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In the Sign of the Ravens
original cover
studio album by Mithotyn
Released 1997
Genre Viking metal
Black metal
Folk metal
Length 56:07
Label Black Diamond
Album chronology
In the Sign of the Ravens
King of the Distant Forest

In the Sign of the Ravens is the debut studio album by the Swedish viking metal band Mithotyn. It was recorded and mixed in Rolab Music Studio in early 1997.

First released in 1997 on Invasion Records and Death Records in the USA (a part of Metal Blade).

The album was later reissued through Karmageddon Records featuring different artwork. This release was mistitled In the Sign of the Raven.

Soundholic released the album in Japan with two bonus tracks from the Meadow in Silence demo. These bonus tracks were available in the re-issue digipak of King of the Distant Forest.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Upon Raging Waves" 05:07
2. "In the Sign of the Raven" 05:53
3. "Shadows of the Past" 07:34
4. "Lost in the Mist" 04:18
5. "Embraced by Frost" 07:20
6. "In the Forest of Moonlight" 04:20
7. "Tills dagen gryr" ("Until the Day Dawns") 01:02
8. "Stories Carved in Stone" 08:00
9. "Freezing Storms of Snow" 07:26
10. "Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be" 04:08
11. "Let Thy Ale Swing" 00:59
Japanese edition bonus tracks
No. Title Length
12. "As Brothers Now Bonded" 05:18
13. "In the Bower of Shadows" 03:02
  • The songs "Upon Raging Waves," "Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be" and "Freezing Storms of Snow" are re-recordings from tracks with the same names that appeared on the band's Promo '96
  • The songs "In the Forest of Moonlight" and "Lost in the Mist" are re-recordings of tracks with the same name that appeared on the band's 1995 Nidhogg demo tape


  • Stefan Weinerhall - guitars, vocals
  • Karl Beckmann - guitars, vocals
  • Rickard Martinsson - bass, vocals
  • Karsten Larsson - drums

Additional personnel and staff

  • Annica Larsson - female vocals
  • Rolf Larsson - mixing, recording
  • Marco Jeurissen - layout, artwork