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Claudine Cameron
Britannia High character
First appearance 26 October 2008
Last appearance 20 December 2008
Created by Arlene Phillips
Portrayed by Sapphire Elia
Occupation Student
Significant other Danny Miller

Claudine Cameron is a fictional character in British teen drama Britannia High, and is portrayed by Sapphire Elia.

Series 1

Claudine is a spoiled "princess" who came from an abusing mother. In her centric episode, Episode 6, she confessed to Danny that her mother, when her father left for work, would yell at her and when her father disappeared and never came home, her mother blamed it on Claudine. The only thing Claudine would do is listen to music, "fly away". After Danny sings "Growing Pains", which Claudine joins in, she confesses her love to him. Danny hesitates, then brings her into a kiss. Lauren, whom Danny was dating at the moment, watches backstage, shocked.

In Episode 8, Claudine, Ronnie, and Lauren's centric episode, Claudine befriends Lauren after Lauren asks Claudine for help at the hospital. Claudine also helps Lola in Lola's centric episode, Episode 4, when she is kicked out of Britannia High and has to re-audition. It is thought that she becomes really great friends with BB, because the pair are seen as dancing partners in many episodes, and Jez, because Jez locks his arms around Claudine during "Without You" in the finale.

Songs that feature Claudine

  • "Start of Something" (with Danny, Lauren, Jez, BB and Lola)
  • "Watch This Space" (with Lauren)
  • "Growing Pains" (with Danny)
  • "So High" (with Danny, Lauren, Jez, BB and Lola)
  • "Body to Body" (with Danny, Lauren, Jez, BB and Lola)
  • "Do It All Over Again" (solo)
  • "Picking Up The Pieces" (with Lauren and Lola)
  • "Confessions" (with BB)
  • "Without You" (with Danny, Lauren, Jez, BB and Lola)
  • "You Got Nothing On Me (solo)
  • "Wake The Dead" (solo with backup vocals by Danny, Lauren, Jez, BB and Lola)