Evolution: The Musical!
Directed by Kenny Taylor
Produced by Kenny Taylor
Andrew Bancroft
Written by Andrew Bancroft
Starring Tonya Glanz
Jon Wolanske
Melanie Case
Andrew Bancroft
Music by Olive Mitra
Andrew Bancroft
Cinematography Brian Relph
Edited by Eric Schultz
Produced by Mothership Pictures
illBilly productions
Release date May 6, 2008
(San Francisco International Film Festival)
Running time 36 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Evolution: The Musical! is a 2008 short musical comedy film depicting the struggle between Evolution and Creationism, through two groups of fictional characters: "The Beasties" and "The Blesseds." As the film explores the struggle between these two groups, a love affair develops between two of the characters.


The film begins in a church on the edge of a forest, which is home to "The Blesseds." Inside the church, Mary Catheter is requesting a trip outside the church. Father Catheter, her father and head priest of "The Blesseds," will not allow the request because he fears it will be too dangerous. Mary questions her father’s judgment, so Father Catheter and Mother Grizzard begin a hip-hop musical number, Who Begat, about the lineage of The Blesseds (Creationism).

The focus of the narrative then turns to "The Beasties," who dwell in the forest near the church. A "Beastie" named Flippy asks another "Beastie," Wog Wog, how the Beasties came into existence. Wog Wog sings a song that depicts the history of their race (Evolution). At the conclusion of the song, Queen Bonobo, queen of "The Beasties," is informed that her husband, Chief Cranius, has been killed by "The Blesseds." "The Beasties" exit the forest in search of revenge.

Back at the church, Father Catheter explains to how he had gone into the woods, and killed the leader of "The Beasties." It is at this point that "The Beasties" burst into the church and attack. This is also when the love story between Mary and Wog Wog begins. The sequence ends with Queen Bonobo taking Mary hostage in retribution for killing their chief.

"The Blesseds" find "The Beasties" in the forest and the two groups close in on each other. But before they meet, Jesus (played by Sean Hayes), appears and persuades his followers not to choose a path of violence. "The Beasties" take advantage of this opportunity, and close in on "The Blesseds." At this point, Charles Darwin appears and stops "The Beasties" in a similar fashion. The two groups make amends momentarily, but resume fighting when they see Jesus and Darwin fighting. Wog Wog and Mary flee to the ocean.


Andrew Bancroft wrote the screenplay, including seven original songs, helped compose the music, and played the "Beastie" character Wog Wog. Kenny Taylor directed the film and made a cameo as the "Blessed" character Eziekiel.

Evolution: The Musical was filmed entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California. The outdoor scenes were shot in the Marin County Headlands, and the indoor scenes were shot in Oakland, California.


  • Andrew Bancroft as Wog Wog
  • Tonya Glanz as Mary Catheter
  • Jon Wolanske as Father Catheter
  • Melanie Case as Queen Bonobo
  • Shaye Troha as Mother Grizzard
  • Paco Romane as Flippy
  • Sean Hayes as Jesus
  • Andy Alabran as Chimpy
  • Joe Higgins as Charles Darwin
  • Olive Mitra as a "Beastie"
  • Cameo appearance by Jamie DeWolf

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