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In the Land of Lost Monsters
EP album by Gatsbys American Dream
Released 2004
Recorded The Tank Studio at Black Diamond, Washington
Genre Progressive rock
Symphonic rock
Indie Rock
Length 18:26
Label LLR Recordings
Producer Casey Bates
Album chronology
Ribbons and Sugar
In the Land of Lost Monsters

In the Land of Lost Monsters is an EP by Gatsbys American Dream released on October 5, 2004. This EP was essentially in response they received after their second release Ribbons and Sugar, to write more conventional songs with a verse-chorus-verse structure.

"The Dragon of Pendor" is a reference to Ursula K. Le Guin's novel A Wizard of Earthsea.

Digital release

In November 2007, the band put the album up for free download on Snakes & Suits, a clothing company and record label. The digital release featured 4 remixed tracks: "Yes, This Is About You," "A Conversation With The Devil," "You Stole My Story," and "The Dragon of Pendor."

Along with the album, guitarist Bobby Darling wrote a letter addressing their fans' initial confusion over the EP's content and the reaction their music received from many in the music business:

To say that people were confused by the original release of In The Land of Lost Monsters would be an understatement. I remember once when we were on tour, the drummer of one of the opening bands told me that he was a big fan of our band. Oh except for when we put out that dinosaur EP. But I think in hindsight, and in the light of the two records we released after it, In The Land of Lost Monsters makes a lot of sense. You don’t get from Ribbons and Sugar to Volcano without the EP in between. We felt like we were stuck in a box, and we were desperate to break out of it. I think the EP was a turning point for our band. It was a mission statement that guided us through the writing of Volcano and our self-titled release. I remember we showcased for a record label once. The guy who ran the label sat on a couch and watched us play, and after we finished he said that no label in their right mind would sign us because we didn’t have choruses in our songs. We were never going to fit into this industry. We were never going to sell a lot of records. For the most part, this business rewards you for conforming, it encourages mediocrity, and it tries to stamp out creative thought. And what we were making was just art, all along. And I think that’s where In The Land of Lost Monsters came from. I think at the end of the day we just wanted to say, “Okay, we understand that this is the way the industry works.”

Track listing

  1. "Yes, This Is About You"
  2. "A Conversation with the Devil"
  3. "I Smell an Agenda"
  4. "You Stole My Story"
  5. "Red, Red, Blue"
  6. "The Badlands"
  7. "The Dragon of Pendor"


  • Nic Newsham - vocals
  • Bobby Darling - guitar, vocals
  • Kirk Huffman - bass, vocals
  • Rudy Gajadhar - drums


  • Casey Bates - producer, engineer, additional instrumentation
  • Tom Pfaeffle - engineer, mixer
  • Emily Driskill - photos
  • Melissa Wdowiak - painting
  • Bobby Darling - artwork
  • Johnny Minardi - a&r