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Background information
Origin Nashville, Tennessee
Genres Pop, Indie pop, Alternative pop
Years active 2018–present
Members Alex Johnson
Gavin Hurlburt
Philip DeLuca

Drive!Drive! is a Nashville based Alt-Pop band that formed in 2018. The members of the band include Alexander Johnson (vocals and guitar), Gavin Hurlburt (synth and guitar), and Philip DeLuca (drummer).

In 2018, Drive!Drive! independently released their first single, "Feels" and in 2019 released their debut EP Love/Hate.


In 2017, after seeing some success in a solo career, Alexander Johnson, decided he wanted to start a band. Through Facebook, he met Gavin Hurlburt and Philip Deluca. Gavin, who had released an EP under the moniker "Geddes the Sea" in 2017, became the band's guitarist and synth player, and Philip, who grew up playing drums in the bay area, became the band's drummer.

In 2018, the band released three singles, "Feels," "No Good," and "Love to Hate You".

In 2019, Drive!Drive! released their debut EP Love/Hate, and toured on the West Coast. Their music has been played on stations such as Nashville' ALT 97.5 and San Francisco's KITS Alt 105.3.

On June 28th, 2019, the music video for "Love to Hate You" premiered on Suburban Rose.



  • "Feels" (2018)
  • "No Good" (2018)
  • "Love to Hate You" (2018)


  • Love/Hate (2019)