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Background information
Birth name Daniel Shafer
Also known as Daniel Smith
Born April 19, 1969
Pequannock, New Jersey,
United States
Genres Power pop
Indie rock
Years active 1984-present
Labels Bar/None
New Red Archives
Triple X
Pyrrhic Victory
Associated acts Jeff Buckley
Keith Morris
Shirk Circus
Inger Lorre
The 65's

d.smith is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, best known for his work with Shirk Circus and Inger Lorre.

Musical career

Shirk Circus

d.smith joined the seminal New Jersey-based power pop band Shirk Circus in 1992. After signing to Bar/None Records, he spent the better part of the 1990s recording and touring as the band's bassist.

Inger Lorre

After the demise of Shirk Circus, d.smith did a brief stint as bassist for Inger Lorre (formerly of The Nymphs) where he, along with Jeff Buckley, played on the sessions that would eventually become the 1999 release, Transcendental Medication. During this period, he also played with Keith Morris after being introduced through Lorre.


After agreeing to produce local indie outfit The 65's, d.smith subsequently became the band's guitarist/singer until eventually deciding to leave and release an EP (The End of Everything) followed by the oddly-sequenced Groping for Luna trilogy (Volumes 2, 1 and 3, respectively).


As performer

Shirk Circus

  • Words to Say (album), 1993, Bar/None
  • "Summer Sun" (single), 1994, New Red Archives
  • Homage: Descendents Tribute (compilation), 1995, Coolidge
  • March (album), 1995, Bar/None
  • This Band Will Destroy Your Life (album), 2011, Dromedary
  • vs. The People of Earth, TBD, Bar/None

As performer/producer

Inger Lorre

  • Transcendental Medication (album), 1999, Triple X

The 65's

  • Strike Hard (album), 2011, Dromedary
  • "Walk On Selfishly" (single), 2011, Dromedary
  • "Pretty In Pink" (single), 2011, Dromedary
  • I Got You (EP), 2013, Pyrrhic Victory

Rock Story

  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2015


  • The End of Everything (EP), 2013
  • From '93 'Til Infinity (compilation), 2013, Dromedary
  • Groping for Luna, Vol. 1 (album), 2014, Dromedary
  • Groping for Luna, Vol. 2 (album), 2013
  • Groping for Luna, Vol. 3 (album), 2015