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Clann An Drumma
Background information
Origin Glasgow, Scotland
Genres Drums & pipes
Years active 2001–present
Associated acts Albannach
Members Dougie Wilkinson
Jamie Stewart
Davy Carney
Alan Lamb
Past members Joe Kilna MacKenzie
Tu-Bardh Wilson
Jamesie Johnston
Jaquie Holland
Donnie MacNeil
Davy Morrison
Aya Thorne
Kyle Gray
Brian Cartwright
Wayne Manning
Robbie MacFarlane
Stevie Kirkpatrick
Maggie Kilna
Al Reid
Craig MacFarlane
Martin Brandon

Clann An Drumma (Scots Gaelic for "Children of the Drum") is a tribal band from Glasgow, Scotland. Clann An Drumma was formed by Joe Kilna MacKenzie, Jacquie Holland, and Tu-Bardh Stormcrow Wilson, among others. Their line-up has changed over the years.

Their music involves heavy use of percussion and Highland bagpipes. The band's motto is "Keep it Tribal". As of 2018, the band has released a total of six studio albums.

One of their better-known pieces is "Sgt. MacKenzie". It was composed by Joe MacKenzie in memory of his great grandfather, Charles Stuart MacKenzie, who died bravely in battle during World War I. "Sgt. MacKenzie" is perhaps a departure from their normal style, as its drumming and piping are subdued, and it is primarily a vocal piece. It was featured in the soundtrack to the film, We Were Soldiers (2002), and in the movie End of Watch (2012).

Current members

  • Dougie Wilkinson – bagpipes, tin whistle, vocals
  • Jamie Stewart – congas, tenor drum
  • Davy Carney – bass drum, vocals
  • Alan Lamb – lead drums, snare drum, percussion



Studio albums

  • Tried & True (2001)
  • Keep It Tribal (2002)
  • Tribal Eyes (2004)
  • Tribal Heart (2007) - Re-recorded as Tribal Heart (Rebirth Edition) (2018)
  • Bloodline (2013)
  • Order of the Stag (2017)

Live albums

  • Tribal Waves (2004)
  • Raw (2012)

Compilation albums

  • Tribal Vortex (2004)
  • The Gathering (2018)