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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance (mentioned) Sandman #6
(June 1989)
(as Foxglove) Sandman #32
(November 1991)
Created by Neil Gaiman
In-story information
Alter ego Donna Cavanagh


Foxglove (Donna Cavanagh) is a fictional character from the Sandman graphic novels, written by Neil Gaiman. She first appears in Sandman #32 (November 1991), though she is first mentioned by her real name in Sandman #6 (June 1989).

Fictional character biography

Foxglove was born Donna Cavanagh. As a young woman she has a tumultuous relationship with Judy, which ends badly. As shown in Sandman #6, Judy is part of a group of people forced to kill themselves by the supervillain Dr. Destiny.

Foxglove is a supporting character in the Sandman graphic novel A Game of You. She makes her first full appearance in Sandman #32, where she is living with her new girlfriend, Hazel McNamara, a chef at an unnamed restaurant. After Hazel confesses to Foxglove that she had become pregnant after a one-night stand, Foxglove becomes angry, but eventually decides to stay with Hazel and raise the child. The two women also help Thessaly in her fight against the Cuckoo.

In the Sandman spin-off mini-series Death: The High Cost of Living (1993), Foxglove is starting a new career as a singer/songwriter. After a record executive overhears "Didi" (a mortal incarnation of Death) and Sexton complimenting Foxglove's performance, she is given a shot at a record contract.

By the time of the sequel Death: The Time of Your Life (1996), Foxglove has become the "queen of acoustic rock and roll". She has a new album, and is appearing on the David Letterman show, but her relationship with Hazel is troubled, due to the stresses of her newfound success. When Hazel's son Alvie is accidentally killed, Hazel offers to trade Death either her life or Foxglove's life for the life of Alvie.