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Delete Reset Grow
studio album by Rainie Yang
Released 2019
Genre Mandopop
Label EMI Records and Entertainment
Album chronology
Traces of Time in Love
Delete Reset Grow

Delete Reset Grow is the eleventh Mandarin studio album by Taiwanese Mandopop artist Rainie Yang. It was released on 27 November 2019 through EMI, her third album on the sublabel of Universal Music Taiwan.

This album marks Yang's first attempt at producing an album, with her taking the initiative in contacting the various songwriters. Thematically, the album discusses about the need to for one to 'delete' their weaknesses, 'reset' their courage, and 'grow' to become the best version of themselves.

The album's first single, "Celebration Of Oneself", was released on radio on Singles' Day. The lyrics of the song describe the loneliness that is felt during celebrations despite not being alone.

The album's title track, "Delete, Reset", was ranked 11th on Hit FM Top 100 Singles of the Year; "Celebration Of Oneself" and "Love is Love" were placed at 26th and 42nd respectively.

Track listing

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Celebration Of Oneself" Cheer Chen 4:58
2. "Delete, Reset" Sandee Chan 4:19
3. "Love is Love" ØZI 3:27
4. "No Regret" Kang Lu 3:44
5. "Fearless Love" Lala Hsu 3:56
6. "Embrace Your Imperfection" Chen Xin Yan, Li Ronghao 3:29
7. "Faces" Lumi Xu 4:51
8. "Clueless" Waa Wei 4:12
9. "Nutrients" Peggy Hsu 3:37


No. Title Lyrics Length
10. "Stranger" Chan Wing Him 3:29
  • "Stranger" is the Cantonese version of "Embrace Your Imperfection"

Music videos

Song Director Release date Notes
"Celebration Of Oneself" Rainie Yang,
Jude Chen
19 November 2019
"Delete, Reset" Zhong Lin 26 November 2019
"Love is Love" ØZI 5 December 2019 Featuring ØZI
"Embrace Your Imperfection" Jude Chen 19 December 2019 Shot in Paris
"Stranger" N/A Lyric MV with illustrations by NIN
"Fearless Love" Zhong Lin 9 January 2020
"No Regret" VeraSolaris 16 January 2020 Featuring Michelle Chen
"Nutrients" Jude Chen 17 February 2020 Featuring Annie Chen, Ivy Shao, Sunnie Huang and Windie Chang