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Gadget Racers
Developer(s) Takara
Publisher(s) JP: Takara
EU: Zoo Digital Publishing
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Game Boy Advance
Series Choro Q series
Release JP: December 12, 2002
PAL: December 5, 2003
Genre(s) Racing/Role-playing

Gadget Racers (known in Japan as Choro Q HG 3) is a role-playing, racing game for the PlayStation 2. It is the sequel to Road Trip Adventure. It was also meant to be published in North America by Conspiracy Entertainment under the title Road Trip: Adventure Avenue but was cancelled.

Gadget Racers has a 1 player story mode or a 2 player versus mode. In story mode the player drives around 4 map regions, competing in races which must be unlocked by collecting the required number of flags. The player encounters NPC cars who set various tasks which can be completed for rewards. It is possible to access and play mini games in the story. The player explores the various map regions to eventually discover how to reach the game's completion.


At the start of the game the player is asked to enter the name, currency, favorite food, disliked food and favorite famous person. Then he starts in a garage with no money, a car body and no flags. The player starts in Grunge Garden which contains the simplest tasks and easiest races to get started on the story.

NPCs and tasks

As the player drives around they may talk to NPCs by driving up to them, honking their horn near them, or entering a building which contains them. There are several tasks provided by the inhabitants of each map region. These earn the player various rewards which can be helpful or even needed in order to progress on the story. In addition, NPCs may offer helpful advice, or benign greetings and comments.


There four map regions called Grange Garden, Echo Forest, Scratch Mountain and Noise City. The four towns are linked by gates which have number of flags that is required to access them. Towns contain houses, shops, and various other buildings which can be entered by driving up to the door. Many of these contain tasks, minigames or other events.

Car modifications

Various parts may be bought to enhance the performance of the car or adapt it to the terrain of a race. These include tyre types and special modifications to increase speed or allow floating, for example. The appearance of the player's car can be modified using 'bodies' which are gained by winning races. Different horns can be obtained and applied to the car.

Two player gameplay

Once two controllers are inserted into the PS2, a two player option is available at the main menu. On two player mode there are a selection of seven races and a football mini game. The races are not identical to races encountered in story mode, but are composed of components of story races. In the football mini game you each play on a team with two NPCs and use your car to hit the ball.

Completing the game

The aim of the game, which is unknown at the start of the story, is to become the legendary 'meister'. This is accomplished by winning all the story races and finally defeating the current meister in a 1 versus 1 race. After the story is thus completed, the player unlocks the grand prix, which is a series of very difficult races which the player can compete in.