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Dynamic Trial 7
Developer(s) Toaplan
Publisher(s) Toaplan
Release unreleased
Genre(s) Racing
Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Single-player
(up to four players via link-up)

Dynamic Trial 7 (also known as Survival Battle Dynamic Trial 7) is an unreleased 1993 vehicular combat racing arcade video game that was in development and planned to be published by Toaplan.

In the game, players take the wheel of heavily armed and armored cars in order to compete against either computer-controlled opponents or other human players across a futuristic science fiction setting.

The title was first showcased to attendees of the August 1993 AM Show and despite being previewed across a few video game magazines, it was ultimately shelved due to lack of popularity.


Dynamic Trial 7 is a top-down futuristic vehicular combat racing game featuring a single-player mode, as well as a multiplayer mode like most other racing titles released in the era.

In the single-player mode, players compete against artificial intelligence-controlled racers through multiple courses in order to become the champion, while up to four human players can compete on versus matches in the multiplayer mode by connecting four arcade systems via LAN. Running out of energy results in a game over unless the players insert more credits into the arcade machine to continue playing.

Before starting to drive, a traffic light will appear and start the countdown. When the light turns green, the race begins. During a race, the goal of the players is to finish a race ahead of other racers and reach first-place position. Similar to Super Mario Kart, a variety of items marked with a specific icon that are arrayed on the race tracks can be picked up and these give special abilities to a player if their vehicle passes over them. These power-ups can either benefit or harm those who have picked them up, ranging to speed increasers to weapon items that allow players to inflict damage to rival vehicles once acquired and the stock of weapon supply can be increased by grabbing more weapon icons.

As with F-Zero, players must finish in a determined place as well to avoid disqualification.


Dynamic Trial 7 features a roster of seven playable characters, each one with their own vehicle and weapon set:

  • T. Max: Driver of the Twin Laser vehicle.
  • S. Bill: Driver of the Blue Gale vehicle.
  • S. Saly: Driver of the Pink Cat vehicle.
  • R. Pagi: Driver of the Thunderbolt vehicle.
  • D. Guse: Driver of the Sprinkle Rat vehicle.
  • T. Adan: Driver of the Twister Crush vehicle.
  • G. Bias: Driver of the Boomeranner vehicle.