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Doctor Moon
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Batman #240 (March 1972)
Created by Dennis O'Neil (script)
Irv Novick (pencils)
In-story information
Team affiliations Captains of Industry
League of Assassins

Expert in gene therapy
Psychological conditioning

Doctor Moon is a fictional villain in DC Comics.

Publication history

Doctor Moon first appeared in Batman #240 (March 1972) and was created by Dennis O'Neil and Irv Novick.

Fictional character biography

Doctor Moon started out as an unnamed brain surgeon who turns to a life of crime. He sells his services to finance his experiments and has taken work for the Joker and the Suicide Squad, among others, in the past.

Pre-Crisis, he was retained by Doctor Cyber, after her face was hideously burned, to transfer her brain to a new body, ideally that of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. When Amanda Waller hired him, he was used to work on Plastique. He is also apparently an employee of the Sunderland Corporation and an associate of the Captains of Industry; he oversees the metagene operation that changes Air Wave into Maser.

After Tobias Whale and Syonide capture Halo (who was believed to be the late Violet Harper) and the parents of Violet Harper, Doctor Moon was brought in to do a memory scan where it confirms that she doesn't remember a thing before her death. When the Outsiders attack, Doctor Moon and Tobias Whale get away.

During the Identity Crisis mini-series, he teamed up with fellow villain Phobia, and the pair is seen aboard the former Injustice Gang satellite. According to Merlyn, every time Moon and Phobia came to the satellite, someone goes missing, mentioning that Signalman has been missing since January.

Dr. Moon is killed in a fight with Kate Spencer when she stabs him with his own scalpel during a hand-to-hand confrontation.

Powers and abilities

Doctor Moon has no superhuman abilities, but is an expert in gene therapy, psychological conditioning, and torture. Before a life of crime, Doctor Moon was a brain surgeon.

In other media

Doctor Moon appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Question Authority" voiced by Jeffrey Combs, but was not credited for the role. He appears as a member of Project Cadmus (as a replacement for Hugo Strange following the Bat-Embargo at the time). Doctor Moon is hired to get stolen information from the Question by using a machine that makes the Question see what will happen if the Justice League went rogue like the Justice Lords, but is taken down by Superman and Huntress. Huntress almost kills Moon (now fearing for his life) for torturing the Question (whom she is in love with), but Superman dissuades her.

Doctor Moon appears in Young Justice: Outsiders episode "Triptych," voiced by Vic Chao. This version is an underworld doctor. Doctor Moon is first seen treating the bullet wound of Cheshire. He would later be knocked out by Tigress.