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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Journey Into Mystery
#114 (March 1965)
Created by Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
In-story information
Species Asgardian
Partnerships Gaea
Supporting character of Thor

Superhuman strength, speed, agility, intellect, stamina, invulnerability
Expert in unarmed Combat

Idunn is a fictional Asgardian appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, based on the Iðunn of Norse myth, was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and first appeared in Journey into Mystery #114 (March 1965). Within the context of the stories, Idunn is the Asgardian goddess of immortality. She appears as a supporting character of Thor.

Publication history

Idunn first appeared in Journey into Mystery #114.

Fictional character biography

Idunn was Vanir, Goddess of Immotality and sister of Frey At some point, she married the God of Poetry, Bragi.

She was choosen by Odin to be the keeper of the Golden Apples, which prevented the Asgardians to age, replacing Amora. She was the only Asgardian who could pick the Golden Apples from the World Tree. At some point, when delivering the apples to Odin, she was attacked by Fenris Wolf in his humanoid form, but thankfully was saved by Haakun the Hunter. This experience was the basis of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Once, Hoder, the God of Winter, got drunk and raped her. In retaliation, she denied Hoder the Golden Apples, causing him to live in perpetual winter. However, Idunn had still love for Hoder. After Thor and Loki were able to retrieve the apples from the Frost Giants thanks to Agnar, the King of the Eagles, Agnar became the half-king and had the Aerie Legion capture both Idunn and Sif. Thankfully, they were save by Thor and Loki, after defeating Agnar.

Later, Odin promised to some Storm Giants to give them Idunn, if they would help rebuild Valhalla, since Loki told Odin that he didn't have to fully keep the promise. However, since Loki was a liar, Thor and Frey instead gave the giants a legendary article of gold.

When Loki and Tyr started to lead an army against Odin, they destroyed Idunn's home, capturing her and using some of the apples to bargain with the Midgard Serpent. She was then brought to Odin as a hostage, but was freed by Balder and the Warriors Three.

Then, Loki took her appearance and tricked Hoder as part of his plan to kill Balder. This resulted in Hoder's death and since Idunn still loved him, made preparation for his funeral and had him buried with honor, despite Odin's disaggrement. When, the Asgardians were discussing for the upcoming Ragnarok, Loki revealed to them the Idunn's disobediment and tried to put her into accusation, but thankfully Sif was able to stop his plan.

Later, the World Tree were unable to grow anymore Golden Apple and in order for the Asgardians to avoid death, Thor had her and her brother to implant seeds on Midgard. However, were unable to go to Earth, since Heimdall was injured during an attack. In desperate action, they decided to through Nidavellir, but were captured by the Dwarves.

When the Aesir were dispatched on Midgard in human forms as the Lost Gods, Idunn became Ida, a woman living with her brother Mr. Freystein and became tourists travelling aboard a camping car, eventually meeting with other Lost Gods at the Bryce Canyon National Park.

At the end of Fear Itself, Odin decided to abdicate his throne with Idunn, Gaea and Freyja forming the All-Mothers. The All-Mothers came in charge of the fallen Asgardia and formed a project for Asgardia and the other Nine Realms. When they assembled the Congress of Worlds, they were attacked by some Frost Giants assasins, but were defeated. On Kid Loki's request, they allowed Hela to return to Hel, after it was part of Mephisto's realm.

Idunn kept collecting the Golden Apples, however, Agamemnon stole the apples in order to become a god and tricked Amadeus Cho into going at the tree only for Amadeus to discover an empty tree. Amadeus was witnessed by Idunn, which caused Thor to arrive and help Amadeus against Agamemnon.

Later, Idunn revealed to Kid Loki that she knew that Loki had released Surtur from Limbo, which forced Loki to reveal his plans against Odin and the Serpent, which allowed Idunn to blackmail him under her secret service by threatening to reveal all of this to Surtur. The All-Mothers also organized the feast of Yule and invited the citizen of Broxton, since the presence of Asgardia caused the snow to appear on the city.

When Leah, a former servant of Hela, caused trouble around the city, Kid Loki covered for her, however, Idunn had doubt about this.

The All-Mothers then met with Valkyrie, after her battle with the Final Sleeper and her request to neutralize the hammers of the Worthy. Idunn and Gaea agreed about needing a new Valkyrior. Before letting Valkyre go, Idunn gave a warning to her about her apples.

Eventually, with the help of Tony Stark and the Stark Resilient, they rebuilt Asgardia as a flying city. During this time, Ulik, who had been posing as the new hero Tanarus, started battling Heimdall, as the Rock Troll led by Geirrodur and Karnilla assaulted Asgard. During this battle, Thor was revealed to be alive and banished the leaders of the Rock Trolls. The All-Mothers then sent Thor into a mission to Nidavellir, which led him to the dream maipulating race, the Mares. After the adolescent Jeff Fischer had his dream transform Thor into the out of control Deconsecrator, the All-Mothers managed to help Thor to return to his former self and face the Enchantress. After the defeat of the Mares, Thor then brought peace to the All-Mothers from the Mares.

When the Manchster Gods assaulted Otherworld, the All-Mothers refused to help, since they didn't receive any help during Fear Itself. However, they had Kid Loki secretly help Otherworld, since Argard had a close relation between the Celtic powers of the Otherworld. However, Loki thought that the Manchester Gods were the good guys and aided them. This caused the All-Mothers to criticise Loki leaving him to abdicate his service to the All-Mothers.

After the Vanir declared war against the Aesir, with the use of Surtur's weapons, the All-Mothers remained aside the war and revealed to Sif the truth about the marriage between Odin and Freyja and the cause of the war. At the climax of the war, Volstagg, who had become the New King, asked the All-Mothers to join them, but they declined as it would made matters worse. Later they witnessed the explosion of the Engels after Loki had convinced the leader of the Manchester Gods,Wilson to destroy his technologies as it was being used by Surtur in his plots to destroy the Multiverse. After Loki, Thor and Leah, a construction of Loki, tricked Odin to return to defeat Surtur and deal with the energies involved, the All-Mother blamed their sons, who were remorseless.

After Valkyrie alongside Misty Knight and Annabelle Riggs brought the news about the Doom's Maidens, the All-Mothers were blamed for not forming the Valkyrior, which could have prevented this. After Hela offered her champion Hippolyta to handle the situation, the All-Mothers refused and instead made Valkyrie and her friends the new Valkyries. At some point Gaea fell sick, which caused the All-Mothers and Sif to go to Jane Foster's clinic for help.

In Loki: Agent of Asgard, Kid Loki made a new deal with the All-Mothers that for every job he for the All-Mothers, every memory about Loki's crimes would be erased from the Asgardians memories. Loki was able to collect the keys to open a box, containing Sigurd's Sword, the Gram and purging the corruption inside Thor, which was revealed to be the current incarnation of Loki. After a failed attempt to retrieve Lorelei, the All-Mothers ordered Kid Loki to next retrieve Sigurd. Loki was successful in doing so, but he had a plan to free Sigurd and along with Lorelei, find the reason for the All-Mothers strange behavior. In doing so they find the current incarnation of Loki who gained the trust of the All-Mothers and told them about the future ruled by King Loki. Kid Loki feeling betrayed, left the All-Mothers once more.

After Asgard left Midgard, Freya became the true All-Mother, while Idunn was tasked to find new homes for the Asgardians.

Idunn was part of the list of women, which Odinson suspected to be the new Thor. Idunn along with the other superhero women were gathered by Odinson and Freya to help the new Thor fight Cul who was using the Destroyer armor to capture the new Thor under the orders of Odin.

As the incursion was about to destroy Earth-616, Asgard came in war against the forces of Hel, the Trolls, the Frost Giants and Loki aboard the Midgard Serpent.

Other versions

Marvel Age Power Pack

In Marvel Age Power Pack, Loki, Hrymer and Amora tricked the Power Pack to gather the Golden Apples, Amora had all the Asgardians turned into babies, including Idunn. The Power Pack eventually were able to defeat the villains and give back the apples to Idunn.

King Thor

In the alternate reality of King Thor, the All-Mothers had Loki forgiven for his crimes as part of deal which involved Loki doing jobs for the All-Mothers.

Powers and abilities

Idunn possesses the same abilities of most of the Asgardians, including the Allspeak, the ability to speak every language. She is also skilled in using the sword.