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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Captain Marvel vol. 5 #4 (2000)
Created by Peter David
In-story information
Alter ego Mr. No-One
Species Cosmic entity

Nigh Omnipotence
Virtually unlimited ability to manipulate, create, or destroy all matter and energy at will

Entropy is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The character is a Cosmic Entity in the Universe who possesses Nigh-Omnipotence. A representation of Eternity formed at the beginning of time, whose purpose is to undo, so the cycle of creation and destruction will forever continue. Primarily associated with Genis-Vell of Earth, he was first mentioned in Captain Marvel vol. 5 #2 (Oct. 2000) and seen in Captain Marvel vol. 5 #4 in the same year.

Fictional character biography

Birth of Entropy

Entropy was created at the beginning of time, possibly when Eternity was formed, Entropy came into being with the seven friendless.

Just as all the other friendless have purposes of their own, Entropy's purpose is to destroy, juxtaposed to his father, Eternity, whose purpose entails creation.

Entropy and Captain Marvel

Entropy and his sister, Epiphany, engineered the insanity of Genis-Vell by causing him to see that, by failing to save the life of an unnamed alien female during a Badoon raid on their homeworld, he had let the universe's greatest peacemaker die. Thus, he fell into a downward spiral, feeling he had failed in his duties, eventually losing consciousness for a few days.

Because Rick Jones and Genis shared a body, Jones was trapped within the Microverse until Genis switched places with him to let him out. Fearing Genis would not initiate the change, Jones sought out a being named Shinga Doon to help him ascertain the cause of his friend's insanity. To prevent Rick from interfering Entropy killed Shinga Doon before he could answer Rick's question.

Entropy later meets Genis, revealing he was the son of Eternity. Entropy seeks to destroy his father (and the universe), and he wants Genis' help, which he gets. Together they kill Eternity, but this causes a paradox resulting in Entropy becoming a new Eternity. The universe is recreated, albeit with some minor differences.


As the conceptual embodiment of one of the strongest forces in existence, Entropy has virtually unlimited ability to manipulate space, time, energy and matter on a cosmic scale.


As an abstract concept of the universe, Entropy has no physical form, but Entropy's appearance can vary from lifeform to lifeform, it appears in whatever form that species could perceive him as.