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Crazy Candies
Genre Comedy
Written by Liang Aiyu
Directed by Gu Zhibin
Shen Jinhui
Composer(s) Zhang Xiaoke
Country of origin China
No. of episodes 156
Executive producer(s) Liu Ziqun
Producer(s) Chen Suping
Gu Zhibin
Gu Yanmei
Running time 10 minutes
Production company(s) Guangdong Yongsheng Animation
Original network China Central Television
Original release 2013

Crazy Candies is China's first animation work written in collaboration with children. The series tells the story of how an ordinary little candy chased his dream.

The 3D animated series is produced by animation team from Yingsheng (Winsing) Animation. The show is also available with English voice-over and sub-titles.


In the magic dream candy jar, nothing is impossible and any dream can be realized. In order to become a great steamed bun master, the protagonist, Ruan Xiaotang, passes through the storm to achieve his life's goal. During this struggle, Fudge and his best friend Pu Dao Ding take classes together while working in the Packed Good restaurant.

All the characters have adventures, which bring endless joy to the residents of the dream candy jar.


Crazy Candies was broadcast on China Central Television (CCTV), Kaku, Golden Eagle, Jiajia, Xuandong, and other channels during the summer of 2013.

In the second half of the year, it was broadcast on 140 provincial and municipal local TV stations, IQIYI and Tencent.

Cultural Importance

In the early days of the film’s launch it received lots of coverage from mainstream media.

Later, the large-scale documentary 90 Years of Chinese Animation shot by Beijing TV, in which the episode of "Children’s Heart Return" directly uses "Crazy Little Sugar" as the theme content. The episode demonstrates the leading position of the Guangdong animation industry and convey the miracle and far-reaching influence of Guangdong animation.



Mango gummies are flexible and can be changed in shape. With the super anti-strike ability and super thick-skinned, there is a fragile young heart under the strong appearance, often breaking down and crying.


Orange jelly, big mouth and tongue. Lively, lazy, simple-minded, poor memory, good temper, no matter what setbacks and sufferings he receives, he can laugh and never cry. My dream is to be a gourmet and to taste world cuisine.

Bubble brother

The eyesight is extremely poor, and when angry, the body will turn into a big bubble and then explode. Most of the time, they are smart, nagging, short-circuited, knotted, and shy when they see a text message (a crush).

Ed Flower

Cotton candy, pink color, soft body, as long as the wind blows, it will be blown away. The appearance is sweet and lovely, and the heart is quaint. The dream is to travel the world in the wind and become the barber of the hair salon.

Black beauty

Dark chocolate, chocolate-colored skin, plump body. It will melt when the weather is hot. With beautiful blond hair, he can take out cosmetics to touch up at any time. The dream is to be the most beautiful candy in the candy jar world.

Uncle Cake

Sandwich biscuits, I often take my face off when I'm fine and brush my sandwich with a brush. The most temperamental super good guy in the snack world is a hidden kung fu master in the candy world.

Mr. Gua

Sunflower seeds are a profiteer with many tricks. When there are new or bad ideas, they will sprout on the top of their heads. He used to live in a bag of melon seeds, but later he made a big mistake, which caused harm to the whole family. So self-reliant ran to the candy jar to open a shop.


Atypical bees often imagine that they are a puppy, barking like a dog, "barking..." They love to act like a baby, like to eat bones, love to grind their teeth, and are allergic to pollen and cannot collect honey.