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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Vertigo Comics
First appearance Secrets of Sinister House #6
(August-September 1972)
Created by TK Sederer
Michael Kaluta
In-story information
Team affiliations The Dreaming
Council of Immortals


Eve is a fictional character from the DC Comics universe. She was depicted as an original horror host for the publication company. She is depicted as mother of both Cain and Abel. She would be revived by Vertigo Comics with her character being retconed as part of the Dreaming. She is one of four recurring hosts of horror / suspense anthologies that were revived in The Sandman that are part of the Dreaming with the others being Cain, Abel and Lucien.

She made her first live-action debut in Lucifer portrayed by Inbar Lavi.

Publication history

Eve originally appeared in Secrets of Sinister House #6 (August–September 1972); she was the series' principal host, often in stock images, usually with her raven. After issue 15, in which Eve reveals in the letter column that her raven, Edgar Allen, is an enchanted deceased human, editor Joe Orlando departed from the series and so did she, the series focusing on "sinister house"s. That month (December 1973), she started hosting one story per month in Weird Mystery Tales.

She became the principal host of Weird Mystery Tales with issue #15, replacing Destiny having moved to Secrets of Haunted House as principal host. In Plop!, Eve, Cain, and Abel each tell one story per issue. She also makes a few appearances in House of Mystery and House of Secrets.

In Weird Mystery Tales #3 (November–December 1972), Destiny insisted that Eve, Cain, and Abel are not their Biblical eponyms. When she is shown in Sandman #2, Lucien's comment about her addresses her unfriendly nature prior to Dream's return, stating that she confines herself to nightmares.

Fictonal character biography

In original horror tales

Eve is first depicted as an horror host to the readers and her very first appearance describes her stories as too horrific for even her two sons (Cain and Abel) who preceded her in creation of publication history.

In her early appearances, she appears only as a crone, is often identified as a witch, and has a tendency to sharp speech. In her first appearance, she scares Cain and Abel, and shouts at them, "Get out of the kitchen when it gets too hot, you cowardly mortals! Old Eve doesn't care..." Her letter column, which was answered in character, was called "Witch's Tales". She appeared as a principal character in stories in Secrets of Sinister House #9 and #11 and Weird Mystery Tales #18. In issue #9, she stays in an apartment building under an assumed name (she denies it is her in the letters column of issue #13), where the smell of her cooking causes her neighbor to report her to the superintendent, so she curses the neighbor to repeat a day—which begins wonderfully and ends in two deaths—over and over again.

In The Sandman comics

Eve lives in a cave in the Dreaming, and is often accompanied by Dream's raven. The first raven, Lucien, taught her how to bury Abel after Cain murdered him and she has been accompanied by a raven ever since. She is kind and has a maternal nature, though she retains her sharp language. Most of the time she appears as a black-haired woman of indeterminate age; but sometimes appears a young, attractive maiden, a middle-aged mother, or an elderly crone. When we first see her in The Sandman #2, she looks little different from her original appearances. Next, in, #24, she has put on much weight, has a friendlier face, and shows her ability to de-age as she embraces Matthew. Her largest appearance is in #40, wherein she appears young and beautiful for the first time.

In other media

Eve appears as a major character in Lucifer portrayed by Inbar Lavi.