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Ewe Know
Genre Musical
Directed by Gary Meyer
Jeanine Meyer
Voices of Dave Simmons
Tom Bergan
Tina Miller
Renee Werbowski
Darren Monaghan
Composer(s) Rob Solberg
Deb Solberg
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 7
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) Wet Cement Productions
Distributor Rising Star Studios
Original network Syndication
Original release Feb 22, 2002 - Dec 15, 2004

Ewe Know is an American animated children's television series produced by Wet Cement Productions. The series aired in syndication before airing on Smile.


Ewe Know is about a flock of sheep under the tender care of the Great Shepherd. A pack of wolves always try to eat the sheep, but the Great Shepherd eventually leads them to the right path.


  • Spunky (voiced by Dave Simmons) is a male sheep. Hence his name he is full of spunk, but can sometimes take his behavior too far. Sometimes in the end of the episode he learns certain lessons in a way.
  • Noils (voiced by Dave Simmons) is a frail, sometimes shy, and sometimes weak sheep. He speaks with a British accent and can sometimes be cowardly.
  • Trudy (voiced by Tina Miller) is a pink female sheep who is always seen joining adventures with the other sheep.
  • Bubba (voiced by Tom Bergan) is a big plump sheep who is also involved in adventures.
  • Betty Lou is a small Young female sheep with a bow on her head. Because of her age, she does not speak!
  • Bernie (voiced by Dave Simmons) is a wise old goat who always gives the sheep good advice. He is also the father figure of the sheep throughout the series.
  • Little One is another young sheep, in which like Betty Lou, he doesn't speak.
  • Roger (voiced by Tom Bergan) is a wolf who always attempts to eat the sheep, but fails all the times.
  • Radcliff (voiced by Tom Bergan) is another wolf in the family.
  • Skizzie (voiced by Dave Simmons) is the third wolf in the family of wolves. He is also Radcliff's brother.
  • Francine (voiced by Renee Werbowski) is the mother of the wolves.
  • Bernetta (voiced by Renee Werbowski) is the mother of Roger and the grandmother of Skizzie and Radcliff. Like all grandparents, Bernetta always attempts to spoil her grandchildren.
  • The narrator (voiced by Darren Monaghan) is a voice who narrates the episodes.
  • The game show host (voiced by Darren Monaghan) is a game show host of the game, "Ewe Catch It, Ewe Take It".