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studio album by Sleep ∞ Over
Released 2011
Genre Ambient, Electropop, New wave
Length 36:22
Label Hippos in Tanks
Producer Al Carson
Album chronology

Forever is an album by Sleep ∞ Over released on the label Hippos in Tanks in 2011.


Sleep ∞ Over formed in 2009 as a trio of musicians Stefanie Franciotti, Sarah Brown and Christa Palazzolo. They produced and released various singles on the labels Light Lodge and Forest Family before Brown and Palazzolo left the project to form the group Boy Friend. Thus, Franciotti was left on her own to create Sleep ∞ Over's debut studio album.


Forever is an ambient electropop record that is "downcast, introspective, and melodic," wrote Patrick McDermott of The Boston Phoenix. In comparing Forever to the works of Peaking Lights and Sun Araw, reviewer Zach Kelly categorized it as a shoegaze record with a more "dynamic" and less "aimless" and "soupy" version of the noise-heavy, "highly textured" pop sound that was prevalent on Sleep ∞ Over's previous releases. According to Kelly, two types of tracks are prevalent on the record: slow-tempo new wave dance music and experimental music with moods that range from ambient and majestic to harsh and avant-garde.

Popmatters reviewer Zachary Houle wrote that the album alternates between two types of tracks: slow-paced "melodic keyboard pop" and experimental psychedelic noise pop instrumentals similar to songs on The Moody Blues album On the Threshold of a Dream (1969). Castor Green spotlighted the record's "full" sound, consisting of "meaty basslines, banks of drums and at times, drawn-out crescendos that recall more experimental recent albums by Julia Holter or Roly Porter".

Writer Austin Powell labeled Forever in the same league as the works of Pure X and Neon Indian in that it was "redefining Texas slowcore for the chillwave generation". Critic Guy Frowny categorized the tracks into three types of styles: guitar-heavy drone music, ambient industrial music and slow-tempo, lo-fi synthesizer songs.

Track listing

  1. Behind Closed Doors
  2. Romantic Streams
  3. Porcelain Hands
  4. The Heavens Turn By Themselves
  5. Casual Diamond
  6. Crying Game
  7. Flying Saucers Are Real
  8. Stickers
  9. Untitled
  10. Don’t Poison Everything