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Doll Skin
Alex Snowden
Background information
Origin Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Genres Punk rock, Pop punk
Years active 2013–present
Labels EMP Label Group
Past Label: Megaforce Records
Members Sydney Dolezal
Alex Snowden
Nicole Rich
Meghan Herring

Doll Skin is a rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.The band is made up Meghan Herring (drums/vocals), Sydney Dolezal (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Nicole Rich (bass), and Alex Snowden (lead guitar).The girls meet at School Of Rock Scottsdale. Their sound is a blend of punk, metal, alternative & pop. Doll Skin has been compared to bands ranging from The Donnas to The Go-Go's and to The Runaways.


In 2013, the members began their collaborative work. The initial goal of the project was to compete in a local battle of the bands called Rock Revolution, at Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, AZ. In attendance that night was David Ellefson, bassist of the band Megadeth, and a judge. Doll Skin won first place that year with a nearly perfect score, with their time on stage leaving Ellefson convinced of their potential. He approached them a year later after following their local activity with an offer to manage and produce their music.

In November 2014, Doll Skin competed in and were a finalist in the Alice Cooper's "Proof Is In The Pudding" music competition. In December 2014, they were featured in the Phoenix New Times as one of the 10 Best Bands and Musicians in Phoenix Under the Age of 21. In March 2015, they were again featured in the Phoenix New Times as one of the top 15 bands to watch for in 2015 In April 2015, they were the cover story of the North Valley Magazine as "Teen Sensations" rock band.

In October 2015, Doll Skin released their debut EP, In Your Face via EMP Label Group and distributed by Megaforce Records (a division of Sony Music Entertainment/RED Distribution) in North America. The record was produced by David Ellefson, EMP Label Group. In Your Face was mixed by the American record producer, sound engineer, former owner of Crush Recording Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona and founder of Area 52 Entertainment in Los Angeles, California, Ryan Greene. In November 2015, Doll Skin was again referenced by the Phoenix New Times as the #1 band under the age of 21 in Phoenix, Arizona by stating that "It would be wholly impossible to discuss underage bands in Phoenix who are rocking it out without bringing Doll Skin up first.". In December 2015, In Your Face was released in Europe, Asia and Australia by Cargo Records. The EP, and first single, "Family of Strangers", has received airplay on many prominent stations in the US, Europe and Asia, including the influential LA Rock station KROQ, and their debut song "Family of Strangers" landed on the CMJ Loud Rock Chart at #34. In January 2016, Doll Skin was included in a list of the "10 Best Female Fronted Bands In Phoenix" by the Phoenix New Times.

In November 2016, Doll Skin was awarded the 'Best Break Through Band' by Heavy Metal Television. The award was presented by Ed Masley, the music and entertainment reporter for The Arizona Republic.

In December 2016, Alternative Press Magazine featured Doll Skin in the article "7 of the best rising bands under 21" stating: "Don’t let the rainbow hair fool you: Doll Skin are one rough and tough act to follow. Expressing themselves as “glitter-fueled, teenage, punk-rock superheroes,” these Southwest rockers are definitely more than just a pretty face, having toured extensively around the West Coast with bands as diverse as Dead Kennedys and Escape The Fate."

On January 1st, 2017, Stone Chrome Radio & TV announced that Doll Skin won the 2016 Listener's Choice Award for "Favorite Female Fronted Band".

In June 16, 2017, Doll Skin released their full-length debut album Manic Pixie Dream Girl. It debuted on the Billboard Heat-seeker chart at #6 and moved up one spot to #5 in week two.

Band members

  • Sydney Dolezal - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2013-present)
  • Alex Snowden - lead guitar, backing vocals (2013-present)
  • Nicole Rich - bass, backing vocals (2013-present)
  • Meghan Herring - drums, backing vocals (2013-present)


Heavy Metal Television Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2016 Doll Skin Breakout Band Of The Year Won

Stone Chrome Radio Listener's Choice Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2016 Doll Skin Favorite Female Fronted Band Of The Year Won
2017 Doll Skin Female Artist Of The Year Won
2017 Doll Skin / "Daughter" Song Of The Year Won


In Your Face (2015)

Meghan Herring, Sydney Dolezal, Nicole Rich, Alex Snowden; except "Weatherman" (Dead Sara)

No. Title Length
1. "Family Of Strangers" 2:26
2. "Wring Me Out" 3:25
3. "Let’s Be Honest" 2:56
4. "Blind" 5:47
5. "So Much Nothing" 3:08
6. "Weatherman (Live)" 4:27

Alice Cooper's: Taste of Christmas Pudding 2015 (2015)

No. Title Length
10. "All I Want For Christmas" 3:32

In Your Face (Again) (2016)

Meghan Herring, Sydney Dolezal, Nicole Rich, Alex Snowden

No. Title Length
1. "Family Of Strangers" 2:26
2. "Wring Me Out" 3:25
3. "Let’s Be Honest" 2:56
4. "Blind" 5:47
5. "So Much Nothing" 3:08
6. "Furious Fixation" 5:07
7. "Family Of Strangers (Punk'd Mix)" 2:17

Manic Pixie Dream Girl (2017)

Meghan Herring, Sydney Dolezal, Nicole Rich, Alex Snowden; except Uninvited (Alanis Morissette)

No. Title Length
1. "Shut Up (You Miss Me)" 2:45
2. "Daughter" 2:56
3. "Road Killa" 2:58
4. "Boy Band" 3:23
5. "Rubi" 3:52
6. "Sunflower" 2:46
7. "Sweat Pea" 4:18
8. "Baby's Breath" 3:42
9. "Persephone" 3:29
10. "Puncha Nazi" 1:53
11. "Uninvited" 4:14

Charted Songs

Song Title Year Chart Name Peak chart
"Daughter" 2017 US Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator 32 Manic Pixie Dream Girl


  • Jan 2016: Metal Allegiance West Coast Tour (direct support)
  • Jan-Feb 2016: Ship Rocked Cruise 2016
  • Mar-Apr 2016: Doll Skin 'Family of Strangers' Tour
  • Apr-May 2016: ‘Generation Doom’ 2016 North American Tour (with OTEP, Lacey Sturm, September Mourning, & Through Fire)
  • Jun 2016: 'We’re All In This Together' Tour (with Hellyeah, Escape the Fate, & Sunflower Dead)
  • Jul-Aug 2016: ‘Equal Rights, Equal Lefts’ Tour (with OTEP, Fire from the Gods)
  • May 2017: ‘Shut Up’ Tour
  • June 2017: Vans Warped Tour - Vans Warped Tour 2017
  • July-Aug 2017: ‘Shut Up’ Tour (Part 2)
  • Sept-Oct 2017: 'Something Wicked' Tour (with One-Eyed Doll)
  • Jan-Feb 2018: 'Rock The Boat' Tour
  • Jan 2018: Ship Rocked Cruise 2018
  • Mar 2018: 'Europe/UK Manic Pixie Dream' Tour
  • Jun-Aug 2018: Vans Warped Tour - Vans Warped Tour 2018
  • Aug 2018: United Kingdom/Europe Tour