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Crowns of Power
Developer(s) Rampid Interactive
Publisher(s) Rampid Interactive
Platform(s) Windows
Release 11 August 2008
Genre(s) Fantasy MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer Online

Crowns of Power, also referred to as CoP, is a 3D fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2008 by Rampid Interactive. The game closed in 2010 and was later purchased in 2017 by Conkered Gaming.

Crowns of Power takes place in the 3D fantasy world of Arder, a magical world in the center of the universe in which magic prevails. Crowns of Power is mostly known for its unique class system and smaller world populations, creating a unique sense of community.


In Crowns of Power, players created a character's appearance and choose a color-based spell school.

Players use their avatar to adventure through a fantasy world called Arder. Players progress through the game by slaying mobs and completing quests which yield experience points for levels and loot like armor, weapons, potions, magical spell runes and artifacts.

Crowns of Power allows players to interact with others through role-play, grouping, raiding and the joining of guilds,. There is also the ability to duel players, converse with others in a World chat, trade and place items for sale in a player driven market.

The game world consists of 9 environmental zones and 4 dungeons.

Free-to-play Model

Crowns of Power is free to play, there are no zones, bosses or content limited by a subscription. Crowns of power uses the classic free-to-play model that generates revenue through a cash shop where players have the option to buy points to pay for talents, change their appearance and buy upgrades such as bank/bag upgrades and more.

Spell Schools

There are no “classes” in Crowns of Power, instead the player chooses a starter school of magic that is color based and later has the option upon reaching a certain level to have access to another school of magic.

“Mana,” like most other games of this genre, is the energy source that allows a player to cast spells. In Crowns of Power, some spells require additional “reagents” to cast, which is an item that is consumed upon casting the spell and can be purchased from non-player characters (NPCs)or found off mobs in the world. You expand your Mana by gaining levels, doing quests and discovering “Mana Nodes” throughout the world.

Each school of magic also gives the player access to a variety of “pets” (Minions that help the player) that they progress to through leveling. Most of the pets are creatures that are summoned in combat to assist in damaging a target mob until it is destroyed. Some schools like White and Green have access to permanent pets that stay with them even after combat is over, giving them the ability to buff the pets, making them more effective in combat.

Defining roles in Crowns of Power are established with “Force” spells that make the caster more powerful in a specific area at the cost of vulnerability in another. This is to help each school have a specific function that falls in place with most MMORPGs, like a “Tank”, Healer and “DPS” (Damage Per Second).

  • White (Light) – This school of magic is focused primarily on buffing and healing themselves and group members to mitigate damage and increase their chance of survival. White does have access to damage based spells (also known as Nukes), however they’re limited in number and power. White is one of only two classes that can summon permanent “pets” (also known as minions) that help aid themselves and group members by assisting with heals. White is the only class that is able to “rez” (Also known as Resurrect – A spell/ability that is cast on the corpse of a fallen player to summon them back to it). Force of Light increases the casters healing abilities at the cost of damage output and mitigation. As is the case with most MMORPG’s, a healer is essential in any high level group/raid.
  • Red (Fire) – This school of magic is based on the element of Fire and is used primarily as a damage dealing school. It has the highest damage output of all the spell schools and has limited utility and protection. Force of Flame greatly increases the damage output of Red magic at the cost of taking more damage from would be attackers.
  • Green (Nature) – This school of magic is based on the elements of Nature and its command of creatures and protective spells. Green has access to the most powerful “pets” in the game that are permanent. They have the most powerful protection spells for pets, as well as some powerful buffs for group members as well. Green also has access to several “DOTS” (damage-over-time) and Direct Damage spells. Force of Earth dramatically reduces the damage output of the caster and their pets in exchange for increased physical damage mitigation and increased taunting ability, allowing them to better tank mobs.
  • Blue (Mind) – This school of magic is based on the Mind. Its primary role is to control the flow of combat by Mezzing (term used for Mezmerise - a spell that incapacitates a target for a set duration of time) and slowing their attack speed. They can also enhance group member’s intelligence, attack speed and other defensive abilities with buffs. Blue does have access to some damage spells, however its main role is as a support/utility. Force of Mind allows the caster to Mez two targets simultaneously in exchange for reduced spell and pet damage.
  • Black (Death) – This school of magic is based on the elements of shadow and death. Its primary role is to deal damage efficiently over time through the use of direct damage, DOTs and “debuffs” (spells that weaken the target). They have the ability to gain life through their attacks, similar to a Necromancer/Lich. Force of Death adds additional debuffs to targets with shadow effects on them, increasing the damage they take in exchange for decreased total Hit Points to the caster.


Crowns of Power, like other MMOs, offer players the opportunity to team up with other players for PvE & PvP. Players guilded will display the guild name under the names. Guilds may form alliances or be at war with other guilds. There are also Guild Halls which can be purchased by guilds through the use of gold. Guild halls can be upgraded and generate resources that can be used to generate unique items. Each guild hall generates a different type of resources which allows players to interact, trade or even war with other guilds for these resources.

PvE (Player vs Environment)

In Crowns of Power, players explore the world by foot. There are items and spells that increase a player's run speed replacing the classic use of mounts. Each player also has a recall stone which can bind to a city, giving a player access to fast travel. There are also travelling portals located at major cities and portal scrolls that may be bought from NPC's, these portals scrolls can be used at any place and can be used as a wormhole through zones. there are also spells that generate portals for group members.

Crowns of Power uses the classic quest method of kill quests, escort, fetch quests, and item gathering to progress through the levels. There are also unique boss spawns throughout the world that offer loot for players that include gear upgrades, runes, artifacts and more.

Crowns of Power currently uses the classic trinity of tank/healer/dps. Green being the color as the main tank class because of its unique attribute of generating threat. The white color functions as a classic healer, white/black being the dedicated healer because of its ability to generate mana at a faster rate through the use of a black spell called "convert soul" and any spell combination can dps to an extent. A lot of the bosses offer the traditional tank and dps with few mechanics in between, in high level dungeons however bosses with different mechanics that force the players to be more interactive are introduced.

PvP (Player vs Player)

A big aspect of the game is its PvP system, players have the power to govern themselves in a volatile world where PvP combat can be engaged in nearly everywhere they go. Characters are not eligible to participate in PvP until they reach a minimum level of 20. Once level 20 and if guilded, players will be vulnerable to attacks from other players. At level 50 which is the current max level, all players are vulnerable to attack from other players. Players may also attack other players, whether they be innocent or an outlaw/murderer.

If players choose to attack an innocent player their name will turn orange (outlaw) and if the player kills an innocent their name will turn red (murderer) There are different penalties on death depending on the player's status. Innocents drop only reagents. However, there are harsher penalties for orange/red such as dropping potions, gold, and even runes. A player's murderer status will only change if pardoned by the community through a community ledger.

There are also the 5 legendary crown items (Which the game derives its name from), which are awarded by participating in a weekly raid competition for each for their respective color. These are unique powerful head pieces which have a unique effect. These crowns of power last a week and drop on death regardless of a player's innocent/outlaw/murderer status which make them a desirable item for PvP players.

Story Line

The storyline for Crowns of Power tied into the existence of 5 primary gods that commanded the schools of magic. It took place in a world called Arder, geographically located at the center of the universe.

  • The Goddess of Protection and Healing ("White"), Coralin the Enchanter. This Goddess is comforting, guiding and forgiving. Those who seek her powers are generally of a kind disposition, friendly and carefree. She provides a healing light, enables use of the Holy Shield, and summons a knight to your aid.
  • The God of Fire ("Red"), Firecinder the Hellish. He is quick-tempered, deceptive and possesses insatiable anger. His devout followers tend to be thrill-seekers and those who thrive on fear. His powers include the ability to shoot fireballs, invoke the touch of flame, summon Goblins and other amazing feats.
  • The Goddess of Nature ("Green"), Mage Morgandy. To those who revere her, she is a nurturing God, protective and giving. Her powers include the ability to make man’s skin turn to oak, the use of a poison thicket and the summoning of the jungle hulk.
  • The God of Mind ("Blue"), Bluvicar Norvanir. This God is ethereal, extremely intelligent and tends to appeal to the most cerebral humans. He provides powers that will mesmerize opponents, stun them by use of mind blast and he can summon an illusion to betray and confuse.
  • The God of Death ("Black"), Shadevast. Shadevast is a genderless God who can invoke a death wish, cripple and infest opponents, and summon skeletons to your aid. Shadevast’s most devoted followers are generally of questionable character and illusory, though you will find respectable humans among them.