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Cooking with Love
Directed by Jem Garrard
Produced by Executive producers
  • Andrew Licht
  • Ali Liebert
  • Ryan M. Murphy
  • Steven Stabler


  • Gilles LaPlante
Written by Justine Cogan Gunn
Marcy Holland
Starring Ali Liebert
Brett Dalton
Produced by Pender Street Pictures 4
Distributed by Hallmark Channel
Release date February 11, 2018
Running time 90 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Cooking with Love is a 2018 Canadian romantic comedy television film that aired on the Hallmark Channel. The film stars Ali Liebert and Brett Dalton.


Kelly (Ali Liebert) is the producer for hit television show The Little Gourmet which features young children as chefs competing against each other. When show creator and Kelly's mentor, Amanda (Janet Kidder) announces her impending departure from the show, Kelly is excited to be considered as her successor.

During the shooting of the first episode, show host Chef Betty (Gabrielle Rose) hurts her back and is put on bed rest. In need of a replacement host, Kelly recommends Chef Stephen Harris (Brett Dalton) who is an inspiration to young chefs but is also known for his hot-headed personality.

Chef Harris is forced to take up the role of show host in an attempt to salvage his reputation and a book deal after a video of him losing his temper at a food critic goes viral and damages his image.

As Kelly and Stephen clash, her competitor and colleague, Jeremy Walsh tries his best to win over Stephen to his side and tries to take credit for Kelly's work. However, Kelly and Stephen end up striking a friendship and seeing the better side of each other leading to a Valentine's Day date.


  • Ali Liebert - Kelly, a kind and dedicated TV producer
  • Brett Dalton - Stephen Harris, a top chef often known for his arrogance and temper
  • Janet Kidder - Amanda, show creator and Kelly's mentor
  • Kimberly Sustad - Jessica, make-up artist for the show and Kelly's friend
  • Gabrielle Rose - Chef Betty, the original host of the show
  • Aria Burch - Becca, a young budding chef who idolizes Chef Harris
  • Christian Michael Cooper - Cody, a young chef who is shy but talented
  • Preston Vanderslice - Jeremy Walsh, Kelly's competitor and colleague who will go to any extent to one up her
  • Islie Hirvonen - Madison


Cooking with Love was filmed in Vancouver in Canada. One of the main locations for filming was in Yaletown, Vancouver. Homer Street, Mainland Street, and Emery Barnes Park were among the locations.