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Eternal Gosh!
Background information
Also known as EG
Origin Yangon, Myanmar
Genres Pop rock
Alternative rock
Modern rock
Alternative metal
Years active 2013–present
Labels Legacy Music Network
i-Entertain Company
Bo Bo Entertainment
Associated acts Idiots Band
Zaw Win Htut
Big Bag Band
Members Han Nay Tar
Wai Gyi
Yee Mon Oo
Ar Ray
Bon Bon
Past members Moe Wai

Eternal Gosh! (often abbreviated as EG) is a Burmese pop rock band, founded in 2013. The band consists of 5 members, lead vocalist and songwriter Han Nay Tar, lead guitarists Wai Gyi and Yee Mon Oo, bassist Bon Bon and drummer Ar Ray. They have been playing many different types of music with songs ranging from pop rock to alternative rock to alternative metal.

The band attracted interest from major music labels and publishers. They were collaborated with i-Entertain Company and managed by Demo Thaw, co-founder and vice-president at i-Entertain.

The band's first EP, Your Surprise Is Our Heartbeats (Y.S.I.O.H) was released in 2017. Their debut full-length album, The Red Sky (Kaung Kin A Ni) was released on 5 October 2017 under Bo Bo Entertainment. The band's albums were published by Legacy Music Network.


Background and origins

The name Eternal Gosh!, according to founding member Han Nay Tar, came from a book. Eternal Gosh! was initially formed on 23 May 2013 by Han Nay Tar, Wai Gyi and Ar Ray. Han Nay Tar and Wai Gyi are originally from Magway. They came to Yangon to make music and met Ar Ray at a guitar class. Later Yee Mon Oo was invited to fill in as their guitarist and he was the last to join the band.

Music history

The band's first debut EP, Your Surprise is Our Heartbeats (Y.S.I.O.H) was released in 2017, independently through online distribution. Their first studio album, The Red Sky (Kaung Kin A Ni) was released on 5 October 2017. After releasing The Red Sky, the song called "Moe Ma Kha Eain Mat Kha Yan Pyar" was the longest leading No 1 in Myanmar Top Chart on JOOX.

On 15 March 2019, the official music video of "Moe Ma Kha Eain Mat Kayan Pyar" was released. The band also released their second official music video of "Sea Ghost" on 1 June 2019. They released the soundtrack of Seven Cash TV series in collaboration with Taurus V Production on 1 July 2019.

Band Members

  • Han Nay Tar — vocals (2013–present)
  • Wai Gyi — guitar (2013–present)
  • Yee Mon Oo — guitar (2018–present)
  • Ar Ray — drums (2013–present)
  • Bon Bon — bass (2018—present)
  • Moe Wai — bass (2013–2018)


Extended Plays

Your Surprise Is Our Heartbeats (Y.S.I.O.H)

No Track
01  "Grandeur"
02  "Kote Phat Htar Sel"
03  "A Phit Ma Hoke Buu"
04  "Lat Khote"
05  "Mar Yar Cho Chin"
06  "Sat Ku Lady"
07  "Ngar Ant Aww"
08  "Thway Chit Thway Sa Kar"
09  "Tha Ti Ya Chin"

Studio Albums

The Red Sky (Kaung Kin A Ni) (2017)

No Track
01  "Grandeur"
02  "A Chay Khan Lu Lat Tan Sar"
03  "La Min Yay Thaw Tan Chin"
04  "A Phan Tit Yar Su Taung Chin"
05  "Thae Moe"
06  "Koe Loh Kant Lant (2007)"
07  "Moe Ma Kha Eain Mat Kha Yan Pyar"
08  "Naung Ta"
09  "Win Lar Khae Par"
10  "Witt Kway"
11  "Mue Wyit Say Yae Thar Kaung"
12  "Sea Ghost"


Year Song Album
2017  "Nga Aya"  Non-album single
2018  "Child Story"  Non-album single
2018  "Darr"  Non-album single
2018  "Nay Chi"  Non-album single
2019  "Achit Ni Darn"  Non-album single

Music Videos

Year Song Album
2016  "Ngar Ant Aww"  Your Surprise Is Our Heartbeats
2017  "Nga Aya"  Non-album single
2018  "Child Story"  Non-album single
2019  "Moe Ma Kha Eain Mat Kha Yan Pyar"  The Red Sky
2019  "Sea Ghost"  The Red Sky
2019  "Achit Ni Darn"  Non-album single