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Freesky Online
Developer(s) Internet Gaming Gate
Publisher(s) Internet Gaming Gate
Platform(s) CPU, Mac, Connected to Internet
Release April 2009 Closed Beta
May 21 Open Beta
Genre(s) Real-time
Military strategy
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Freesky Online was a browser-based multiplayer empire building game originally released in the Asian market as 天空左岸 and later bought and translated to English by Internet Gaming Gate and later Garena. Players are given control of a small land that can contain a maximum of ten cities. Gameplay is simple and it is designed so players will not be forced to dedicate large periods of time to the game micromanaging their account.


Gameplay revolves around collecting and using resources to build an empire. Players can choose to build their empire through military might or by commercial success. Players get to choose a server, a user name and one of four factions, (Light, Devil, Holy and Shadow)

There are five resources, food, sandstone, metal, wood and crystals. Food is to provide energy to your deployed troops, sandstone is used to build and upgrade buildings and metal, wood and crystals are used to build weapon parts.

Each player starts with one town. Over time, players can increase their "dominance" level, which allows them to build new towns.

Military alliances

In the game, there is an option of joining an alliance. When creating an account, there is an option to join a random alliance at the beginning of the game. Alliances can be created once the Alliance Chamber is upgraded to level 3. Quitting and joining new alliances is possible. After creating an alliance and becoming a level 3 lord, players can upgrade production time, attack power, defense and gathering skills through building and upgrading miracles.

Once an alliance has 30 members, alliance gives an option to trade with other members, who are in the same alliance. Currently (April 2010) the maximum number of members is limited to 80.

Sky points

Sky points are similar to a paid subscription, but can also be obtained through surveys found on IGG's homepage. They allow players to reduce the amount of time actions take in the game and allow them to obtain blueprints and other items through the treasure box.

Skill points

Skill points allow players to advance up the tech tree. They can be obtained by fighting or by selling raw materials and goods to Empire.

Miracle Villages

The Miracle Villages were never well integrated into the game. While players were able to move their cities, Miracle Villages were unable to move, even if located in the land of a player who had left the game. The experience granted for participating in battles also did not include Miracle Village levels in the calculation—so a player with a 30% attack and defense bonus from miracle bonuses would also get a large experience bonus for attacking someone with higher total skill points but lower actual attack and defense bonuses thanks to miracle village differences.