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Publication information
Publisher Wildstorm Comics
First appearance WildC.A.T.S.
(Volume 1) #2 (1992)
Created by Whilce Portacio
Brandon Choi
In-story information
Alter ego Jackson Michael Dane
Team affiliations Wetworks
Team 7
Notable aliases Arclight

Superhuman strength and durability

Dane is a fictional character from DC Comics/Wildstorm created by Brandon Choi and Whilce Portacio.

Fictional character biography

In the 1970s Jackson Dane was a Detachment Delta who was recruited into a special ops team known as Team-7. During one of their missions the group was deliberately exposed to a mutagenic substance known as the Gen Factor, which unleashed psychic abilities in the whole squad. Some Team 7 members died, others went mad and had to be killed.

After another mission where their superior (the same one who had exposed them) tried to kill them by exploding a small nuclear device in their vicinity, they went rogue. A replacement squad, Team-8, was formed, but died on its first mission, and so International Operations reluctantly pardoned members of Team-7, and had them track down the others to bring them back into the fold. Although initially reluctant, Team-7 carried out a final mission, then vanished; Dane however was left in a coma, and (reluctantly) in the care of the military. Eventually he awoke, but with much of his memory missing.

He was told to form a new Team-7, but again his superior, Miles Craven, sent them on a suicide mission. Told to infiltrate an enemy base and steal some "biological experiments", Dane's squad were attacked by another team also sent by Craven, who had given orders for them to be killed on completion of their mission. They survived, and were bonded to the "biological experiments", which had proven to be symbiotes which enhanced the wearers capabilities. Making an alliance with Armand Waering, Dane's team, renamed Wetworks, went to war with the supernatural Night Tribes, including the creators of the symbiotes, the Vampire Nation.

The team disbanded after the Night Tribe war ended, but Dane has reformed the squad to deal with a new threat attacking Earth from another dimension.

Powers & Abilities

Like all members of Wetworks, Dane is bonded to a symbiote which normally hides inside him, but can flow out to coat his skin with a golden armour. As well as making him virtually invulnerable, this enhances his strength and reflexes. He has a telepathic link with the other symbiote wearers, the rest of Wetworks. Dane is also highly experienced soldier trained in numerous forms of combat. Because he was exposed to the Gen Factor, Dane has a variety of psychic abilities which were more powerful than the rest of Team 7 at their prime before he lost his memories, his bond with the symbiote has further enhanced these attributes - psychic abilities include telepathy and telekinesis rivaling Jackson King.