Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China
Developer(s) ACE MADDOX
Publisher(s) ACE MADDOX
Platform(s) Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Series Air-Combat Action
Release Microsoft Windows
29 May 2017
Xbox One
12 January 2018
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Combat Flight Simulation
Mode(s) Single-player

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is a Combat Flight Simulation game developed and published by ACE MADDOX for Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Windows. The game is based on the historical events of America's secret volunteer squadrons that defended China against Japan in World War 2. An Xbox One version was released on January 12, 2018.


Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China puts players in the Flying Tigers a volunteer squadron that was recruited by the Chinese troops to help fight against Japan during World War 2. The game focuses on the key battles of the China-Burma-India theatre. The game features missions based on real historical battles such as Battle of the Salween Gorge, Invasion of Malaya, and raids on Rangoon. Players recreate the intense aerial victories of the Flying Tigers during their most trying and challenging moments.


Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China single-player campaign includes a total of 12 missions with a variety of objectives in each, allowing players to take on the role of fighter, bomber, and reconnaissance soldiers, as well as gunners and rescue staff. Objectives vary from bombing runs on enemy airfields, dropping torpedoes on ships, or strafing ground targets. A big part of the campaign is shooting and destroying targets. Missions also focus on battle strategy. One mission in the game has the player damaging multiple planes in a Japanese bombing run in order to break up their formation.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China also features several other single-player modes outside of the campaign. Dogfight is a mode focused on air combat. The players choose a plane, location, and a number of enemies to battle against. Dogfight also has a survival mode where the player is forced to face an endless amount of enemies to see how long they can survive.

Free Flight is a mode that allows the player to fly freely without any objectives. In this mode the player can practice controlling the aircraft without worrying about enemies.

Challenge mode Has five missions with specific objectives including survival, capture the flag, and destroying all enemies. Challenge mode also comes with leaderboards so players can compete for the best times and highest scores.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China multiplayer mode allows up to 16 players and has five modes available including Dogfight VS, Team Dogfight, Rocket Match VS, Team Rocket Match and Flagbusters. Dogfight is a free for all deathmatch. Team Dogfight is a team deathmatch. Rocketbattle and Team Rocket Battle are game types that equip each player's plane with rockets and is a one-shot one kill mode. Flagbusters is a capture the flag type of game mode with the aircraft.


Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China was officially released on May 29, 2017, on Steam. It also has a deluxe edition available to buy on Steam. The deluxe edition includes the official soundtrack for the game and DLC for the game called Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China - Paradise Island. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China - Paradise Island includes two aircraft the Japanese A6M2-N "Rufe" and the US Navy “Seahawk" SC-1. It also includes the Phi Phi Islands map.

On January 12, 2018, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China was officially released on the Xbox Games Store.

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