not believe in Rey's ability and wish to destroy him. At the Azure Pavilion they guard the border between the demon realm and human realm, thus cannot stray far from the place. Even though they are charged with the protection of the Human Realm, none of the Great Sages seem to have a very high opinion of the Humans they are ordered to protect.

Sword Sage Jaryung, Shouren

A divine human sage of the Grand Azure Pavilion, he assists Shyao in her attempt to destroy Rey Yan in volume eight. There is also a great deal of tension between Shouren and Hyacia, most likely because Shouren is one of the very few who can render Hyacia helpless with his fighting style. It is eventually revealed that when Shouren was young and still a human, he followed the way of Zen. On a pilgrimage, he came to a hall that held a great sage who chose a pupil once a year. Shouren was allowed to enter because a woman named Woonhyun took responsibility for him. Woonhyun was Hyacia, and she used Shouren's sagely body to lure the sage out; the sage was a demon who had rebelled against Hyacia. Shouren was wounded in the battle, so Hyacia gave him something called the Black Sage Pearl, which rendered Shouren her slave. His age is unknown, but he mentions that he has been a Sage for the past 500 years and that he was born a mortal. Shouren wields two weapons, a Heavenly Spear that render demonic powers useless, and a single handed long sword with ancient writing carved into it.

Shouren's grandfather was a great swordmaster who taught many pupils, including Taorun when Taorun was a sage. Shouren despises Taorun because when he switched sides, the demon sage killed Shouren's grandfather. Shouren hopes to defeat Taorun with the Ultimate Sage Sword, a technique created by his grandfather that not even Taorun could master. Shouren is studying under Jukwol, the warrior god. He is also present on the assault of the pillar.

Lady Ryuhwa, Shuanpang

Another of the eight Sages, she seems very light-hearted and cheerful, as well as very polite, though not very serious. In reality, she - or rather he - is a cross-dresser. Though the other sages disapprove of this (especially Shouren), Shuanpang continues to dress as a woman, claiming that in his soul, he truly is female. His weapon is called the Rings of the Blue Moon Universe. His power derives from the wind. Although Shuanpang is a great sage and very powerful, he, Shouren and Rana are no match for Rey when the Pasa Sword possessed the mortal's body.

Shuanpang's wish is to increase his power to the point that he can change his shape at will and finally be able to have a woman's body to match his spirit. Shuanpang was injured in the attack on the Zhou Capital. Afterwards, she and Kouchien met, and Shuanpang has been under Kouchien's protection ever since.

Little Sage Soryung, Shupa

Shupa is a Pure Sage of the Heavenly Realm and has been a sage for much longer than Shouren. Soryung resembles a young child and usually acts like one, but is obviously much older. He is always wandering away from the Pavilion and seems very curious about the human realm. He is Rana's brother. Of all the Sages, he seems one of the most willing to let Rey live, not because he likes Rey Yan, but because Rey is important to Rana and the dead Loruan.

Shupa seems to have very little fighting ability, however, he can use a spell that controls the minds of others. Shupa usually uses this spell to dissipate all anger in a victim and avoid fights. Although he appears to have the highest respect for humans of all the great sages, Shupa still looks down on them for their lack of power. As such, he is unprepared for the terrible powers Jaryoon possesses and was gravely injured by the PaChun sword. After the battle of the Great Azure Pavilion, Shupa returned to the Heavenly Realm where he is ordered to find his sister.

Shupa has little knowledge of the politics of the Heavenly Realm and blindly follows the orders of the Gods without realizing that he is expendable to them.

Lady Sohwa, Rana

Because the Sages did not fully trust Loruan, Rana volunteered enter the human realm as a young girl to keep an eye on him. Rana became Shyao, but lost all memories of being a Sage until Shouren brought them back to her.

Before becoming Shyao Lin, Rana cared little for human beings and is at odds with herself after she recovers her memories as a sage as to what Rey's fate should be. According to the character files in volume eight of the manhwa, "Though Rana would have been classified as an 'ice princess' type, her experiences as Shyao Lin have begun to slowly change her personality." Her powers as a sage derive from light.

At the battle of the Zhou Capital, she tries to fight Lingtse, but is defeated and injured by the demon. Rana remained in a coma after the battle and only woke up after the battle of the Great Azure Pavilion. When she awoke, Rana was informed by Shiyan that the pavilion had fallen and that her grandfather was killed by Jaryoon. Shiyan reveals that Rey had felt some of Bang-Go's power, which apparently concerns her more than the deaths of her family and the destruction of her home. Seeing this, Shiyan offers Rana the opportunity to get Rey's soul so long as she keeps Hyacia away from Rey. It is later revealed that all of Rana's actions towards attacking and trying to kill Rey have been focused on preventing his soul from being devoured by Bang-Go and reincarnating Rey into her lover after killing him. Rana is currently traveling with Jaryoon.

Lord Heian

A leader of the Sages, and Rana and Shupa's grandfather. He is a kind, calm old man. Heian was the one who sent Rana to the human realm under the disguise of Shyao Lin. As any good grandfather, he cares for the well being of his grandchildren and knows that Rana will be deeply hurt when Rey Yan is killed. Regardless, he allows Rana to accompany Shouren and Shuanpang to kill Rey. Heian is eventually killed by Jaryoon during the battle of the Azure Pavilion.

Lord Kochun

A hot-tempered Sage admired by Shupa, who refers to Kochun as "uncle". The defence of the Yellow Mountains fall under his jurisdiction. While defending the Yellow Mountains, Kochun attempts to slay a young girl named Yuae, thinking she is a demon trying to bewitch him. Failing, he instead meets Taorun accompanying her. He is a bearded man with a third eye marking on his forehead. Kochun used a crescent moon spear, however, he does not use any individual attacks. Kochun is killed by Jaryoon and is the second sage absorbed by the PaChun.

Lord Hyungwan

He is one of the eight powerful and wise sages of the Azure Pavilion. Hyungwan has little fighting ability, but he does hold a sage hammer. Hyungwan's specialty is more in the medical domain than the combat. He was injured by Linghse in the Zhou Capital. Afterwards, Hyungwan used his medical knowledge to heal his fellow sages. Physically, Hyungwan looks like a large, round man with a bald head. After the fall of the Azure Pavilion, he took the Sage Shupa back to the Heavenly Realm.

Sage Chungyee

One of eight powerful and wise sages of the Azure Pavilion. Chungyee always wears a large straw hat on his head which conceals his eyes and face. During the attack on the Azure Pavilion, Chungyee and Kochun aid the Grand Master in the defence of the sages' sacred home. He is injured when Jaryoon turns a spell against him. Chungyee was forced to flee from Jaryoon and leave Lord Kochun behind, only learning later from Jaryoon that he has killed Kochun. In an attempt to avenge Kochun's life, Chungyee tried to rush Jaryoon, only to have all his power drained. He becomes the third sage killed by Jaryoon.

Chungyee's power is that of paper incantations, which send all who touch them to the next life without pain. Chungyee does not like fighting and killing humans, but when he is enraged by Jaryoon, all his care for humans temporarily leaves him.

Grand Master

Chang Munin

Louran's sister in the same way as Rey and Shyao (much like Louen and Mao) and the Grand Master of the Great Azure Pavilion. She and Louran went through training to be sages together. Chang Munin cared very deeply for Louran and welcomed Shyao with open arm because the girl was so important to Louran. Chang dislikes seeing others being sad when she can help it and tries to avoid such situations. Chang has the other half a pendant that Louran kept with him at all times and received the treasure from Shyao when she came to the Great Azure Pavilion. Chang Munin was the one who warned the sages of the advancing army and was charged with the defence of the Great Azure Pavilion during its attack. She is killed in Volume 17 by Jaryoon when he and his army attack the Great Azure Pavilion.

Junior Sages


A junior sage, sent by the Great Azure Pavilion to ascertain the whereabouts of Rey and the PaSa sword. Louen is a cousin of Rey's former master, Loruan. Louen can be a total coward at times, but he takes his job as a sage very seriously. Louren even goes so far as to use a spell that will kill him in order to protect people from a raging demon/god. After the gods kill Mao, Louen turns his back on the sage teachings and declares that he will avenge his friend's death. Louen tries to look out for Mao whenever he can, but usually is the one who gets beaten up more often of the two. Although he is trained in sword fighting and spells, Louen is too low level of a sage to be given any real instruction in either and is thus not a very skilled fighter.


A 17-year-old Junior sage and a comrade of Louen's. She shares a sister-like relationship with Louen as Rey did with Shyao. She's very brave and jumps into battles to protect others, which often causes Louen to panic. She thinks Rey is a bit creepy and was surprised that Rey was also the same age as she was. During Rey's fight with Hyunbing, she pushed Louen out of the way from Hyunbing's Word of Command, which killed everyone in the area with the floating word, kill. And in doing so resulted in her death as she took the hit instead of Louen.

Other Sages


Rey's teacher who found him long ago. He was the one sent to investigate the affairs of the human world on the behalf of the Eight Sages. Later on he took Rey, along with the Pasa sword and stayed hidden from the Eight Sages to save the boy's life. He was close to joining the ranks of the Eight Sages before he betrayed them. Loruan was killed by White Tiger when he prevented White Tiger from harming Rey. Although he was a very skilled sage, Loruan was not able to survive both White Tiger and Blue Dragon. He taught Rey some basic sword fighting to allow Rey to protect himself, but due to Rey's demonic nature, Loruan was not able to teach Rey any of the Divine Spells. Loruan was like a father to Rey for many years and was one of the most influential figures in Rey's life.

Demons of the Demonic Realm

Five hundred years ago, a 'bloodbath' occurred. Judging from the Pasa spirit's memories, this was most likely when the cast-out heir of the Heavenly Realm ascended the Demon throne and slew thousands, anyone who stood in his way. Now, he is getting stronger and attempting to ascend to the human realm. Ban-Go was the only one to stand in his way at the time and he needs him, the swords, and Rey out of the way for his plan to succeed.

Demon Emperor/Grand Emperor of Heavenly Destruction

A fallen angel figure. He was once the heir to the Heavenly throne until a serious abuse of power had him tossed out from the Heavenly Realm. He plunged to the Demonic Realm where Shiyan and the demon from the Pasa sword (before he became the sword's spirit) helped him recover. Later, he betrayed them, killed the Dragon Emperor, the previous demon emperor, and proclaimed that he was now the leader of the Demon Realm, thus giving himself the title "Grand Emperor of Heavenly Destruction". He has, many times, tried and failed to reclaim the Heavenly Realm, however breaking off the divide between the Heavenly, Demonic, and Human Realms, he has a chance.

He appears to be a young man, resembling Rey but with white hair (he mentions that Shiyan created Rey in his image). His goal is to officially become the Grand Emperor of Heavenly Destruction. He is very brash, cocky and seems to love fighting. The demon emperor is one of the two being that have the possibility of destroying the two cursed swords. The Demon Emperor is seen holding a sword made of dark energy. Because he is from the divine realm, none of the attacks from the divine realm weaken him like they do other demons. Thus, the Demon Emperor is able to fight without restraint in both the Demonic and Heavenly realms. It was his fall from power that created the void for who will rule when the present Heavenly Emperor dies. He loves beautiful women, having 124 princesses and 10,000 maids already collected.


A very civilized and mysterious demon, he seems to be an old acquaintance of Lady Hyacia. He first appears in the story accompanying his disciple, Lingtse, at Mujin Fortress. Taorun mentions receiving instructions from a master to come to the human realm from the demon realm, as well as his business here being 'to punish one of our own traitors', which suggests that he was sent on the orders of the Demon Emperor. He was a Sage, but betrayed them and is now called the demon sage. Taorun was given the sword of the Dragon Emperor as a gift from the new demon emperor for his betrayal of the Heavenly Realm. Taorun was the master of Shouren and during his betrayal, Taorun killed his own father and daughter in front of Shouren.

Taorun's Disciples

Taorun's four current personal disciples.

Lingtse: A demon girl in very skintight clothing. Lingtse is an amazing fighter and somewhat of a spaz. Around her, Rey often finds thinking to himself that he'll "have to kill her just to get some peace and quiet". She seems very friendly with Rey, although she later reveals her carnivorous ways when she says "I'm sure he'll be delicious". She is a skilled hand to hand fighter, and very agile. Her body is incredibly hard, as swords shatter upon striking her and she is being able to break Sages' weapons with her fists.
Yuae: A cheerful and child-like girl. At first, she was mistaken for a sage as she emits Sage energy, but she calls herself a demon, and seems to hold grudges against the heavenly realm. That is because Yuae came from the Heavenly Realm. She and her tribe were to be killed because of their experimentation on dead matter. Her pet, Kucha, is a life form created from her tribe when she was still living within the heavenly realm. Kucha is able to vastly grow in size and is capable of taking on any form by drawing matter all around him. He is strong enough to be able to fend off five Dreadnoughts.
Kucha is also capable of becoming a flying ship called a Star Navigator, a type of ship that is able to penetrate the boundary between worlds. She usually gets bothered and picked on by Lingtse and Paorin when she is gardening flowers. Yuae cares very deeply for her pet Kucha. She even defies Taorun's orders to hide when the Dreadnoughts self-destructed. Yuae is very polite for a being living in the demon realm and take offense when someone calls her a sage. For now, Yuae is being held as a prisoner by Rey Yan.
Chun: A quiet girl who is always seen with her eyes closed. A skilled katana user, her appearance is that of a samurai. Truly blind in her eyes, Chun moves by using her inner sight to see what surrounds her. Chun is rarely seen speaking, so little is known about her personality. Chun seem to be more skilled than Lingtse but still below that of Shiyan's Mey.
Paorin: A beautiful dark-skin demon girl. She has power over darkness and is able to cast many demonic spells. Paorin and her family serve as envoys to a great being (it is not known if he is or isn't a demon) called the Song Emperor. Paorin's knowledge of the Song Emperor's abilities exceeds that of all of the sages. She also knows how to maximize the defensive abilities of others. Paorin does not care much for Yuae's pet Kucha. She was an immortal being with an uncanny regeneration ability. Paorin had her immortality long before she became a student of Taorun.

Shiyan's League


The newest creation of the Prime Minister Shiyan, who he is grooming to take White Tiger's place. Black Tortoise commented on the similarity between her and Rey Yan (Extraordinary power, short shelf-life). Mey shares the same name as Rey's long-lost little sister, and obediently follows the commands of Shiyan, her "dear brother". She is loyal only to Shiyan and she possesses the mind of a mere child. Though Shiyan created her to think that he is her brother, he notices that she has somehow developed more intimate feelings towards him. Mey is completely deadly in terms of combat, managing to even stall and defend against Lingtse and Chun, two of Taorun's disciples. Mey uses a rare weapon, the Acid Spider-Web, a string of wire capable of melting whatever it touches, and has one wire wrapped around each of her fingers.

Queens and Kings of Four Heavens

Known as the Four Guardians of the Cosmic Corners, they serve Shiyan in his plots.

Vermillion Phoenix, Queen of Four Heavens
She makes a brief appearance in the first volume, but does not come into play until the fourth book when she shows up to 'escort' Jaryoon to Shiyan's pagoda. Amazingly, Chen Kaihu recognizes her as his long lost love, Lady Hwaren - who disappeared fifty years ago and yet seems unaffected by the aging process (she agrees to having memories of the man, but they aren't exactly fond memories). This may be an indication that she was another one of Shiyan's experiments with implanting mortals with demon stones. She has many special attacks, including: 'Tornado Tower', 'Death By Three Blossoms', and 'Rain of Flowers'. She can also possess other demons. In attempt to hide from Chen Kaihu, Phoenix leaves Shiyan's service for a short period of time but is returned by Black Tortoise in exchange for not having to spend time with Chen Kaihu.
White Tiger, King of Four Heavens
White Tiger was the one responsible for the death of Rey's master, Loruan. He first appeared when Rey and Kouchien (who was leader of Black Wolf Band at that time) were in the middle of a fight. He came for Jaryoon's head, but to his surprise, Rey was also there, conveniently presenting to White Tiger another intended target: the Pasa sword. Rey harbors deep hatred for White Tiger, for he will never forget that White Tiger killed his master. White Tiger has three forms that he has use of: a human-like form used while traveling during assignments for Shiyan, a second larger form in which he resembles a tiger, and a third form in which he possesses four arms. Even in his divine form, White Tiger is slain by Rey, who let the Pasa sword possess him in order to kill White Tiger.
Black Tortoise, Queen of Four Heavens (Guardian of the North)
Guardian of the North, Black Tortoise is the only one who seems to directly assist Shiyan. She seems be less cold-hearted than the other Kings and Queens. She seems amazed at Jaryoon's transformation and was the second person (the first being Shiyan) to see Mey. Black Tortoise carries a large staff and is said by Vermillion Phoenix to have the strongest defensive abilities of all of Guardians. Like Shiyan, Black Tortoise is also manipulative if she has to be. She is the one who invites Chen Kaihu and Kouchien into Shiyan's house in order to use them.
Blue Dragon, King of Four Heavens
One of the four guardians. He betrayed Shiyan and have been secretly reporting to the demon realm and most of all to Taorun. He was killed shortly after their confrontation by Shiyan's unexpected creation, Mey, for his betrayal. As he dies, he cries for Taorun to help him; Taoran comments only that Blue Dragon was of no use to him anymore.

Jaryoon's Army

An army of barbaric humans. They were original a human army from Jaryoon's kingdom, but with Shiyan's help, they are now mindless demon-like soldiers. Among them are three immortal beings, who were created by Shiyan to serve Jaryoon. The Three Generals are all immortal, much like the Black Star Squadron created by Shiyan during the last war between the Demon and Divine Realm.


One of generals, he is gigantic and bulky man who wields an over size axe. One of his ability is to create sonic screams and booms from his mouth. In his non-human form, he turns into, "The Eye Beast". A four-legged creature with a tail, with thorns and eyes covering his entire top body. In his demonic form, Yantai can engulf his opponent in his own flesh and trap the fighter. Yantai thinks very highly of Jaryoon and the King's abilities. His own strength is tied directly to that of Jaryoon's. Yantai had a demonic stone in his forehead. He enjoys a good fight and after losing to Ray once, wishes to challenge the young man again.
Despite his immortality, Yantai does not think much of older people. Yantai insults both Chen Kaihu and Sage Kochun due to the fact they are both old. Yantai does care somewhat about the survival of the men under his charge and takes the front when the Great Azure Pavilion throws giant boulders down at the invading army. He and Sage Kochun due battle, however while Kochun believes this is a duel, Yantai knows that there are no such things as duels on a battlefield. Yantai uses himself as a distraction while Jaryoon kills the Sage. Later, after the Divine Realm sends their troops, Yantai and Yajun distract Yumno to allow Jaryoon to escape, effectively saving the King's life.


A former human who was a caring and loyal general. She seems to have some feelings for Jaryoon. While she was human, Huan served as a general to both Emperor Moosungje and King Jaryoon. When she first met Jaryoon, she was disturbed by the fact that such a kind King would act so violently to people, ever if they were the enemy. Huan soon was taken by Shiyan to be altered. She was given two round demonic stones, one in each of her palms. The one in her left palm is able to absorb attacks while her right palm releases those attacks back at others. During the attack on the Great Azure Pavilion, she is the only one of the three generals who does not fight a Great Sage. However, when the Heavenly Realm sends downs their Generals, she is the one to convince Jaryoon to leave the battlefield with his life while Yantai and Yajun fight Yumno.


Last of the generals. He uses two tied sickles as his weapon. His left blue eye holds his hidden powers. To prevent people from finding out his trick too early, Yajun keeps his eyes closes until the instant before he attacks. With it he is able to slow down time in a bubble-like space around himself. Yajun is very thin, with a heavily scarred body that shows that the being has fought many battles ever before helping Jaryoon. Yajun seems to be very polite by nature but he is also unwavering in his resolve to serve his lord, even if it means his life. Like Yantai, he has an immortal body that cannot die. Yajun seems to have a past with Heavenly Sages, and he states to Shouren that "your arrogance will be the death of all you sages". Although he was defeated by Shouren, Yajun used Ray Yan as a distraction to escape. He helped Yantai by slowing down time around him after he engulfed Yumno in a sphere.
Both Yantai and Yajun were killed but as long as their spirits live on, Shiyan can resurrect them as many times as needed. Although it is not certain, it would appear as if all three of Jaryoon's Generals were human at one point.

Ming-Ling's Family

Ming-Ling's older brother and sister both play somewhat significant roles in the story. They do not agree with the Demon Emperor or the resistance and are just minding their own business serving their masters. Though their parents have yet to make an appearance, Ming-Chen confirms that they are definitely alive when he mentions to Ming Ling; 'You really should let mom and dad know how's you are doing once in a while'.

Ming Xia

Ming Xia is Ming Ling's older sister, and works for the Sorceress of the Underworld. She and Ming Ling have not been on very good terms since an incident involving a stolen fish, but Ming Xia cares enough about her sister to convince the Dervishes not to harm her. She has a low regard for fearful humans and is rather prideful. She fights with her cat-like extendable claws and the thing she hates most in the world is spiders.

Ming Chen

Ming Chen is the older brother of Ming Ling. He is a servant to Lady Hyacia, and may also has feelings for her. He constantly tries to sabotage Rey's relationship with Lady Hyacia, apparently because he doesn't want to serve him as his master. He is the keeper of Lady Hyacia's Soul-Scattering Hammer and the one who has to clean up after battles in her domain.



He is the Creator God of the Universe, part of whose soul (when he died his spirit and soul went their separate ways, spirit created the heavenly realm, and soul the demonic) resides in Rey Yan. His power is unstoppable. He will be completely released when Rey Yan reaches his epiphany. Ban-Go seems to be based on the real god Pangu from Chinese mythology.

Heavenly Emperor

The father of the current Demon Emperor, the Heavenly Emperor has ruled the Heavenly Realm since the death of Ban-Go thousands of years before. It was he who cast the Demon Emperor down for attacking women and then again when his son returned as the Demon Emperor 500 years before the story. However, his long life and the battle with his son has weakened the Heavenly Emperor greatly and now the aging Emperor is dying. Much of the current problems in the Heavenly Realm are steming from the fact that since the loss of the first son, there has been no successor to the Heavenly Emperor. Many factions are trying to choose who will succeed the current Emperor and the plan to seal the human Realm comes from one of factions.

Second Son

The nameless second son of the Heavenly Emperor. He is leading one of the most powerful factions and has the support of King Wansun. He has a deep rooted, near insane, fear of his brother, the Demon Emperor. From that fear he is using his father's name to seal the Human Realm. He is called Lee in unofficial translations. The people that he has sent to guard the towers are people who are weak or have questionable loyalty to him.


The banished third son of the Heavenly Emperor and next in line for the throne after the Second Son. He has his title and power stripped from him and abandoned by most of his allies. He is chained and forced to watch his Brother use the Heavenly Emperor's name.


A Divine God from the divine realm who is in ranks of the Creator gods. He seems to be the one who put the Eight Sages in charge and even limits them, restricting the Sages from their full powers so they would not be a match for the Divine Realm. After the Sages failed protecting the Azule Pavilion, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He sends two low-level gods, Hyunbing and Yumno to wipe out all the humans, demons in the realm and plans to seal the human realm from the divine realm.

Hyunbing: A low-level god who is an incarnation of Hyundan and is called only when needed for battles. He can't seem to figure out why Yumno hates him so much. He meets up with Rey's group and engages a fight with Rey. He is able to use "Word of Command", which can make all his words into reality. He easily defeats and nearly kills Rey, and before he could destroy Rey, Hyacia steps in time stop the fight and save him. Hyunbing even claims that his Divine Heavenly Formation could defeat even the Demon Emperor himself. Hyunbing can not seem to understand human persistency to keep fighting even if their fate seems unavoidable. Despite his godly-statue, Hyunbing does seem to brag a lot about his powers.
Yumno: Like Hyunbing, he is also an incarnation of Hyundan whose sole purpose is battling. He seems to hate Hyunbing and even detests him, even though they both are from the same God. He hates being called upon and using his powers on such "lowly beings". A blood-lusted being who takes pleasure in fighting and pain. A seamlessly invincible being, who boastfully claims nothing could hurt him but the "powers of fire", even Jaryoon's Ultimate Heat of Hell can only burn him at best, but Yumno enjoys the sensation and laughs it off. Powerful flame seems to give Yumno an almost high effect on his demeanor.
Yumno does not care who he burns with his fire in a fight. In one instance, Yumno killed a heavily General with his flame just because the General was in the same area as the humans Yumno was killing. He uses a three prong whip called the "Whip of Heavenly Flame". Even if Yumno is ordered to kill a being, he will prolong the fight if the opponent entertains him. Yumno even went as far as to release Jaryoon twice in order to feel the fire Jaryoon can produce.


The somewhat vain and sensitive warrior god. He likes to spend his time in a perfectly human body and fight like a human. Jukwol run Mujin Fortress and allows all of his servants the gift of immortality. Despite looking like a bum, Jukwol is an amazing fighter and practitioner of martial arts. His person power is based around the moon and darkness of outer space. Jukwol's name directly means “Red Moon”.

Jukwol is unique because while he is human, he has not shown his godly spirit. From the way he talks, it is implied that Jukwol was a human who attained his status as God by his own fighting and was not born into it like those of the Heavenly and Demonic Realm.

Jukwol's most unusual ability is the creation of a darkness that absorbs everything the gods have ever made. He is capable of beating both Rey in Ban-Go's Armor of Creation and Shouren at the same time without even losing his breath. Jukwol is an old friend of Hyacia's and is training Rey and Shouren at Hyacia's request.

King Wansun

The ruthless ruler of the North Sea Dragon Clan of the Heaveanly Realm and a God. He carries powers on the same level as that of a god and is charged with guarding one of the seals that will destroy the Human Realm. Within the politics of the heavenly realm, Wansun sides with the Second Son of the aging Heavenly Emperor.

Wansun believes that his power is so great that he is above fighting anything but the most elite of the Demon and Heavenly realm. He looks down on humans as if they were nothing more than a form of crop who exist only to worship the gods. Thus when Jukwol's raiding party attacks his tower, Wansun only sends his surviving children, one of which he killed himself for being the weakest, to fight. Even as he loses his fight to the raiding party and being defeated by Rey, Jukwol and Shourne, Wansun insists that he is too important to be fighting such lowly beings. He believes that it is a disgrace that he even has to fight humans.

Like the Second Son, Wansun is terrified of how powerful the Demons of the Demon Realm have become and is more than willing to destroy all life in the Human Realm to ensure that the Heavenly Realm is not harmed. As a father, Wansun is a very poor parent. He is unable to even recognize which one of his children is the oldest and none of them have ever come within arms length of him. Wansun is not beyond killing his own offspring if they fail to do what he asks, if they are afraid, or if they merely disappoint him. In terms of physical size, Wansun is large enough to step on a person and crush that person to death in an instant.

Wansun can summon a form of rain out of his clan's Mystical Water. Each drop of rain is like a small bomb. But beyond that and sold jets of water, he has no other attacks and no variety in those attacks. However, Wansun can use the Divine Heavenly Formation or as Hyacia put it “showcasing an updated version of the powers granted to the eight sages during the last war with the demon realm”. This increases both his power and his size but that also makes him such a large target that anyone can seek up and attack him and too slow to hit anything that comes at him. Jukwol says “What’s important isn’t a big body, but a strike that can kill an opponent”. He is so prideful that he uses his Original light, the force that kept him alive and if it is damaged, the god will be killed. He was killed when Ban-Go took control of Rey's body and absorbs all of Wansun's energy.

Shueny: is the youngest of Wansun’s children at 100 years of age and the only female. Only half of her is of the Heavenly realm and thus her older brothers look down on her. The only reason Wansun lets her live is because of her exceptional abilities at controlling the Mystical water. She has known Shouren for many years. Shouren criticizes Wansun’s use of his youngest daughter in battle, because she was even younger than Little Sage Shupa. Despite how cruel Wansun is to his children, Shueny still loves her father and wishes for him to survive. Then Rey killed Wansun, she fell into despair and had to be cared for by Shouren. In fighting, Shuney fills an area mystical water that she can move freely in but slows down everyone else. Using she ability to move to her advantage, Shuney can strike an opponent from behind before the opponent can move to block the attack.
Shuinwei: is the oldest of Wansun’s sons. He was assured that he would succeed their father as the King of the Northern Water Dragon clan. Shuinwei wanted to kick Shuney out of the clan. Wansun killed him four years before the attack on his tower for being the weakest and yet bragging about his status as the first-born.
Shuko is the second of Wansun’s three sons. His father killed him during the Jukwol’s attack of his town for being afraid to fight the near god-like abilities of Ray and Jukwol.
Shuankan is the third and last of Wansun’s sons. He is a cowardly man who likes to play with people’s memories and destroy their minds rather than fight them directly where he could be hurt. Shuankan carries with him a wooden sword of the heavenly realm made for killing Immortals by ripping their bodies apart from the inside with the wood's roots and absorbing the Immortal’s energy. He thinks that he kills Rey with the sword and tries to take the Pasa sword as a trophy. However the very wood his sword was made from was created by Bang-Go and thus has no effect on Ray. Shuankan was left alive by Rey only because Shuankan’s sword awakened a new power in Rey. Their water is so dense that merely touching it will crush a normal human's hand.


An upper ranking God who serves as the protector of Birds. He is well respected in the Heavenly Realm for his wisdom. While Jejun is not a warrior by nature, his power is on the same level as the Heavenly Emperor. He is sent by the Heavenly Realm to guard one of the towers that will lead to the sealing of the Human Realm and the death of all beings in it. Jejun has a past relation with Hyacia. She is one of the few people that can cure the god's "boredom". Jujin is one of the few supporters of the Sahm, the third son of the Heavenly Emperor. Due to that support, Jejun has had his power secretly stripped and send to guard one of the towers in hopes that he would be killed. He creates the battle around his pillar to catch Hyacia to request she will rescue Sahm in exchange for helping her to destroy the pillars. Jejun is a small and frail old man.


The direct subordinate of Jejun. A near legendary being in the Heavenly Realm, he was once recognized as the best archer in the realm. He is said to have shot down nine suns and killed many great beasts. Yeh himself is an impressive fighter but his true strength is not on the battlefield but the planning board. During the previous war between the Heavenly and Demonic Realms, Yeh was the deciding factor in favor of the Heavenly Realm. He was able to command an army so effectively that not even the finest of the Demon Realm could prevail even when they had vastly larger forces. While he is considered a lesser god and looked down upon by some of his other gods, few in the Heavenly Realm can accomplish what he is capable of.

Since his superior, Jejun, was dispatched to guard one of the towers; Yeh is honor bound to follow. Yeh is in charge of the fortifications of the tower and does it admirably. He creates multiple lines of defense and unique strategies for each line depending on what type of person would attack his tower. Yeh's men are divided into two classes, archers and shield fighters. Both groups are highly skilled and willing to live and die solely by Yeh's orders.

He and his soldiers are aware of what the tower will due to the Human Realm but as good soldiers, they put their own personal feelings aside to fulfill their orders to the best of their abilities. Yeh is aware of how pointless the battle is but cannot defy his orders, so he uses loopholes that state that he is only to defend the tower and will not attack invaders if the invaders are unwilling to fight. Yeh fights with only a bow, even in close quarters, but his power is equal to that of Jukwol. All of his soldiers were former humans who killed due to non-avoidable situations like war and Yeh took care of them when they entered heaven, creating a powerful and loyal army. He is based on the Hou Yi.