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Encantadia character
First appearance Encantadia (2005)
Last appearance Encantadia (2016)
Created by Suzette Doctolero
Portrayed by Pen Medina (2005-06)
Ping Medina (2005)
John Arcilla (2016-17)
Species Hathor
Gender Male
Occupation King of Hathoria
Family Arvak (father)
Mira (granddaughter)
Spouse(s) LilaSari (mistress)
Children Pirena (from Mine-a)
Deshna/Luna (from LilaSari)

Hagorn/Haring Hagorn is a character and the primary antagonist of the Encantadia series, written by Suzette Doctolero. The Encantadia franchise, consisting of four series

  1. Encantadia (2005)
  2. Etheria (2005–06)
  3. Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas (2006)
  4. Encantadia (2016)

They are primarily focused on Hagorn's desire to conquer Encantadia and acquire all the powerful gems from the diwatas. Hagorn is portrayed by actor Pen Medina on the first series in 2005, Ping Medina in Etheria and John Arcilla in 2016.

In Encantadia, Hagorn is the King of the Kingdom Hathoria. He inherited interest in conquering Encantadia through his father, Arvak who was killed by Prince Raquim of Sapiro during the Lirean war. His desire to rule Encantadia further intensified when Mine-a, the Queen of Lireo refused to be his wife. Thus making him live with hatred to the diwata's.


Hagorn is the son of King Arvak of Hathoria. He was once a good and willful man, until his only love Mine-a, the Queen of Lireo fell in love with his best friend Raquim, prince of Sapiro. He felt betrayed and deceived by the two which lead him into darkness. As the prince of the Hathors, he is a conspirant of all the evil plans formed by his father in order to conquer Encantadia. It started when Cassiopeia, the first Queen of Lireo broke the "Inang Brilyante" into four: fire, earth, water and air. King Arvak became the keeper of the fire gem, to aid them conjure fire especially when they create weapons as their race is known as blacksmiths. Their King was consumed by his greed and desired to acquire all the gems, commencing the great Lirean war.


Encantadia (2005)

Hagorn is one of the commanders who lead the war against the three other Kingdoms: Lireo, Adamya and Sapiro. His father was killed by Prince Asval, keeping him believe that Prince Raquim of Sapiro murdered his father. He held grudge against Raquim, the entire Sapiro Kingdom, and Raquim's love interest, Mine-a and all of their allies. He ascended the throne as the King of Hathoria. He also pledged allegiance to Bathalumang Ether, one of the three Gods of Encantadia in exchange of power and extraordinary skills in fighting. When his daughter with Mine-a named Pirena stole the fire gem, Hagorn took control of her to aid his long time plan in conquering the realm. He succeeded in defeating the forces of Lireo and declared himself as King of Encantadia. During his reign, he killed all the diwata's and territories who would not bow for him. He even followed Danaya and Lira, the daughter of Queen Amihan to the mortal world to assassinate them. During the battle in Adamya, he was killed by Amihan.

Etheria (2005-06)

The young Hagorn helped the Sang'gres when they returned to Etheria and were being chased by the palace soldiers. The backstory of Hagorn was featured in this series which shows his character as a good man. He is supposed to marry Mine-a as part of Hathoria and Lireo's diplomatic relationship. But Mine-a fell in love with Hagorn's best friend Raquim. This led to his grudge against the two of them. He was blinded by his anger and followed the unjust wills of his father Arvak.

Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas (2006)

Bathalumang Ether granted Hagorn a second life as part of their agreement. He acted as an adviser to Queen Avria who is planning to take revenge on the Sang'gres. He abducted Arman, the illegitimate son of King Ybarro to an Etherian. He negotiated with Ybarro's wife and Queen of Sapiro, Alena in exchange of the water gem. At the end of the battle between the Sang'gres and Etherians, he was killed by his own daughter Pirena and handed back the water gem.

Encantadia (2016-17)

The 2016 series is a reboot (often called as requel or retelling-sequel) to the 2005 fantasy series with the same name. It is the fourth series of the Encantadia franchise and is 11 years apart from the third one. It features the same story of Hagorn just like the 2005 series, however, it was shown here that Hagorn was once a fine looking man until Mine-a cursed all Hathors to become older and scary just like their personalities.