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Go Fish
Directed by Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Produced by Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Michelle O'Reilly
Written by Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Starring Mark Hamill
Scott McNeil
Kathleen Barr
Ron Perlman
Music by George Streicher
Edited by Chris Trinh
Produced by Arcana Studio
Distributed by Lionsgate
Grindstone Entertainment Group
Release date November 2019
Country Canada
Language English

Go Fish is a 2019 animated film based on the graphic novel and Free Comic Book Day issue, with the same name.


Alex the parrotfish has always wanted to prove himself to others. When a mysterious black goop appears in his beloved coral reef, Alex must find out what is causing this mess. He brings along his friends on his journey, Ed the blowfish, Eelanor the eel and Christine, the adorable seahorse.


Go Fish began production in 2018, and wrapped filming in 2019.


  • Sean O'Reilly - Alex
  • Kathleen Barr - Christine
  • Tobias the Owl - Ed
  • Asia Mattu - Eelanor
  • Mark Hamill - Dennis
  • IJustine - Callie
  • Ron Perlman - Bernardo
  • Summer O’Reilly - Mary
  • Scott McNeil - King Charles/Paul
  • Alison Wandzura - Mary


Home media

Go Fish was released on DVD and Digital, on November 19, 2019.