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Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Generation 1
Aliases Buster
Affiliation Decepticon
Partner Hi-Test
Bug Bite
Alternate modes F-16 Fighter Jet
Cybertronian Jet
Stealth Bomber/Tank

Dreadwind is the name of several fictional characters from the various Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1

Dreadwind was a pessimist, constantly taking the "glass is half empty" view (somewhat reminiscent of the Stunticon Dead End). The other Decepticons, bar Darkwing, avoid him, as they know he'll only depress them more. While Dreadwind does inspire dread on the battlefield, this only gets him even further down. Dreadwind transforms into an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet. His partner is the Nebulan Hi-Test. Hi-Test is the polar opposite of Dreadwind, who enjoys danger, and tries to get his partner to cheer up.

Animated series

The U.S. animated series was canceled before Dreadwind was produced, so he did not appear in the series, however, the redeco of Dreadwind, known as Buster, appeared as a regular in the Masterforce series in Japan. Dreadwind's only true appearance in animated form was in the commercials for Powermaster toys.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Dreadwind was part of the Robots in Disguise who did not appear in the anime series, but was added to the toy line by Hasbro just prior to the Transformers: Universe line of redecos.

Transformers: Timelines

This version of Dreadwind is the mirror universe version of the Generation 1 character and a member of Megatron's heroic Decepticon forces. Darkwind and Dreadwind seem to be stand-up comedians. According to the author of the character he is based on classic comedians Stan Laurel and Bud Abbott.

He can turn into a jet. In jet modes he and Darkwind combine into Dreadwing.