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Background information
Origin Gütersloh, Leipzig, Germany
Genres Progressive rock
Art rock
Space rock
Years active 1974-present
Members Christian Nóvé
Peter Viertel
Thomas Hanke
Ramona Nóvé
Tom Tomson
Dennis Lee Small

DICE is a German progressive rock band that was founded in 1974 in Gütersloh/Eastern Westphalia, West Germany by Christian Nóvé (vocals, guitar), Andreas Schattschneider (guitar), Gerd Brummel (drums) and Norbert Schulze (effects). After several regroupings the band moved to Frankfurt am Main in 1977, and released 2 LP albums.

In 1992, the band’s composer and lead singer Christian Nóvé revived the group in Leipzig. DICE have released a record every year since 1997, the band attained a somewhat iconic position in the progressive rock genre.

To date, the band has released 21 studio albums, as well as 4 live recordings and 2 DVDs.


DICE was founded by Christian Nóvé and has been in existence with its original band members since 1974.

In 1979, the first DICE record was released. Its musicians included Alto Pappert (former member of Kraan) and George Kochbeck (formerly Joachim Kühn). Live-DICE followed in 1983; an additional release in picture disc format.

Since 1997, DICE has been releasing a longtrack CD annually. The music of DICE is characterized by intelligent arrangements of catchy melodies, a foundation of complex rhythms underneath seemingly floating keyboards, and guitar sounds. The music is often compared to that of Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Eloy, IQ, as well as Marillion and Flower Kings.

DICE become known in the sophisticated, melodic prog scene; extremely complex metric again meets perfectly harmonious arrangements. It is almost normal for DICE, that they have compositions reaching beyond the 10-minute limit.

In addition to the release of their 8th CD, Waterworld, the largest live performance in the history of DICE was made in 2002. During the THEATRON-Musiksommer Open-Air-Festival in Munich, close to 3000 fans celebrated the band. Live recordings of this concert have been released in CD and DVD format.

Since 1999 Dennis Lee Small from Des Moines, Iowa, USA has been part of the line-up as the standard lyricist for DICE.

Since 2013 the superb German harp player Thomas Hanke plays with DICE. Especially in the over 20 minutes long "Flowing River Rain" his wonderful harp solos brings more than just a new musical color to the DICE sound.


Studio albums

1979: DICE 1979-1993 (vinyl, re-released in CD format in 1993)

1997: DICE Nightmare

1999: DICE Silvermoon

2000: DICE Dreamland

2001: DICE 2001 - Dice In Space

2002: DICE Waterworld

2004: DICE If The Beatles Were From Another Galaxy

2005: DICE Time – In Eleven Pictures

2006: DICE Without vs. Within Pt. 1

2007: DICE Within vs. Without Next Part

2009: DICE Versus Without Versus - End Part

2010: DICE Eternity's Ocean

2011: DICE Newborn

2012: DICE Comet Highway

2013: DICE Para-Dice

2014: DICE Twentaurus

2015: DICE Son.Sister.Sun

2016: DICE X Is Double Two On The DICE Map

2017: DICE Chance For The Link Of A Chain

2018: DICE What, If My Black Cat Is An Alien

2019: DICE YES-2-5-Roger-Roger

Download albums

2020: DICE The Dreamscene Collection 1-20 (the first 20 Dreamscenes)

Live albums

1983: DICE Live 1983 (vinyl, re-released in CD format in 2000)

1998: DICE Space Rock live (CD)

2003: DICE Cosmic-Prog Live At The Theatron - Munich Olympiapark-Festival (CD)

2008: DICE The Torgau Show (CD)

2020: DICE Live. The Torgau Show 2 (Download)


2003: DICE Cosmic-Prog In Concert (live performance)

2008: DICE A Long Cosmic Trip (video clips)

Download singles


  • "I Lost My Heart In Frankfurt" (Radio-Edit)
    + "Funk And Punk" (Radio-Edit)
  • "Goodbye" (Radio-Edit)
    + "Nightmare - New Drum Version" (previous unreleased version)
  • "Mother Of Time" (Radio-Edit)
    + "Silvermoon" (Radio-Edit)
  • " Here Inside The Universe" (Radio-Edit)
    + "Black Dreams" (Radio-Edit)
  • "S.O.S. Planet Earth Cries" (Radio-Edit)
    + "The Coming Day" (Radio-Edit)
  • "VIRUS" (Radio-Edit)
    + "Welcome To The Future" (Radio-Edit)
  • "Cloud Freedom" (Radio-Edit)
    + "Time Machine" (Radio-Edit)
  • "The Same Shadows" (Radio-Edit)
    "In This Life" (Radio-Edit)
  • "Secret Sun" (Radio-Edit)
    "When Darkness Comes" (Radio-Edit)
    "Secret Sun Instrumental" (Previous Unreleased Version)
  • "Venus And Mars" (Radio-Edit)
    "Secret Harmony" (Radio-Edit)
  • "Tomorrows World" (Radio-Edit)
    "Crying Angel" (Radio-Edit)
  • "Meltdown" (Radio-Edit)
    + "Sitting At The Edge Of Time Tonight" (Radio-Edit)
  • "The World Is Changing" (Radio-Edit)
    + "Another Place In Space" (Radio-Edit)