Exodus: Book 1
Author JB Nelson
Cover artist Kerry Hynds
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Aviva Publishing
Publication date 2019
Media type Softcover
Pages 270
ISBN 1-947-93794-4

Exodus: Book I is an adventure fantasy novel about the exploits of Alpha Z on the world of Xaliud. It is available in print and e-book.

Plot summary

Alpha Z is a crack military squad assigned to a mission on Cult Island where they are ambushed by the team of marines they are assigned to collaborate with. Most of Alpha Z's personnel are killed in the ambush, but the survivors are contacted by Lord Luxeniah of the kingdom of Geradia and offered sanctuary. He warns them of treachery which is soon confirmed by the explosion of their team dropship. Luxeniah leads the remaining members of Alpha Z through a hidden portal from Earth to the realm of Xaliud while evading the forces of the UWI (United World Initiative) who are tracking them for a framed massacre of the people of Cult Island.

After arriving at the realm of Xaliud, Alpha Z are attacked by a spy from the rival Coltrous empire; located in the south. Luxeniah explains the history of Xaliud and the members of Alpha Z are introduced at court. Stephan, Alpha Z's main engineer compares the world of Xaliud as similar to the geography of Wales. Alexander, the leader of Alpha Z begins to solidify his understanding of Xalian culture and alliance with Luxeniah. Stephan uses his time to explore Xalian history at the library archives and learns of the ancient formation of the northern kingdoms of Geradia, Durathia and Chromas, as well the historical conflicts between them and the Coltrous empire to the south. He is also introduced to a prophecy in Xalian lore of 'four noble warriors' that are predicted to save the kingdom.

Alpha Z are presented at the king's court of Geraida where the grand council debates Luxeniah's claims of coming conflict with the Coltrous, and the proposed identity of Alpha Z fulfilling the prophecy of victorious warriors in a long predicted conflict between the kingdoms. The king allows Luxeniah to take the members of Alpha Z and form small band to investigate the claims.


  • Stephan: An engineer and analyst for Alpha Z.
  • Alexander Bennet: the captain and commander of Alpha Z, a high-skilled military unit from Earth.
  • Saul: a former member of Alpha Z who was demoted for questionable actions. He voluntarily rejoins the squad as they are offered sanctuary in Geradia.
  • Jessica: only female surviving member of Alpha Z.
  • Lord Lexeniah: Geradian ambassador who has been undercover on Earth while anticipating a conflict between the realms of Xaliud and Earth. He leads Alpha Z through a portal to Xaliud and presents them as possible fulfillment of an ancient prophecy of warriors who would resolve the coming Second Great conflict.
  • Lord Levine: a skeptical member of the Geradian grand council.
  • Fit Wit & Man Maul: sentient squirrels that serve the Elk Guardian

Cross-cultural illustration

In the novel, the main characters are displaced into a new world and effectively become what cultural scientists refer to as 'sojourners.' The character, Stephan, employs a fictional axiom presented within the novel called the "Carn Doctrine which advises his interactions with the new Xalian culture. It states, In situations where cultural mores are unknown, the best course of conduct is silence and mimicry without the appearance of mockery.” While fictional, this axiom is comparable to contemporary cultural schematic prescriptions.

Stephan's fictional approach is an illustration of cultural observers recommendation for sojourners to equip themselves of the appropriate schema. In the novel, the character of Stephan not only employs the principles employed by the fictional Carn Doctrine, but also takes other action such as educating himself in the historical context of the society he has entered and restraining himself against reactive response to questionable activities of the new culture.

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