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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2 (June 2009)
Created by Adam Warren
Hector Sevilla Lujan
In-story information
Notable aliases Gali

Possessor of the Power Cosmic

Galacta is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is the daughter of Galactus.

Publication history

Galacta first appeared in Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2 in June 2009, in a story written by Adam Warren. The idea of the 2-issue comics anthology was to allow assistant editors to try out different stories, this was followed by a vote to see which story was the most popular and Galacta won. This was followed by her own eponymous mini-series, called Galacta: Daughter of Galactus, in 2010 on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. The three seven-page stories, as well as the original nine-page one, were collected in a one-shot.

The character was slated to reappear as a member of the Fearless Defenders, but was cut in what writer Cullen Bunn refers to as a "last minute change".

Fictional character biography

Galacta is the daughter of Galactus. However, she did not let her hunger for planets consume her like it did to Galactus, and instead decided to live peacefully on Earth, in human form, using the alias Gali. She uses her powers secretly to protect Earth and its inhabitants from non-native organisms (such as alien viruses and living biological weapons) by consuming them. However, she finds that her hunger cannot be satisfied, and after analyzing herself, discovers a cosmic creature equivalent to a tapeworm (dubbed the "Tapeworm Cosmic") inside her. After sending a message to her father for help, she goes in search of hostile alien lifeforms to satisfy her hunger.

Galacta secretly helps Wolverine fend off alien lifeforms by devouring them (and considers using Wolverine's genetic code to create a living planet with his mutant healing factor as a source of infinite food, but ultimately rejects the idea); she also consumes millions of Kronan clones in the South Pacific, but these incidents do little to sate her appetite. So, under the guise of turning to them for help, she goes to the Fantastic Four and traces the whereabouts of the Ultimate Nullifier via its entanglement with Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch (who had both held it). Despite the slim chance of survival, she prepares to use the weapon on herself to cut the parasite out of her body. At the last moment, Galactus appears and feeds her with his greater Power Cosmic. He informs her that the being she was saddled with was a nascent form of cosmic being like themselves: in essence, she is pregnant.

Powers and abilities

Galacta possesses similar powers to her father including use of the Power Cosmic, and Cosmic Awareness, although her abilities are not as powerful as her father's. She is also capable of using advanced science and technology much like her father.